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HP 6125G and HP 6125G/XG Ethernet Blade Switches

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1 HP 6125G and HP 6125G/XG Ethernet Blade Switches
Speaker’s name / Month day, 2012 © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

2 HP converged infrastructure
The data center of the future will be built on a converged infrastructure Coaching tips: Make sure you drive home that HP has been leading this path with real investments in customer environments today. Paint the big picture of convergence, more than HW, but process, tools all the way to facilities. It is the mega-trend and the right architectural strategy to take maximum advantage of virtualization, cloud/as-a-service, and Green IT and other strategic customer initiatives. HP converged infrastructure Servers Storage Power & cooling Management software Network Context Slide Industry inflection point – technologies are coming back together – converging. Transition: We call this HP Converged Infrastructure NOTES; And what we believe at HP is that we're at one of those inflection points where the technology is coming together to give people a way to build their data centers of the future. And that technology is converged infrastructure. And what do we mean by converged infrastructure? Well if you look around what's really been happening for the last 15 or 20 years is all the major infrastructure technologies have really been building their own silos. For the companies, they even manage it this way; you had a network stack, a server stack, a storage stack, a management stack. They all had their own little worlds. They're all kind of built up in their own worlds. No one really talked to each other. And what we see happening with this change which is really driven by need, the need of the sprawl, and driven by the way technology is now changing, is that it is going to come back together. And it's what was call at HP the HP converged infrastructure where you'll have an infrastructure that for the first time in a long time brings everything back together as one. Now for some of the folks in the room who might be a little bit older, you might say, hey it's the mainframe, there are no new ideas, they all come back. In some ways yes but in a very important way, no. And the no part goes like this: the mainframe was always built as a closed infrastructure where you really had to buy it all for one from somebody. The difference with converged infrastructure, it's all built to industry standards, it gives you choice so you can change parts in and out no matter how you like to do it. Okay. So you don't get locked in, very, very important part of our architecture and a very, very important part of what we believe in. It's not about lock-in; it's about building to industry standards and giving people choice.

3 Today’s data center networks are complex
Virtual Connect Sales Training May 2011 Today’s data center networks are complex Constraining application service delivery Interconnect sprawl resulting from virtualization Complex and costly networking infrastructure at the server edge Unable to keep up with the rapid pace of business change; no automation Over-provisioned power and cooling driving costly capacity expansion Tomorrow Simple Integrated Automated Script Today we will take a look at the networking portion of the data center’s challenges and concentrate on what is happening at the server edge, where it meets the network infrastructure. Over time, customers have converged application workloads onto fewer servers. While virtual machines can trim your server requirements, they tend to bloat your network infrastructure – requiring more expansion cards, switches and cables. Networking at the server edge tends to become complex, inflexible, and costly. Customers want to get as close to “wire-once” as possible. The thing that stands in the way is that every time they fix, change, or add a new server, the LAN and SAN people need to get involved to help the Server Administrator. This due to the fact that when you add, fix, or change a server, you’re adding new connections to the networks and they have to be modified, changed or added to the LAN and SAN infrastructure. This is all adding up to costly operational expense as more server and networking equipment requires additional provisioning of costly power and cooling. Scaling the data center to meet greater demands also demands that power and cooling system become stressed and over-utilized. Or you can have the negative effect of trying to account for the maximum power and cooling needs of the data center, but never really see those loads. The power and cooling systems are then under-utilized and not operating at maximum efficiency. Hence the need for an integrated, simple, cost-effective, and automated interaction between the systems and the facilities infrastructure. HP Restricted

4 HPN Networking delivers
4 © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

5 A new generation of products from HP networking
Built from the ground up, announcing an exciting new generation of HP networking products designed and optimized for the blade environment. 5 © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

6 HP Networking delivers to blades:
IMC – Intelligent Management Center: A standalone, comprehensive management platform that delivers integrated, modular management capabilities across fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security needs IRF – Intelligent Resilient Framework: IRF is an innovative HP switch platform virtualization technology that allows customers to dramatically simplify the design and operations of their data center and campus networks Comware: A well proven, battle tested OS used with HPNs ToR, end of row and core switching technology providing edge to edge common operating environment HP IMC is a next-generation management software which provides the data center operations team with a comprehensive platform that integrates network technologies and provides full fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security management functionality. Built from the ground up to support the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) operational center of excellence IT practices model, IMC’s single-pane-of-glass management paradigm enables efficient end-to-end business management to address the stringent demands of today’s mission-critical enterprise IT operations. Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF), is a technology that enhances ordinary Ethernet switching designs, allowing substantial improvements in the way Ethernet switches communicate. HP IRF provides the ability to flatten data center and campus networks, eliminating the need for multiple tiers of aggregation switches and unutilized data paths. IRF provides a framework that enhances Ethernet and provides better link management, utilization, and redundancy. Comware is HP Networking’s common operating system for blade, top of rack and core Ethernet switches. The use of a common OS means that today’s demanding datacenters can be managed and configured from edge to edge under a single stream of FW using common configuration scripts, troubleshooting procedures and upgrade policies.

