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STORY OF YUSUF (AS) “The most beautiful of stories” PART 2.

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1 STORY OF YUSUF (AS) “The most beautiful of stories” PART 2

2 Life of Yusuf (as) at a glance Child Dream Brothers Jealous Thrown in well Rescued Sold in slavery Adolescence Slave of Egyptian Aziz Well cared for Youth Seduction plot by Aziz’s wife Refusal Revenge of Aziz’s wife Thrown in prison Interprets dreams Adult Dream of Pharoah Interprets dream Meets Pharoah Becomes a wise treasurer Prominent position in Egypt Mature Adult Reunited with family Respected ruler Settles brothers in Egypt

3 What characteristics of Yusuf (as) can you identify throughout his eventful life?

4 The adventures & experiences of Yusuf (as), & his conduct throughout his life, provide us with a wealth of lessons …

5 Lesson 1 Faith in the presence of Allah

6  makes our troubles easier to bear

7  as long as we keep away from sins despite temptations, we will ultimately be successful  Yusuf (as) taught us this by his cheerful conduct throughout his enslavement & imprisonment

8 Lesson 2


10 Allah will take care of me despite all odds …

11 Lesson 3 In all difficulties and hardships one should seek only Allah's protection

12 In a natural calamity who do we turn to? Margalla Towers, Islamabad - 2005 Pakistan Floods - 2010

13 Turn to Allah in a personal trial or calamity Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) turned to Allah 24/7: O Turner of hearts, make firm my heart on Your deen (Tirmidhi)

14 Yusuf (as) showed his faith by seeking refuge from Allah when faced with the evil intentions of Zuleikha. He was thus saved from committing a terrible sin.

15 Resisting Temptations Lesson 4

16 Two choices in whatever we do

17 Resisting temptations is hard work – not easy

18  When there is a atmosphere for sin, we should always turn to Allah  We should not rely only on our own strength and will power  Whenever we see a situation that might be one of fitnah or cause of sin, we should flee as far as possible from it to save ourselves from sin.

19 Yusuf (as) said: “…Unless You turn away their plot from me, I will feel inclined towards them and be one (of those who commit sin and deserve blame) of the ignorant.” (Surah Yusuf 12: verse 33)

20 A moment on the lips – forever on the hips


22 1. Identify your temptation: Face book for hours in test week? Cell phone? Partying? 2. Seek refuge with Allah 3. Work on resisting it

23 Resisting temptation for Allah’s sake brings us closer to Allah The inclination that Yusuf (as) would have had for the woman, but resisted it for Allah’s sake is what actually brings him closer to Allah.

24 And also from amongst the “seven whom Allah will shade in His Shade on the Day when there is no shade except His Shade: a man who is called by a woman of beauty and position [for illegal intercourse], but be says: ‘I fear Allah.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

25 Whenever we make our affair sincerely for Allah (swt)’s sake: Allah (swt) protects us from all types of evil and vulgarity because of our faith and sincerity

26 Allah (swt)’s statement: “Thus We did, to turn evil and lewdness away from him. Surely, he was one of Our sincere slaves.” (Surah Yusuf 12: verse 24)

27 Faith in Allah Trusting Allah Resisting temptations Seeking Allah’s protection

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