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An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia by James Scott.

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1 An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia by James Scott

2  A World of Peripheries  The Last Enclosure  Creating Subjects  The Great Mountain Kingdom; or Zomia, The Marches of Mainland Southeast Asia  Zones of Refuge  The Symbiotic History of Hills and Valleys  Towards an Anarchist History of Mainland Southeast Asia  The Elementary Units of Political Order


4  The State as Centripetal Population Machine  The Shaping of State Landscapes and State Subjects  Eradicating Illegible Agriculture  E Pluribus Unum: The Creole Center  Techniques of Population Control  Slavery  Fiscal Legibility  State Space as Self- Liquidating

5  Valley States, Highland Peoples: Dark Twins  The Economic Need for Barbarians  The Invention of Barbarians  The Domestication of Borrowed Finery: All the Way Down  The Civilizing Mission  Civilization as Rule  Leaving the State, going over to the Barbarians

6  Other Regions of Refuge  The Peopling of Zomia: the Long March  The Ubiquity and Causes of Flight  Taxes and Corvee Labor  War and Rebellion  Raiding and Slaving  Rebels and Schismatics to the Hills  Crowding, Health, and the Ecology of State Space  Against the Grain  The Friction of Distance: States and Culture  Mini-Zomias, Dry and Wet  Going over to the Barbarians  Autonomy as Identity, State- Evading Peoples

7  An Extreme Case: Karen “Hiding Villages”  Location, Location, Location, and Mobility  Escape Agriculture  New World Perspectives  Shifting Agriculture as “Escape- Agriculture”  Crop Choice as Escape Agriculture  Southeast Asian Swiddening as Escape  Southeast Asian Escape Crops ▪ Maize ▪ Cassava/Manioc/Yucca  Social Structure of Escape  “Tribality”  Evading Stateness and Permanent Hierarchy  In the Shadow of the State, in the Shadow of the Hills

8  Oral Histories and Writing  The Narrowness of Literacy and Some Precedents for Its Loss  On the Disadvantages of Writing and the Advantages of Orality  The Advantages of Not Having a History

9  The Incoherence of Tribe and Ethnicity  State Making as a Cosmopolitan Ingathering  Valleys Flatten  Identities : Porosity, Plurality, Flux  Radical Constructionism: The Tribe Is Dead, Long Live the Tribe  Tribe-Making  Genealogical Face Saving  Positionality  Egalitarianism: The Prevention of States

10  A Vocation for Prophecy and Rebellion: Hmong, Karen, and Lahu  Hmong  Karen  Lahu  Theodicy of the Marginal and Dispossessed  Prophets are a Dime a Dozen  “Sooner or Later…”  High-Altitude Prophetism  Dialogue, Mimicry, and Connections  Turning on a Dime: The Ultimate Escape Social Structure  Cosmologies of Ethnic Collaboration  Christianity: A Resource for Distance and Modernity

11  State Evasion, State Prevention: Global- Local  Gradients of Secession and Adaptation  Civilization and Its Malcontents

12  Brad C. Davis - Eastern Washington State University - 2010/07/05/review-of-art-of-not-being- governned-tlcnmrev-viii/ 2010/07/05/review-of-art-of-not-being- governned-tlcnmrev-viii/  Mandy Sadan - School of Oriental and African Studies - 03 03  Tom Palmer - Atlas Foundation on-the-edge on-the-edge  Victor Lieberman - yAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=7807296 yAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=7807296  Debate - Papers/506301/States_lie_and_stories_are _tools_Following_up_on_Zomia Papers/506301/States_lie_and_stories_are _tools_Following_up_on_Zomia

13  Do the achievements of the High Civilizations justify previous bias in their favor?  Do these civilizations propose solutions to the violence of more egalitarian societies?  Do the High Civilizations contain dangers within their constructs of order that result in catastrophic outcomes that bring into question their solutions to the problems of egalitarian societies?  How do High Civilizations navigate a path around the dangers of massive violence associated with their accumulation of power.

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