7 HP IRF physical and logical views
New Product Introduction HP IRF physical and logical views Aggregation Core Access Network physical view Logical view with IRF Simple: multiple switches appear as one logical switch Higher Performance: all links are active and redundant providing full network bandwidth Resilient: ultra rapid failure recovery measured in uSec versus seconds for STP based solutions HP IRF Physical and Logical Views High touch design, configuration intensive … 85% more effort etc … switch by switch vs. consolidated/virtualized configuration HP Restricted For HP and Channel Partner internal use

8 Customer benefits of IRF
New Product Introduction Customer benefits of IRF Simplified network management and operations Consolidates management of multiple, discrete devices into a single, easy-to-manage, virtual switch Reduces network traffic as network protocols running in IRF stack operate on the logical device Higher performance networks The port density and switching capacity of the IRF stack is the sum of its components This delivers scalable “on-demand” performance to support critical business applications Resilient networks with 2-tier architectures Flatten legacy 3-tier architectures delivering resilient new data centers that are STP free with faster reconvergence time ensuring interruptions free services Customer Benefits of IRF Lets break each IRF benefit it more specifics Simplicity Performance Resiliency HP Restricted For HP and Channel Partner internal use

9 IMC – Converging physical & virtual network management
12 April 2017 IMC – Converging physical & virtual network management Single pane-of-glass, multi-vendor network management from access to core Consistent views into the physical and virtual worlds Converged wired & wireless network management Integrated user security and policy management HP intelligent management center 2600 devices supported From 35 manufacturers HP Confidential

10 All new low cost 1Gb Ethernet switch
HP 6125G All new low cost 1Gb Ethernet switch Designed for: Basic data center connectivity Cluster applications Remote locations The HP 6125G is the first member of the 6125 family of switches. HP understands that there is still a need for a 1Gb switch with exceptional performance for customers with basic data center needs, remote locations and also cluster applications with lots of 1Gb links. The 6125G is designed to fit that Niche.

11 HP 6125G features 16 1Gb Downlinks 8 1Gb uplinks 10Gb Cross-connect
4 1Gb RJ45 uplinks 2 10Gb IRF / 1GB SFP uplinks 2 1Gb SFP uplinks RJ45 management port Health and unit ID LEDs Port status LEDs (8) 16 1Gb Downlinks 8 1Gb uplinks 2 uplinks optional IRF Copper and optical options 10Gb Cross-connect Comware V5 Layer 3 IRF 2.0 Memory: 1GB DDR3 Flash: 256 MB The 6125G may be low on cost but is as fully featured as a switch can be. The switch has 16 1Gb downlinks and up to eight 1Gb uplinks. Four uplinks support 1Gb SFP modules for Fiber or additiona copper uplinks. There is also a 10Gb cross connect that allows for connection to a switch in the adjacent interconnect bay. In addition, 2 uplinks can be configured as 10Gb IRF switching links. Up to 9 switches can be combined into a single virtual switch using IRF, and any combination of 6125G or 6125G/XG switches can be IRF’d together Running the same Comware OS as the HP Networking ToR switches, the 6125G supports full layer 3, is IPv6 compatible, with more memory and processing power than any other 1Gb blade switch.

12 All new mid-level Hybrid 1Gb/10Gb ethernet switch
HP 6125G/XG All new mid-level Hybrid 1Gb/10Gb ethernet switch Designed for: Low cost edge aggregation Virtualized environments Lower node bandwidth requirements such as scale-out and hyperscale Along with the 6125G, we are also announcing the 6125G/XG. A cost effective 1Gb/10Gb hybrid, the switch is designed for customers requiring low cost aggregation at the edge along with virtualized environments and scale out applications where customers desire lots of 1Gb downlinks, cross server traffic and consolidated uplinks to “leaf layer switches for any server to any server communications.

