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From Middle School to High School For Our Dear 8th Graders.

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1 From Middle School to High School For Our Dear 8th Graders

2 The High School Application Process : 2011 – 2012 ? ?

3 Factors to consider as you select high school programs I. School location and travel time II. Priority requirements III. Type of School IV. Selection methods for admission V. School Size

4 I. Location & Travel LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Where is the high school located? How far is the school from your house ? How I will get there? Are you willing to travel that distance, 5 days a week for 4 years? Remember, school begins EARLY

5 Is the program open city-wide, borough wide. Is there a priority for admission? Can I remain in my current school? WAGNER! II. Priority requirements

6 III. Types of Schools Specialized High Schools. LaGuardia High School. Performing/Visual Arts HS Audition & “Other” High Schools.

7 IV. Selection Method Program Types Screened: Students ranked based on grades, test scores, attendance and in some cases other criteria Audition: Students ranked based on audition, grades, test scores and attendance Educational Option (Ed. Opt.): Half of students match randomly, the other half are matched from among candidates ranked by the school Limited Unscreened: Priority to students who attend an Information Session or Open House Zoned: Priority to students who live in the geographic zone of the high school

8 High schools review grade 7 records: Final report card marks Standardized Test Scores Attendance and Punctuality Grade 7 academic record is evaluated!

9 V. School Size Small or large school? Factors to consider about school size  Safety, Safety & Safety  Everybody knows your name or One of the many  Lost in a crowd or One of the family  Help yourself or How can we help?



12 7 th Grade Records

13 123123


15 Application Tips  Applications Due Date : December 2, ( the Turkey will remind you )  List your choices in the order of your preference.  List only those programs and schools that you will accept if matched.  Discuss your application with your counselor.

16 Application process & Audition

17  1300 students willing to take your seat  WAGNER: Difficult to get in … proud to remain  You trusted us with in 6 th grade… Let’s make it to the 12 th ! Extending our family to a higher level: Wagner High School

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