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E ATING TO F IGHT C ANCER -by Jane Motler and Ellie Freeman.

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1 E ATING TO F IGHT C ANCER -by Jane Motler and Ellie Freeman


3 W HAT I S N UTRITION T HERAPY ? supplying your body with small doses of natural anti- cancer agents that are found in fruits and vegetables

4 W HAT IS SO S PECIAL A BOUT F RUITS AND V EGETABLES ? Nature’s Multivitamin: Leafy Greens : Folate Tissue Repair Carrots and Sweet Potatoes: vitamin A Tissue and mucosal support Berries and Citrus: vitamin C Antioxidant support

5 …B UT MORE I MPORTANTLY, F RUITS AND V EGETABLES Contain special cancer- fighting compounds called PHYTOCHEMICALS (“fight-O-chemicals”) “Fight-O-chemicals have the ability to interfere with certain processes that occur in the development of cancers Nature’s complement to cancer treatment Provide prevention and therapy

6 “E AT THE R AINBOW ” Eating more than one vegetable/fruit at one time allows all the vitamins,minerals and phytochemicals to work together as one “cancer-fighting unit”

7 THE RED WARRIORS Lycopene : -Good Sources: Tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit, bell peppers -Cooking Tip: Toss tomatoes and watermelon with olive oil and feta Resveratrol : -Good Sources: Red wine, grapes -Cooking Tip: Add frozen grapes to a fruit salad

8 , THE ORANGE WARRIORS α/β Carotene -Good Sources: Sweet potatoes, carrots, winter squash, and cantaloupe -Cooking Tip: Roast vegetable with oil. Pair cantaloupe with avocado Curcumin -Good Sources: Tumeric -Cooking Tip: Mix the spice into salad dressings or sprinkle it on cooked vegetables such as kale and cauliflower Bioflavonoids -Good Sources: Oranges, grapefruits and tangerines -Cooking Tip: Add sliced/peeled oranges and mint to sparkling water for a refreshing drink

9 C URCUMIN AND I NFLAMMATION Principle component of popular Indian spice TURMERIC which is a component of curry Can be easily incorporated into Into many foods Curried hummus Curried sweet potatoes Curry stir fries Carrot and Cauliflower Curry Soup

10 , THE YELLOW WARRIORS LUTEIN + ZEAXANTHIN : -Good Sources: corn, leafy greens -Cooking Tip: Grill corn and top with feta and cayenne BROMELAIN -Good Sources: PINEAPPLE -Cooking Tip: Toss cubed pineapple in greek yogurt and top with lime juice/flax seed meal LIMONOIDS -Good Sources:Citrus -Cooking Tip: Bake fish with meyer lemon slices. Eat skin and all.

11 G INGER AND N AUSEA How Much? Tasty ways to eat ginger: Hot tea with honey Pureed soup Fish marinade Stir-fries Sweets -cookies, pies, and smoothies Salads and slaws

12 THE GREEN WARRIORS CHLOROPHYLL : -Good Sources: Watercress, leeks, arugula, parsley -Cooking Tip: Leeks and watercress make a wonderful addition to salads and blended soups CATECHINS: : -Good Sources: Green Tea -Cooking Tip: Blen brewed green tea with frozen berries and honey for a smoothie ISOTHIOCYANATES : -Good Sources: Kale, brussels sprouts and broccoli -Cooking Tip: Saute broccoli in olive oil garlic and ginger. Or…toss steamed kale in red pepper flakes, coconut oil and lemon juice.

13 O REGANO AND P ROSTATE C ANCER Oregano is an aromatic shrub that is commonly used as a flavor enhancer. Culinary tips: Garnish pizza with fresh oregano Add oregano to sautéed onions or mushrooms Enhance olive oil with a sprig or two of oregano Sprinkle finely chopped oregano on toasted garlic bread

14 THE PUPLE WARRIORS ANTHOCYANINS -Good Sources: red cabbage, eggplant, grapes, berries -Cooking Tip: Swap freshly shredded red cabbage for typical salad. ELLAGIC ACID -Good Sources: berries -Cooking Tip:Blend frozen berries into a smoothie or add them to spritzer water INDOLES -Good Sources: Purple onions, cauliflower or cabbage -Cooking Tip: Sauté purple onion in coconut oil and garlic. Add to favorite pasta or salad dish



17 O MEGA 3 TO D ECREASE I NFLAMMATION Flaxseed Salmon Enriched eggs Walnuts Soybeans Sardines Canola Oil Food Sources

18 E CHINACEA AND I MMUNITY Use preventatively Tinctures are best 3 weeks prior to cold and flu season

19 G INSENG AND F ATIGUE Ginseng belongs to the ginger family but provides support for stress related issues instead of digestive issues. Best Use for Ginseng: TEA!

20 S UPPLEMENTS TO A VOID SupplementCommon UsePossible Dangers Bitter OrangeWeight loss, allergiesFainting, heart attack, stroke, death ChaparralColds, weight loss, infections, inflammation, cancer, detoxification Liver damage, kidney problems Collodial SilverFungal and other infections Bluish skin, kidney damage, neurological problems death ComfreyCough, heavy menstrual periods, chest pain, cancer Liver damage, cancer KavaAnxietyLiver damage GermaniumPain, infections, osteoporosi, heart disease, cancer Kidney Damage, Death

21 M OVEMENT S UMMARY Incorporate movement into your life everyday

22 N UTRITION S UMMARY Eat a plant-based diet that represents all the colors of the rainbow Contains many “fight-o-chemicals”

23 S PECIFIC S UPPLEMENTS U SED IN CAM Immune and Inflammatory support Fish oil Probiotics Pancreatic enzymes Vitamin D Green tea Astragalus Curcumin Garlic Oregano Ginseng Ginger Quercetin Maitake mushroom Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) Adaptogenic herbs Tissue support and repair Whey protein Demulcent herbs (aloe, slippery elm, marshmallow) Glutamine CoQ10 Liver support Milk thistle Essiac and Hoxsey Hormone modulation / Support Melatonin Saw Palmetto Calcium D glucarate Indole 3 carbinol / Diindoleymethane

24 P HYSICAL /S PIRITUAL M EDICINE U SED IN CAM T REATMENT Meditation / Prayer Contrast hydrotherapy Acupuncture Massage Therapeutic touch Craniosacral therap

25 N UTRIENTS IN W HOLE F OODS F OR O PTIMAL H EALTH Omega 3 fatty acids – reduce inflammation Cod liver oil Folate – tissue repair Leafy green vegetables i.e spinach Vitamin A – tissue / mucosal support Carrots and sweet potatoes Vitamin C – tissue repair Strawberries and citrus Vitamin E – immune support Sunflower Seeds Zinc – immune support Pumpkin seeds Selenium – antioxidant support Brazil Nuts Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus Fruits and Vegetables

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