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1. 2 3 Presenters » Chris Martin GFI MAX » Bob Godgart Co-Founder of ChannelEyes » Jay McBain Advisor at ChannelEyes.

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3 3 Presenters » Chris Martin GFI MAX » Bob Godgart Co-Founder of ChannelEyes » Jay McBain Advisor at ChannelEyes

4 4 Myth #1 | It is ALL about the Services


6 6 Myth #2 | It is ALL about the Cloud


8 8

9 9 Mobility Almost anything can be IP and Touch Enabled 2012 Smart phones Overtake PCs. Pervasive Computing takes hold and drives consumerization of IT QR 1 Mobility In IT…

10 10 ► Cloud. It’s simply a service, one of many. So, control the relationship and take the payment! ► Once a commodity, Service is the differentiator! ► Margins small. Add services to improve RPC ► Maintain long term customer relationships Continually evaluate options or your customer will Cloud – Changing the Business Model in IT 2 Stock Broker… Insurance Broker… Telecom Agent… Cloud Broker?

11 11 3 Cloud Drives New Vendors - Lots of Them! How Many Vendors Do You Use Today? How Many WILL You Have? In 3 Years: Several product categories have seen explosive growth: - CRM has over 1,000 competitors - EMR has over 300 viable solutions in the US alone - Cloud backup and disaster recovery has grown to hundreds of vendors

12 12 Convergence 4

13 13 Markets Converging on IT  Products IP Enabled, Connected  New Products, Revenue Models  They are Coming to your World! Copier Dealers Managed Print, Document Mgmt. Telecom Agents IP Phones, Voice / Data Network. Pro A/V Integrators Digital Signage, Collaboration. Video Conferencing Developing Vertical Specialty 4 New Products New Revenue Models

14 14  New expertise required in response to expanding Government regulation and legislation around the world  Significant new complexity and confusion requiring industry and technology “micro-segmentation” Industry Vertical Specialization 5

15 15 The World Continues to Flatten 6 Competition is based on “what you can deliver” as opposed to where you are located  Managed Services and Cloud technologies continue to remove geographic competitive barriers  Industry specialization and deeper solution expertise trumps local presence

16 16 Commoditization Drive Margins Even Lower 7  Credit and financial issues spark innovation around pricing and packaging of traditional Managed Services  Geographic and specialized competition challenge margins Cloud, consumerization and global economic issues weigh on Channel profits

17 17 Channel Landscape Continues to Change 8 The Managed Services market has matured over the past 10 years both in delivery quality and the technology supporting it.  Number of Partners worldwide will continue to drop by 5% per year.  Consolidation will continue - other major Technology and Retail organizations will announce MSP acquisitions

18 18 The Customer is Changing As Well 9 Understanding the changing customer is critical in planning for the future.  Demographic shift happening in IT departments as well as small business entrepreneurs  Accelerating many of these trends including cloud, mobility and social media

19 19 Social Media Changes Marketing 10  Quantity of noise is growing exponentially  Return on Investment tough to track and measure – can be a resource suck  Business Social fuels momentum into communities

20 20 Business Social in IT » Social interaction is “now” part of business » It isn’t an application – it’s a conversation. » Business Social will emerge in every app. 10

21 21 Mobility Social Convergence Number of Vendors Cloud + + + + It’s a BIG Problem! Impact on The Channel? Information Overload

22 22 The Channel Program Challenge “Tremendous amounts of time and energy go into creating materials stored in web portals, but they receive little traffic.” Partners who leverage Vendor Programs are most successful! - EVERY Channel Chief Less Than 5% Use Vendor Portals Only 17% open Program email (2% Click-thru) …Only Gets to Champion or Gatekeeper Few Partners Filter and Distribute Info NEWSLETTERS What About You? PORTAL EMAIL

23 23 Business Social for the Channel Yesterday: channel broadcasting Today: channel “social graph”  Unsecure, unfiltered  Irrelevant, ignored associations distributors community and peer groups vendors media buying groups consultants and coaches industry experts

24 24 The Channel Is Evolving The first secure, social network for Suppliers and their Channel Partners. It’s kind of like Facebook, but instead of friends – it’s a filtered group of Vendor feeds on a Social Wall. Announcements Sales & Marketing Incentives Tech Bulletins Train/Certification Product Info Feeds From:  Vendors  Manufacturers  Distributors  Associations  Master MSPs  Franchises  And More…

25 25 The Channel Is Evolving ► Aggregate Secure Program Feeds ► Relevant Content ► Social Conversations ► Partner Program Pages ► Any Web Device!

26 26 Benefits: ChannelEyes Social Network ► All Channel Program Highlights securely in one place  Leverage web portal and other assets  The right program info gets to the right people ► Top of Mind: More participation in Channel Programs  Multiple contacts per Partner. Deeper engagement  Crowdsource feedback on new programs / incentives  Social Conversations around program content The Result: Better Sell-thru! Bigger Bottom Line. Cut Through Program Noise and Clutter:

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