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Windows XP Photo Workflow Tim Grey Imaging Strategist Microsoft Corporation.

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3 Windows XP Photo Workflow Tim Grey Imaging Strategist Microsoft Corporation

4 Importance of Workflow Consistency of process & results Efficiency Optimal image quality

5 The Windows Advantage Vast supply of third-party solutions Many options in hardware and peripherals Multiple software solutions for every need Extensive body of knowledge Books, videos, websites, and other resources

6 Computer Performance Important for High-Demand Tasks At least 1GB of RAM, ideally 2GB or more Maximum Processor Speed High speed hard-drive subsystem Future is 64-bit (stay tuned!) Up to 128GB RAM Up to 16TB Virtual Memory

7 Workflow Overview Capture Download Sort/Edit Optimize Store/Archive Output Processing

8 Capture Strong workflow starts with capture Get organized from the start Maximize image quality Take advantage of RAW capture Edit as you photograph if possible

9 Download Copy rather than move files Maximize organizational advantages Download to an established folder structure Consider renaming files during download Apply metadata during process Maximize performance Utilize high-speed digital memory reader

10 Sort/Edit Customize interface of browser software to maximize speed and efficiency Critically evaluate for a tight edit Rename after sort/edit if you prefer sequential filenames for images Sort into folders based on your needs

11 Sort/Edit Adobe Photoshop File Browser

12 RAW Conversion Maximize RAW advantage Focus on retaining maximum detail in conversion Achieve optimal white balance compensation Maintain high-bit data Maximize efficiency Utilize software that is fast and user-friendly

13 Optimize Start with the best image Preserve original data Utilize adjustment layers Maintain flexibility for revisions Eliminate risk of cumulative data loss Be critical of your images Focus on the best image possible Target adjustment to particular areas of image

14 Store/Archive Save master image file All layers intact Original image data retained Also archive original capture Utilize appropriate media Consider capacity, speed, and convenience Backup your images! Update media and file formats over time

15 Organize Go beyond file system Image management software Categories, metadata, keywording Find a solution that fits your existing workflow Start early!

16 Output Processing Preserve master image file Create working copy for output processing Flatten to reduce size in memory and facilitate sharpening Resize for desired output Apply appropriate sharpening settings Send to output / save output version

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