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Grindelwald Swiss resort as seen by the long timed camera. 10. 1. 2008.

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3 Grindelwald Swiss resort as seen by the long timed camera

4 In Tijuana, Mexico, policeman carries a child out of harms way during a raid on a drug cartel group

5 A young boy let out a scream as he sees the Kenyan policemen with a baton, to approach his home. The police were looking for antigovernment protesters

6 The silhouette of a hand against the jellyfish, in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

7 Torches burning on the Viking Squad walk in Shetland Islands during the annual celebration of Up Helly Aa

8 Large hill ski jumping, FIS World Cup event in Liberec, Czech Republic

9 In Seoul, Korea; firefighters attempt to save the Namdaemun gate, the oldest wooden structure in South Korea

10 In Kenya, Massai and Kalenjin warriors clashed over a land dispute in Olmeily valley. More than 20 warriors have been killed with bow and arrows

11 A polar bear shakes the water of it self, in a Zoo, in Quebec

12 A Dutch ship Artemis ran aground, driven by more than 130 Km/h wind in Western France

13 Fishermen are seen, on the yearly Argungu fishing festival in Kebbi, Nigeria

14 In Congo a plane burst into flames after its crash on the marketplace, killing 40 people

15 In the Gaza strip, a missile hit the Reuter news agency’s car, killing the cameramen and two other civilians

16 Lighting bolts at Chaiten volcano in Chile

17 In Guarrero state,Mexiko, a man dressed as a tiger, prepares for a violent ceremonial fight with other man, for rain and good harvest

18 In Switzerland pilot Yves Rossy demonstrates the first jet powered fixed wing apparatus

19 Rubble left after the earthquake in Sichuan province, China

20 A US. Marine fires a shot at Taliban forces in Afghanistan

21 In Myanmar people buddle up in rain as they await passing of the devastating cyclone Nargis…

22 Kenyan athletes train for Olympic Games

23 The space shuttle Discovery during the lift of on the way to Space Station, at Kenedy Space Center, Florida

24 Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canisters on Palestinian and Israeli peace demonstrators near Ramallah, West Bank

25 To prevent sunlight to form carcinogen bromide, workers releasing bales of 4 inch black plastic balls in the Ivanhoe reservoir in Los Angeles

26 Houses are piled up against the bridge in Cedar Rapids Iowa, after the Cedar River rose out of its banks on

27 Aerial view of Gonaives, Haiti, after the tropical storm Hanna

28 Marriott Hotel in flames, after the terrorist bomb blasted in Islamabad, Pakistan

29 A refuge boy find shelter behind a tent from the dust storm in Kabul

30 A flare gun is used to set a backfire in Little Tujunga canyon, California

31 Along the Cambodian-Thailand border is the 900 year old Preah Viear temple. On the 4.6 sq km ownership disputed grounds (mostly Hindu ruins) some 200 Cambodians have taken refuge

32 Big wave ski ride in Australia

33 One of the students (still alive) after the school collapsed in Point au Prince, Haiti

34 In Austria; man in traditional Perchten costume

35 Aoraki Mount Kook, New Zeland. Two Japanese climbers were stranded for six days just 50 meters below the 3754 meter peak, because of bad weather conditions. One of them died before the rescue helicopter reached them. Thank you for watching

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