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Preserve Sudbury Vote NO to the Rail Trail Articles 22-24.

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1 Preserve Sudbury Vote NO to the Rail Trail Articles 22-24

2 Sudbury needs a Vision first Preserve Sudbury Vote NO 22

3 Preserve Sudbury ►Beyond “Investigation” Feasibility Study + Title Review (Art. #22) + Base Map (Art. #24) = MassHighway Design Requirements 22

4 10 – 14 ft Path Width 2 – 3 ft 3 – 5 ft RecoveryShoulder Preserve Sudbury Sudbury Feasibility Study Cleared 6 ft Cleared 6 ft 10 ft MassHighway Design 22

5 MassHighway’s Vision? Preserve Sudbury Assabet River Rail Trail in Hudson 22

6 ... or Sudbury’s Vision? Preserve Sudbury Rail bed in Sudbury 22

7 Will the articles resolve unanswered questions? Preserve Sudbury Feasibility Study Goals: (Promised at Town Meeting 2005) Impact on traffic ? Policing costs ? Maintenance costs ? Impact on the community both long term and short term ? 22

8 Preserve Sudbury - Significant Investment $615,000 minimum CPA “Installments” $25k $170k $285k $615k Consider Funding 22

9 Consider Traffic & Safety Preserve Sudbury - 11 Intersections Rail bed Hudson Road (Sudbury Feasibility Study) 22

10 Consider the Environment - Clearing 12 Acres of Vegetation Preserve Sudbury ~22 ft Rail bed in Concord 22 Assabet River Rail Trail Cleared ~50 ft

11 Consider Alternatives Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge Preserve Sudbury Managed Refuge No Intersections NO COST 6+ Miles of trails Visitor Center VC Sudbury Entrance Hudson Rd Connects to the Assabet River Rail Trail Assabet River Rail Trail 2,200 acres 22

12 Preserve Sudbury RefugeBFRT Wildlife/Habitat Monitoring Dedicated Parking Bathroom Facilities Connection to Assabet River Rail Trail No Dangerous Intersections No Construction Costs No Maintenance Costs No Policing Costs X The Safe Alternative X X X X X X X Please Vote NO – Preserve Sudbury 22

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