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Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012: Plan, Deploy, and Migrate from Configuration Manager 2007 to 2012 Wally Mead Senior Program Manager.

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1 Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012: Plan, Deploy, and Migrate from Configuration Manager 2007 to 2012 Wally Mead Senior Program Manager Microsoft Corporation Bryan Keller Senior Program Manager Lead Microsoft Corporation MGT313



4 Inventory & Compliance Data Deployment Objects Clients Server Infrastructure Majority conducted side-by-side Scripts or MCS tools Reassigning and UpgradingRegenerate or preserve

5 How painful is it going to be to migrate? PromiseFears

6 Assist with Migration of Objects Assist with Migration of Clients Minimize WAN impact Assist with Flattening of Hierarchy Maximize Re-usability of x64 Server Hardware


8 How does this all work? Assist with Migration of Objects Assist with Migration of Clients Minimize WAN impact Assist with Flattening of Hierarchy Maximize Re-usability of x64 Server Hardware

9 Assess current environment Test/Proof of Concept Design Requires ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 ConfigMgr 2012 HW Reqs: Windows Server 2008 x64* SQL Server 2008 x64 Setup Initial ConfigMgr2012 Site(s) Configure Software Update Point & Synchronize Updates Setup server roles Make sure the hierarchy is operating and software deployment works Configure Migration Enable Distribution Point Sharing Create Migration Jobs Migrate Objects Migrate Clients Upgrade Distribution Points Uninstall ConfigMgr 2007 sites Rinse & Repeat PlanDeployMigrate

10 Three types of Migration Jobs: 1. Object 2. Collection 3. Objects modified after migration Object Migration by type/instance Enables admin to “cherry pick” objects to migrate Also, “Objects modified after migration”, allows the remigration of previous migrated object Collection Migration Enables admin to include all related objects for a collection and all objects targeted to the members of the selected collection Objects can be excluded so they are not automatically selected for subsequent jobs

11 Collections Operating System Deployment: Boot Images, Driver Packages, Drivers, Images, Packages and Task Sequences Advertisements-via collection migration Settings Management: Configuration Baselines and Configuration Items BoundariesAsset Intelligence Customizations Software Distribution Packages and Virtual Application Packages Software Metering Rules Software Update: Deployments, Deployment Packages, Templates and Software Update Lists

12 Enable Migration and Migrate Objects DEMO

13 Prerequisites: Ensure Software Update Point is configured and first sync completed successfully Ensure Product Classifications and Products are the same between ConfigMgr 2007 and ConfigMgr 2012 Supported by migration: Conversion of Update Lists to Update Groups Software Update Deployments are migrated to Deployments and Groups Software Update Packages Software Update Templates Considerations: Custom Updates are not supported, must republish using SCUP 2011

14 Supported by migration: OS Image/Package Task Sequences Drivers & Driver Packages Special cases: 3 rd party integrated Task Sequences may not migrate, for example, MDT Boot image customizations do not migrated, only injected drivers are migrated and merged with default boot image in destination ConfigMgr 2012 site During migrating Task Sequence will automatically update to reference the ConfigMgr 2012 client installation package

15 Supported by migration: Configuration Items and Baselines created by customers & ISV’s Un-interpreted Configuration Items are not supported Upon re-migration of the object the changes are added as a new revision Existing 2007 ConfigPacks can also be added to 2012 through Import feature Schema will be automatically converted from 2007 to 2012 schema during migration

16 ConfigMgr 2012 clients can acquire migrated content from ConfigMgr 2007 Distribution Point. (Distribution Point Sharing) For OS image and boot image the CAS must have at least read access to the ConfigMgr 2007 source path Package source file path is migrated as-is Standardize on UNC paths for package source files

17 Classic Package and Programs are migrated as is: Preserve investment in classic software distributions, this will help as you migrate and transition to ConfigMgr 2012 Two ways to migrate: 1. Can migrate just the package/program via object migration 2. Migrate the collection and the package, program, and advertisement are migrated Use UNC mappings in ConfigMgr 2007 for package source files Programs disabled by default during migration Can use Package Conversion Manager (PCM) to convert some classic package/program to new ConfigMgr 2012 AppModel