13 HP 6125G/XG features 16 1Gb Downlinks 8 uplinks 10Gb cross-connect
4 1Gb RJ45 uplinks 16 1Gb Downlinks 8 uplinks 4 1Gb RJ45 4 10Gb SFP uplinks / IRF Copper and optical options 10Gb cross-connect Comware V5 Layer 3 IRF 2.0 Memory: 1GB DDR3 Flash: 256 MB Health and unit ID LEDs RJ45 management port 4 10Gb SFP uplinks / IRF Port status LEDs (8) The 6125G/XG switch has sixteen 1Gb downlinks , four RJ45 copper 1Gb uplinks and up to four 10Gb uplinks. The Four SFP based uplinks support 1Gb SFP modules for Fiber or additional copper uplinks, four 10Gb SFP+ optical uplinks or any combination of uplink or 10Gb IRF switching links. (up to four). When combined with the internal 10Gb cross connect, ample cross sectional and redundant bandwidth is available for almost any switching application. Up to 9 switches can be combined into a single virtual switch using IRF, and any combination of 6125G or 6125G/XG switches can be IRF’d together Running the same Comware OS as the HP Networking ToR switches, the 6125G/XG supports full layer 3, is IPv6 compatible, with more memory and processing power than any other 1/10Gb hybrid blade switch.

14 HP 6125G and HP 6125G/XG Common hardware Updated ASIC
Same cables, optics and modules Updated ASIC More memory, more resilient than previous blade switches Mix and match in same IRF domain Up to 9 switches in single domain - across enclosure, rack or DS Distributed trunklng and failover across group members Share internal cross-connects Redundancy across the enclosure midplane Manage entire rack of switches through IMC Single virtual switch with one IP address Single interface for all HP Networking switches The 6125G and 6125G/XG share a common hardware platform that provide cost savings to HP, allowing us to pass the cost savings on to the customer, and also allows for the use of common cables, optic modules, FW downloads and updates to keep customer cost of ownership to a minimum. For the design of the 6120G and 6120G/XG, HP went to the latest version of the proven Broadcom switching Firebolt ASIC as well as adding FLASH and operating memory far more than what was previously available on competing Ethernet blade switches. Additionally, customers can keep costs to a minimum by mixing and matching the two models to suit their needs. Examples would be using 6120Gb switches in the majority of the enclosures, putting perhaps a 6125G/XG at the top and bottom enclosures in a rack and tying them all together with IRF. All data can be aggregated using the 6125G/XG 10Gb uplinks with redundancy available through the IRF stack., And of course, the entire virtual switch, as well as all other elements within the network, can be managed using IMC (Intelligent Management Center) using a single interface regardless where the switches are located.

15 Ordering and SKU information
Product name Ordering part number HP 6125G B21  HP 6125G/XG B21    Related products 10Gb SFP+ modules DACs Cables 1Gb SFP modules The HP 6125G/XG will support DACs cables from any manufacturer.

16 Service and support Configuration and support services provided by ISS Global Competency Centers and network support teams 1 Year warranty on hardware No charge software upgrades available through support website Additional CarePack support packages available for enhanced warranty and response times As an HP networking product, these switches are fully supported by HP. Twenty four hour technical support is provided by a world wide network of Global Competency Centers to assist in configuration and troubleshooting questions. All switch hardware is covered under a 1 year hardware warranty and as per HP networking policy, OS support and updates are available at no charge directly from the HP support website. Enhanced support services such as 24 hour on site service and repair can be purchased separately or as part of the enclosure support package using one of several Care-Pack packages designed for your needs.

17 HP Support Services for ISS
Personalized, proactive, simplified Discrete system support Foundation care I need the systems I’m buying from you to keep running with minimal downtime. Reactive Hardware Support & Reactive Hardware/Software Support, Collaborative Support Proactive care Fix my IT before it breaks. Keep my systems up to date. Give me direct access to technical expertise. Anywhere and anytime I need it Direct to advanced technical skills, Technical Account Manager, automation required; multiple HW support levels, proactive advice and reporting Lifecycle event services Give me access to technical expertise to complement my team anytime and anywhere Support automation I need to monitor, manage & support my IT infrastructure online The HP Services Support Portfolio of Foundation Care, Proactive Care, Datacenter Care and Lifecycle Event Services is: Personalized: Your vendor knows you and offers support when, where and how you want it. Proactive: Leveraging products, tools and technology to avoid problems and optimize performance. Simplified: Straightforward support choices and a single point of contact throughout the support experience. The new HP Always On Support portfolio features three levels of on-going customer support services and a comprehensive family of added value service offerings that customers can deploy as needed. The portfolio includes: HP Foundation Care: Portfolio of reactive hardware and software support services, significantly enhanced with the introduction of HP Collaborative Support; HP Proactive Care: Innovative, higher value support services leveraging new product technology and HP support infrastructure investments to achieve an unprecedented price point for proactive support; HP Datacenter Care: Custom support agreements enabled by proprietary HP tools and analytics for customers with unique support requirements; and HP Lifecycle Event Services: A complete portfolio of ad hoc services that reduce customer’s time to value throughout the technology lifecycle. The new support portfolio is based on three key customer expectations: Make my support experience more personal Help make my support delivery more proactive Manage all of the connections necessary to simplify the overall experience With new Always On Support Portfolio, you can: Resolve unplanned downtime 66% faster*; Resolve support issues on the first attempt 95% of the time** Sources - *HP internal call center data, Q4’11 **HP Insight Remote Support operational metrics, Q4’11

