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Keith Libolt & Bob the Builder and crew Lesson plan.

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2 Keith Libolt & Bob the Builder and crew Lesson plan

3 How do you get something looking like this…..

4 To This……?

5 Your going to need a Construction crew! This is a backhoe, its used for digging and the movement of earth.

6 This is a dump truck with a loader attached. This may seem like a good idea but was phased out when moving soil off site became a growing necessity

7 This is a roller or a compacter. This helps make the ground harder and flatter so that what your building wont sink!

8 This is a cement truck. They have to discharge what’s left over on your site, be sure they don’t do it some place important! But some place out of the way of future construction. Above is a hand poured cement mixer that can keep a small amount of cement mixed waiting to be poured.

9 This is a dump truck! It can be used to deliver all kinds of fill. The fill can also be used to strengthen the earth and grade. Be sure your there to sign off for the delivery!

10 This is a crane! It can help move heavy items around. Also move things up and down floors !

11 This is a excavator. It too is used to move around dirt but its used when the backhoe isn't strong or big enough!

12 Lets see what we have learned!



15 Never forget where any of these vehicles are on a job site. Its no their job to remember where you are! Always be mindful and stay alert!

16 Ok, now time for the quiz…. Question number one: If you were excavating on a small job site what vehicles would you need to move the earth (list all that you can remember)? Clue! Continue to question number 2. Clue!Continue to question number 2.

17 Clue for question one! Don’t forget your moving potentially a lot of dirt and you don’t have a lot of space to store it. Back to question.

18 Question Number two: If a cement truck needed to discharge his left over cement where would you think to discharge it? A: where they entered B: Beside the pour C: Off where the future yard will be D: off in a corner or area near the garbage

19 Correct! Back to quiz Continue to question 3! Back to quizContinue to question 3!

20 Try again! Back to quiz

21 Question number 3: What vehicles would you need to strengthen the ground before you build? Clue! Continue to question number 4 Clue! Continue to question number 4

22 Clue for question number 3: You will definitely want to be there to sign off and correctly place the delivery of the fill. Once the item is in place you could use this to make it denser. Back to the question.

23 Question number 4: This vehicle would be key moving large objects around a multi story building. A: Dump truck B: Crane C: Excavator D: Backhoe

24 Correct On to the next question

25 Try again! Back to quiz

26 Question number 5 What's the most important thing to remember when on a job site? Clue! Continue Quiz Clue!Continue Quiz

27 Clue for question 5 Its not their responsibility to remember you but you need to remember them! Back to question 5.

28 Question number 6 If the backhoe is too small of a tool to be using what should you do? A: find a excavator B: get another backhoe to double production C: have the backhoe work extra hours D: relax its bound to get done eventually

29 Try again! Back to question 6

30 Correct! Continue to question 7

31 Question number 7 What should you always be sure to do when a delivery is made ? A: Be there waiting for it and sign for it B: Have some one ells sign for it you have stuff to do C: Don’t worry it will take care of itself

32 Correct! Continue to question 8

33 Try again Back to question 7

34 Question number 8 What would be the ideal vehicle to flatten out ground for a drive way? A: A dump truck with a loader attached B: A compacter C: A crane D: both A and C

35 Try again! Back to question 8

36 Correct! Continue to question 9

37 Question number 9 If you only doing a small job like just adding a edition onto a house, and a cement trucks too expensive, how can you keep cement ready to poor? Clue!Continue to final question! Clue!Continue to final question!

38 Clue for question 9 You don’t want to mix bags constantly so you could just pour the cement into this and it will stir it till you are ready to pour. Back to question 9

39 Final question! Who was your favorite bob the builder crew member?!

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