18 Analyzes migrated packages and programs to determine readiness to convert to App Model Converts packages & programs to App Model by building: Applications Deployment Types Analyzes collections that the package/program advertised to in order to determine: Global Settings Requirement Rules Dashboard offers customers ability to track success/failures in migration process

19 Reports not migrated



22 All related collections are automatically migrated Empty collections become organizational folders ConfigMgr 2007 Sites Desktops Redmond Desktops North America B44B41 ConfigMgr 2012 Desktops North America Redmond (Folder) Sites (Folder) Desktops (Folder) B44B41

23 Sub or Linked Collections no longer exist Composable collection with include membership rules are created ConfigMgr 2007 Redmond B44B41 Redmond (composable) Redmond (Folder) B44B41

24 DEMO Collection Migration

25 Execs North America Execs NAM0987 CAS0023 Concern: Advertisements or collections created in ConfigMgr 2007 at a child site would automatically increase in scope when migrated to the CAS in ConfigMgr 2012 Mitigation: Scope increase will be avoided by providing an option to limit a collection to an existing ConfigMgr 2012 collection North-America Site Advertisement of software specific to North-America Shanghai Site Advertisement of software specific to Shanghai Central Site Collection Win7 Clients ConfigMgr 2007 After migration advertisement is global, need “limit to” existing collection to prevent increase in scope Collection Migrated

26 Collections not supported: User and device resource types, or other custom resource types in one collection Sub/linked collection structure containing mixed types Collections with “limit to” queries to multiple collections

27 Direct Membership Collections migrated as is Collections which are limited to multiple collections Collections that have queries that reference advertisement ID’s Collections which contain site- codes in the query

28 Targeting Scope of what collections are used for in ConfigMgr 2012 has expanded. Segmentation Client settings (inventory, remote control, power management, etc) Role Based Administration Targeting Preserve ConfigMgr 2007 investment during migration period Collections in ConfigMgr 2012 are used for more than just deploying software updates and software distribution Don’t try to fit the “■ in the O” when migrating collections from ConfigMgr 2007 ? RBA Client Settings Segments

29 ConfigMgr 2007 Distribution Point sharing ConfigMgr 2012 clients can retrieve content for migrated packages which are hosted on ConfigMgr 2007 Distribution Points Primary scenario is for Software Distribution and Software Updates Management Supported for all types of ConfigMgr2007 Distribution Points; Branch, Servers Share and Standard Distribution Points *Excludes Boot images and App-V content

30 Primary Site Branch Office 20072012Site Primary Site Distribution Point ConfigMgr 2007 DataCenter Primary Site ConfigMgr 2012 Distribution Point 1 3 2 1.Migrate Office 2010 packages 2.Deploy Office 2010 to ConfigMgr 2012 clients 3.Client retrieves content from ConfigMgr 2007 DP

31 Shared Distribution Points: Not permanent link between old and new Fill the gap during transition when migrating Can be fragile Read Only Configured and enabled per Primary Site

32 “Enable an in-place upgrade path to easily migrate to a ConfigMgr 2012 Distribution Point while preserving migrated content at remote locations hosting ConfigMgr 2007 Secondary Site, Branch Distribution Points, and or Distribution Points.” Configuration Manager 2007: Standard Distribution Point Server Share Distribution Point Branch Distribution Point Secondary Site with co-located Distribution Point Configuration Manager 2012 Distribution Point

33 An orchestrated end-to-end action Supports Branch, Server Share and Standard Distribution Points Content for migrated packages converted into ConfigMgr 2012 content library and single instance store Support Secondary Sites that have co-located Distribution Points Ensure no additional site system roles exist

