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Europe’s Premier Community SQL Server Conference # SQLBITS.

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1 Europe’s Premier Community SQL Server Conference # SQLBITS

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4 Gold Sponsors Please visit our Gold Sponsor stands, we couldn't do it without you…

5 Silver, Bronze and Exhibitors All of you…

6 Fusion IO Lounge Don’t forget to check out the Fusion IO Lounge Find out about SQL Relay, SQL Saturdays, Pass and the User Groups in your area!

7 Housekeeping Health and Safety – If there is a fire alarm today, make your way outside to the meeting point in the main car park – There is no fire drill today Breaks – A.M. - 10:30, 11:50 – Lunch - 13:00-13:40 – P.M. - 15:50 – Sponsor Prize Giving Exhibition Hall – 17:15 Smoking – Don’t do it mate - it’s not worth it… Prayer Room – ask at the Hotel reception

8 Internet and Guide Book Wi-Fi – The details are as follows: Connect to ‘Venues Wi-Fi’ Open the web browser Enter your email and password: venues Click to accept the terms and conditions Click on FREE Wi-Fi icon Guide Book Use the iPad app or browse

9 Fusion IO Lego Draw Fusion IO will be drawing numbers at random throughout the day and tweeting the winners of their Lego IO drive competition

10 Enjoy SQLBits 11 # SQLBITS

11 About Me Leonard Lobel CTO & Co-Founder Sleek Technologies, Inc. Principal Consultant Tallan, Inc. Microsoft MVP SQL Server.NET consultant and trainer Speaker Author Programming since 1979 Contact Twitter:@lennilobel sleek technologies

12 Read All About It!

13 Agenda Overview Defining Spatial Data The two spatial models Spatial standards Demos geography geometry Area, distance, length calculations Intersection and union manipulations Many more spatial methods Bing Maps mash-up

14 sqlbits2013_geospatial (all lower case!) Download Slides and Code

15 SQL Server Spaces Out Integrate location awareness into any application – Long been the domain of sophisticated GIS applications GIS – A system for capturing, storing, analyzing, and managing data and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to the earth Allow a user to interact with information that is relevant to locations that they care about: – Home, work, school, or vacation destinations Two geospatial models – Planar – Geodetic

16 Spatial Data Types Two spatial models = Two system CLR types geometry – Planar (flat) model – Flat 2-dimensional Cartesian Coordinate system – X and Y coordinates with uniform units of measure – Use for mapping small areas geography – Geodetic (round-earth) model – Latitude and longitude – Use for larger mapping where land mass is too big to fit on one planar projection

17 Planar Spatial Model Two-Dimensional Surface – X and Y coordinates on an arbitrary plane Flat Earth Projection – To work with geospatial data on a 2D surface, a projection is created to flatten the geographical objects on the spheroid – Example: Planar Model based on Mercator Projection Antarctica Greenland North America Africa Square KM: - Antarctica = 13 million - Greenland = 2 million - N. America = 24 million - Africa = 30 million

18 Geodetic Spatial Model Accurate geographic measurements – Locations on planet surface described by latitude and longitude angles Ellipsoidal sphere – Latitude = angle N/S of the equator – Longitude = angle E/W of the Prime Meridian

19 Spatial Data Standards Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) – International standards body Microsoft belongs to the OGC – SQL Server 2008 uses the OGC’s Simple Feature Access standards OpenGIS Simple Feature Interface Standards (SFS) – A well-defined way for applications to store and access spatial data in relational databases – Described using vector elements; such as points, lines and polygons Three ways to import geospatial data – Well-Known Text (WKT) – Well-Known Binary (WKB) – Geographic Markup Language (GML)

20 Well-Known Text (WKT) WKT examples: POINT(6 10) POINT(-111.06687 45.01188) LINESTRING(3 4,10 50,20 25) POLYGON((1 1,5 1,5 5,1 5,1 1),(2 2, 3 2, 3 3, 2 3,2 2)) POLYGON(( -75.17031 39.95601, -75.16786 39.95778, -75.17921 39.96874, -75.18441 39.96512, -75.17031 39.95601)) MULTIPOINT(3.5 5.6,4.8 10.5) MULTILINESTRING((3 4,10 50,20 25),(-5 -8,-10 -8,-15 -4)) GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(POINT(4 6),LINESTRING(4 6,7 10)) CIRCULARSTRING(1 5, 6 2, 7 3)

21 Geospatial Methods STArea STBuffer STCentroid STDifference STDimension STDistance STEnvelope STGeomFromText STIntersection STIntersects STPointFromText, STLineFromText, STPolyFromText STPointFromWKB, STLineFromWKB, STPolyFromWKB STSymDifference STUnion GeomFromGml Parse ToString and more (about 70 total)

22 Spatial Data Types

23 0,0150,0 150,150 0,150 300,150 300,0 150,300 300,300 50,50 100,100 20,180180,180


25 Spatial Improvements In SQL Server 2012 Circular Arcs CircularString CompoundCurve CurvePolygon All existing methods work on circular objects New spatial methods BufferWithCurves STNumCurves, STCurveN STCurveToLine CurveToLineWithTolerance IsValidDetailed HasZ, HasM, AsBinaryZM ShortestLineTo UnionAggregate, EnvelopeAggregate, CollectionAggregate, ConvexHullAggregate MinDbCompatibilityLevel

26 Spatial Improvements In SQL Server 2012 Improved Precision Constructions and relations use 48 bits of precision (previously 27 bits) geography Enhancements Support for objects larger than a logical hemisphere (“FullGlobe”) Support for new and previous “geometry-only” methods New SRID Spatial reference ID 104001 (sphere of radius 1) Performance Improvements Better tuning and hints Auto Grid indexing with 8 levels (previously 4 levels) Other Improvements New histogram stored procedures Support for persisted computed columns

27 Spatial Improvements in SQL Server 2012

28 Europe’s Premier Community SQL Server Conference # SQLBITS

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31 Gold Sponsors Please visit our Gold Sponsor stands, we couldn't do it without you…

32 Sponsor Competition Draws in the Exhibition Hall 17:15 After …

33 Community Events SQL Saturday Edinburgh7/8 SQL Relay17/27 SQL Saturday Dublin21/22 SQL Saturday Cambridge27 UK User GroupsAll the

34 Feedback Please complete feedback (General feedback)

35 We hope you had a great conference day! Keep checking for slides, videos and news of the next conference # SQLBITS

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