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Workforce Planning Tameside Learning Disability Service.

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1 Workforce Planning Tameside Learning Disability Service

2 Workforce Planning What have we got already? Diverse Community Health service –Autism specialist –Epilepsy Specialist –Hospital Liaison –GP Liaison –Behaviour support services –Community nursing –Psychology –Speech and Language –Physio –CITRUS Specialist – Breakaway and physical Intervention model

3 Workforce Planning Work in partnership with –NHS Tameside & Glossop –Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (TMBC) –Tameside’s People First –Tameside General Hospital –Training Consortium

4 Workforce Planning Workforce Development Strategy in Place that explains how we plan to deliver the training and out progress so far.

5 Adult Services Workforce Development 2011- 2012 - Activity Plan – April 2011 This paper is an outline of what is needed to make sure we implement the Tameside Adult Services Integrated Local Area Workforce Strategy. The strategy has been divided up into 6 sections


7 LD Health Team - Workforce Specific Professional training Nursing / Physio/ Speech Therapy Continued professional development Experienced and competent practitioner

8 Offender Health Bradley Report Strategy Group Development of Pathways and Training needs

9 Training Hospital Staff Hospital Liaison Nurse delivers classroom based sessions –Induction courses –Patient Focussed (PF) Sessions –Indirectly through visits to wards

10 People First Ambulance Staff Police Age Concern Ashton Mencap Breakthrough UK Tameside Adult Placement scheme TMBC Tameside Link Student Nurses – Salford Uni

11 Future Actions Involve people supported with LD more in training To further diversify the LD workforce Be involved in the updating of the Tameside Training Consortium strategy

12 References www.

13 Thank you Contact details: Shirley Chappell Lead Nurse– Learning Disability Service 0161 342 5207

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