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Forestry Tools. Backpack Fire Pump This hand operated pump can be used to extinguish small areas of burning grass for wildfires. 5 gallons.

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1 Forestry Tools

2 Backpack Fire Pump This hand operated pump can be used to extinguish small areas of burning grass for wildfires. 5 gallons

3 Bark Gauge Measures bark thickness A large wooden handle (bulb shaped) is used to drive the gauge into the bark by hitting it with the palm of your hand. A scale on the handle goes from 0 to 2 1/2" to measure the thickness of the bark.

4 Chainsaw Used to fell trees, prune branches, and cut up logs

5 Chaps To protect the users legs from injury Snake bites, briars and thorns Rain, snow and mud fire

6 Fire Rake Used for raking fire lines to mineral soil, digging, rolling burning logs and cutting grass, leaves, needles and other light ground litter during controlled burns and wildfires.

7 Fire Swatter (flap) For smothering fires in grass, straw and low weeds to control or direct flames during controlled burns or in conjunction with mop-up details after fires.

8 Diameter Tape When wrapped around the trunk of a tree, provides readings of trees diameter

9 Drip Torch Used to widen fuelbreaks by burning out fuels between the break and the oncoming fire used in wildfire suppression, controlled burning, and other forestry applications to intentionally ignite fires.

10 Fire Weather Kit Used to measure wind up to 60 mph speed, a compass for direction and location of fire, humidity, temperature and a 100-page notebook and mechanical pencil

11 Hand Compass Used to navigate to known locations and to determine ones location

12 Increment Borer Used to extract cores of wood from trees to determine growth rate and age with minor injury to the tree

13 Log Rule Used to measure logs and determine board foot volume

14 Loggers Tape Used to measure tree diameter as well as ground distance

15 Plastic Flagging Used to mark utility lines and plot corners

16 Pulaski Forest Axe Designed for chopping, grubbing, and digging fire lines in brush filled or rocky terrain

17 Safety Goggles Protects eyes

18 Safety Hat Protects from falling material

19 Tree Caliper Used to measure trees diameter

20 Planting Bar/Hoe Used to create a slot in which to plant tree seedlings

21 Tree Stick Use to determine number of logs in a tree, diameter, height, and volume to scale logs

22 Wedge Prism To help determine tree spacing

23 Altimeter Measures height of trees and to measure slope Also help verify ones location. More accurate than a GPS receiver for measuring altitude.

24 Canthook Used to roll and position logs

25 Clinometer Used to measure height of trees, slopes, and vertical angles

26 Data Recorder Used to electronically store data in the field to transfer back to the office

27 Densiometer Used to help estimate the spacing of trees and to determine when thinning practices are needed

28 Dot Grid Used to calculate acreage

29 Planimeter Used to determine acreage from aerial photo or map

30 Relaskop Used to measure tree height, diameter, and basal area

31 Soil Sampler Used to remove cores of soil to determine soil type and other soil attributes

32 Staff Compass Used in surveying, much more accurate than a hand compass

33 Stereoscope Used to observe and measure slope and aerial photos

34 Tally Book Height, diameter, and number of trees are recorded when cruising

35 Tally Meter Used in cruising, tree survival checks, and other times when items are being counted

36 Tree Marking Gun Used to squirt paint on trees to be removed during thinning or other operations

37 Wheeler Caliper Used to measure diameter and height of trees

38 Fiberglass Measuring Tape Used to measure distance in meters or feet

39 Flow/current Meter Used to determine water velocity in streams

40 GPS Receiver Determines exact longitude/latitude position

41 Hand Lens/Field Microscope Used to help identify items in the field

42 Hip Chain Used to determine distance by tying the end of the string to an object and walking

43 Hypo-Hatchet Used to selectively kill undesirable trees in a forest without harming other trees

44 Ph Meter Used to determine the PH

45 Plant Press Used to flatten leaves and other plant parts for preservation as part of a collection

46 Soil test Kit Used to determine soil properties such as PH and the relative abundance of various minerals

47 Survey Instrument Used to determine slope

48 Water Sampler Used to remove a small quantity of water for use in testing its quality

49 Water Test Kit Used to determine water quality in terms of such measures as dissolved oxygen, temperature, Ph, and turbidity

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