18 HP Services: Aligning IT to business priorities
One stop, fast answers, global reach Value proposition: HP ProLiant Gen8 servers are smart servers with exceptional capabilities Customers can maximize their technology investment and achieve their business goals with the right services solution When to sell: Warranty protects against HW defect, Services protects the business Complex, business critical virtualized environments need Proactive Care Non-critical environments need Collaborative Support All environments need Lifecycle Event Services for strategy / planning / installation / IT management Giving customers: Single point of contact, quickly triage, identify and resolve issue Proactive Support to prevent problems HP Insight SW - turn data into information to help with problem resolution & solution management

19 Support recommendations
Choose from three levels of care Optimized care: Ensures optimum performance HP ProLiant Server Hardware Installation 3-Year HP 6hr call to repair Response, Proactive Care Proactive support services Optimize performance, maximize system uptime, and prevent problems before they cause outages or performance degradation Integrated service recommendations That cover the entire lifecycle, addressing wider set of customer needs Automation of support Offers one-stop focal point for services covering complete lifecycle of the ProLiant servers with Insight Remote Support Standard care: Maintain high level of uptime HP ProLiant Server Hardware Installation 3-Year HP 24x7 4 hour Response, Proactive Care Basic care: Minimum recommended support HP ProLiant Server Hardware Installation 3-Year HP 24x7 4 hour Response, Collaborative Support 3-Year HP 24x7 Software Support for Insight Control For your customers: Aligning IT with Business Priorities - Personalized, Proactive, Simplified For you: Retire your TS quota faster with HP Support Services You can get the support you need by choosing from one of a number of service packaged solutions we have designed to address wider set of customer support needs. All three service recommendations include support services from the broader portfolio of Foundation Care and Proactive Care services Support solutions enable customers to optimise technology operations, minimize risk and drive better business outcomes with easy-to-buy, easy-to-use scalable support recommendations for servers, storage, networking and software. Insight Remote Support: Provides 24 X 7 remote monitoring, proactive notifications, and problem resolution. Learn more HP Support Center: Personalized online support portal with access to information, tools and experts to support HP business products. Submit support cases online, chat with HP experts, access support resources or collaborate with peers. Learn more HP's Support Center Mobile App* allows you to resolve issues yourself or quickly connect to an agent for live support. Now, you can get access to personalized IT support anywhere, anytime. HP Insight Remote Support and HP Support Center are available at no additional cost with a HP warranty, HP Care Pack or HP contractual support agreement. *HP’ Support Center Mobile App is subject to local availability Optimized Supports maintaining servers at optimum performance availability Standard Support recommendation that maintains high level of server availability Basic Delivers minimum recommended support service level

20 HP Networking Rack Switching
The HP Networking blade switches are a perfect compliment with the latest HP Networking rack switches. Remember that all HP switches can be managed through IMC, allowing for common management, configuration and security settings from a single management point. 20 © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

21 HP 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP highlights
High density 10GbE ports & 40G uplinks for scalable DC Top of rack 1-RU switch for DC convergence Total 52 Ethernet ports 48*10GbE SFP+ ports with 1GbE support 4*40Gb QSFP uplink ports High Performance 1.28 Tbps switching capacity Million PPS throughput Integrated packet buffers (9MB) Reversible DC airflow design Dual internal hot swappable power supply. AC/DC optional

22 Future proof with IRF & IPv6 support
HP 5920AF-24XG highlights Future proof with IRF & IPv6 support Top of rack 1-RU switch Total 24*10GbE SFP+ ports High Performance 480 Gbps switching capacity Million PPS throughput Deep packet buffering (3.6 GB) Integrated packet buffers (9MB) Reversible DC airflow design with Front-to- back and Back-to-front Dual internal hot swappable power supply. AC/DC optional

23 Thank you

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