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Drawing Series La Paz Community School Miss Raquel.

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1 Drawing Series La Paz Community School Miss Raquel

2 Assignment 1

3 Repetition with Variation Investigate the object from a series of sides, angles and distances. Make a grid with 12 squares. Consider different options for establishing a grid. No more than 5% of the entire piece should be white. (reserve the white for the brightest, brightest, brightest highlights.) Push your darkest-darks so your object and lights pop out. Vary line weight. (Don't flatten your piece by enclosing the object in a heavy outline). Consider the balance of the piece as a whole.




7 Stacked REQUIREMENTS -Respond to the title creatively -Start with thumbnails -Work from observation - Have a strong, convincing light source. IDEAS -Arrange something in a stack (legos/ lawn chairs) -Observe something that's already stacked (pancakes, folded clothes, wood pile, wedding cake.) -Could be large (cars on a truck) or small (the mail) -Can be a stack of different or similar items -Could be a narrative (suitcases piled on a bed), Symbolic (piles of jewelry), or surrealistic (suitcase with power tools and silverware) -Zoom in on the stack or make it part of a larger scene




11 Diptych A diptych is a work that consists of two leaves or pieces that are usually hinged together. You will create two works that relate to each other, and are viewed as one piece. Your diptych will have a concept that will evoke thoughtful reactions from the viewer. REQUIREMENTS Toned paper Charcoal, white and black PUSH tonal values Be sure make a tonal scale before hand! Place this in your sketchbook Each piece should be no smaller than 8 x 10 Both works should both be vertical OR both be horizontal

12 Think of opposites or relationships Before / After Normal / Abnormal Positive / Negative Broken / Unbroken Straight / Crooked Full / Empty Made / Unmade One / Two Void / Devoid Open / Closed Direct / Morphed Balanced/ Unbalanced Decent / Horrible Male / Female Perfect/ Imperfect Familiar/ Foreign Pure / Distorted Etc.




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