34 Readiness Administrator console provides status of eligibility for upgrade Distribution Points: No additional roles can be present, (PXE, SMP, etc), only distribution point role Secondary Sites: Nothing is blocked Platform support Role can be installed on clients and servers Clients - Windows Vista SP2 and later Servers - Windows Server 2003 SP2 and later

35 Migration Distribution Point Upgrade DEMO

36 1. Enable Migration 2. Enable Distribution Point sharing 3. Navigate and select a Shared Distribution Point to upgrade 4. Complete Upgrade Migration job wizard 5. Migration job runs: ConfigMgr 2012 uninstalls ConfigMgr 2007 Secondary Site Upgrade job pauses until the next Data gathering job to verify Secondary Site uninstall has completed ConfigMgr 2012 Distribution Point installs Content Conversion performed Job completed

37 Package typeIs convertedMust be redistributed Boot ImageNoYes OS imageYesNo App-VYesNo SUMYesNo Software DistributionYesNo Some ConfigMgr 2007 content remains on server after conversion. Delete in order to save/increase available space after migration Leverage Prestage to distribute ConfigMgr 2012 Boot image to server before performing the Migration DP upgrade

38 Best Practices of Distribution Point upgrade Start from bottom up Ensure standalone role Remove unwanted data before upgrading Branch DP’s Configuration Manager 2007 client must be removed before performing upgrade Content ConfigMgr 2007 content is preserved after upgrade – must do manual clean-up Will copy between drives Restart functionality allows conversion to restart where it left off in case of interrupted event Monitoring Monitor Distribution Manager log for detailed status One upgrade migration job is performed and each subsequent job is queued No multi-select or bulk action to create multiple DP upgrade jobs Leverage SDK to create multiple upgrade jobs


40 Roaming Clients ConfigMgr 2007 client roaming into ConfigMgr 2012 boundaries ConfigMgr 2012 client roaming into ConfigMgr 2007 boundaries Client Upgrades Clients retain execution history on upgrade Avoids re-running advertisements GUID is preserved Client machine variables are migrated Inventory and state is regenerated

41 Client installation package Created during setup Distributed automatically to all Distribution Points Deployment ccmsetup attempts to acquire client files from distribution point first then falls back to management point SLP removed and integrated into Management Point Use SMSMP= switch as a replacement for ConfigMgr 2007 SMSSLP= Pre-requisites.NET 3.0 or higher otherwise.NET 4.0 will install Silverlight

42 Get to ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 Collections: Avoid mixing user & devices in collection definitions, these are no longer supported Don’t use collections with multiple query rules which limit to different collections Package Source Path Use UNC (\\server\myapp\myapp.msi) in package source path instead of local path (d:\myapp) Ensure minimum of.NET 3.0 or else client will install.NET 4 at time of installation Migrate current XP based BDP’s to Win7 BDP’s Use “Branch Distribution Point Maintenance Task” to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 without having to redistribute content Start implementing BranchCache™ with Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Consider virtualizing your ConfigMgr infrastructure

43 Targeting RBA Clients Settings Segment

44 Breakout Sessions MGT309 | Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Overview MGT310 | Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Overview MGT311 | Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Deployment and Infrastructure Technical Overview MGT312 | Deep Application Management with Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager MGT318 | Patch and Settings Management in Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager WCL388 | Client Management Scenarios in the Windows 8 Timeframe

45 Hands-on Labs: MGT23-HOL | Deploying Windows 7 to Bare Metal Systems with Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager MGT24-HOL | Implementing Endpoint Protection 2012 in Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager MGT12-HOL | Compliance and Settings Management in Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager MGT25-HOL | Deep Dive: Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SQL Replication Labs MGT21-HOL | Basic Software Distribution in Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager MGT16-HOL | Migrating from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager MGT14-HOL | Implementing Role Based Administration in Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager MGT15-HOL | Deploying a Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Hierarchy MGT11-HOL | Introduction to Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

46 Connect. Share. Discuss. Learning Microsoft Certification & Training Resources TechNet Resources for IT Professionals Resources for Developers

47 Complete an evaluation on CommNet and enter to win!




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