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Presentation to Public Board Meeting April 3 rd 2013 Windsor Ascot and Maidenhead Clinical Commissioning Group WAM CCG - working together locally to deliver.

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2 Presentation to Public Board Meeting April 3 rd 2013 Windsor Ascot and Maidenhead Clinical Commissioning Group WAM CCG - working together locally to deliver sustainable excellence in healthcare

3 There are three Ascot practices which are members of the Bracknell and Ascot CCG. 87% of the CCG population lives within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead The CCG also includes a small practice (Taplow) which is within the Buckinghamshire boundary. NHS Berkshire East currently has responsibility for the Runnymede district which includes 11,945 registered patients within the two Englefield wards in North Surrey.

4 ConsultationRoom Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) PPGNetwork Website CustomerServices(PALs) Local Involvement Networks (LINks) LocalHealthwatch Providersurveys Localities WAM CCG Lay Member ElectedMembers ClinicalLeads

5 WINDSOR, ASCOT and MAIDENHEAD CCG LOCALITIES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 2x Lay Members 5x GPPractice Manager Local Nurse WAM Governing Body Accountable Officer WAM Governing Body Chief Financial Officer LA representative Secondary Care Consultant Nurse Director Clincal Leads and Performance (including Education & Training) Operational Leadership Team PPG Network Practice Nurse Forum Practice Manager Lead Forum Federation QIPP & PerformanceStrategy & TransitionQuality East Berkshire Federation East Berkshire Federation, Chiltern + Surrey & Borders CCGs Provider Development Group

6  Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead CCG works locally to respond to health needs and with Federation partners to:  share resources  improve quality  manage financial risk  maximise influence on providers  Improving commissioning relationships with CCGs in Bucks and Surrey



9 Vision – ‘working together locally to deliver sustainable excellence in healthcare’  Clinical leadership and quality are at the heart of the CCG  Based on population needs, benchmarking and feedback from clinicians and patients  Partnership working  Health and Wellbeing Board  Shared activities  Commission within our resources (one of lowest )

10 Windsor and Maidenhead Priority Needs 2012 1. Ageing population with impact on long term conditions 2. Mental health (CAMHS, depression and dementia) 3. Coronary Heart Disease 4. Cancer (Breast, Colorectal, Prostate) 5) Housing – affordable homes, extra care and temporary accommodation 6. Children and families living in poverty 7. Alcohol 8. Continue to reduce domestic abuse and violent crime

11 WE SHALL COMMISSION SERVICES  To promote recovery from ill health or injury prevent ill health or premature death  To offer the greatest chance of living full and independent life  Maximise our patients experience of healthcare, reflect best practice and deliver the pledges of the NHS Constitution  Commission and work with others to ensure people are protected from unavoidable harm  Promote a culture of Safety and Quality allowing Patients Carers and Staff feel able to report their concerns and have them addressed quickly  Commission integrated services where this improves outcomes WE SHALL DELIVER STATUTORY DUTIES AND VISION WHILST DEMONSTRATING OUR VALUES

12 12 VISION We want to develop and deliver with others (particularly public health and the local authority) services to prevent ill health and premature mortality. PROJECTS  Age extension breast screening  NHS Health Checks  High impact pathways for paediatrics  Prevention service including falls  Alcohol Harm Reduction Preventing people from dying prematurely

13 13 VISION We want patients to have the right support around them in as quickly as possible and in an environment that meets their needs in order to recover have a positive experience of care have the same access to care no matter where they are seen access high quality services that are based on best practice Support from Doctors and Nurses who understand and adhere to best practice guidelines PROJECTS  Implement early supported discharge for stroke  Musclo- skeletal CATs  Community Dermatology Service  Map of Medicine  Review commissioning strategy for community beds/ Reduce the number of care home placements  Focussed work with secondary care clinicians on implementing best practice  Physiotherapy review Helping People to recover from episodes of ill health or following injury

14 14 VISION We want people to know how to manage their own condition and how to deal with their condition when it gets worse. We want Patients and Carers to feel well supported by teams to meet their health and social care needs. Reliance in institutionalised care will be reduced. PROJECTS  Implementation of integrated care teams including risk stratification  Development of self care programmes/ EPP  Access to IAPT for people with long term conditions  Review of care home dementia patients on anti-psychotic medication  Develop screening and health and social care support for people with dementia  National and local prescribing QIPP indicators and quality standards e.g stable angina, optimising PPI use  Review prescribing safety for asthma  Telehealth and Telecare  Heart Failure Nurses Enhancing the quality of life for people with long term conditions

15 15 VISION We want Care that patients receive to be a positive experience. We want to use your experience to shape commissioning decisions and keep providers to their contracts. We need real time information about patient experience, patients should feel empowered to provide feedback and feel that the CCG has considered this feedback and acted appropriately. PROJECTS  Improve transition from children’s to adults services  Introduce NHS 111  Improve performance in A and E  Improve performance on 18 weeks  Improve performance in maternity  Improve performance in ambulance response and handovers  Implement the ‘Friends and Family’ test  Promote ‘Ageing well’ in conjunction with dementia screening  Carers  Worried Mums  Shared decision making and patient choice Ensuring that people have a positive experience of care

16 16 VISION We want People to feel safe when they are being cared for. We expect Patients and staff to feel able report poor practice and this will be addressed swiftly. We want to develop a culture of safety and quality in all providers. PROJECTS  Reduction in the number of out of area mental health placements  Review of all placements post Winterbourne  Care Homes Project – whole system relationships, education and training, access to health services and information sharing and monitoring.  Clinical support and mentoring in care homes  Reduction in antibiotic prescribing Treating and caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from avoidable harm

17 17 VISION We want to grow and develop as an organisation meeting our statutory duties and vision, whilst clearly demonstrating its values. We would like people living within WAM CCG to receive high quality services which are integrated where necessary. We want our commissioned services to have been have been shaped by member practices, patients and the public. The CCG must be financially stable and commission services by living within its means PROJECTS  EPIC continued development in live with CCG strategy  Develop member engagement  Development of PPG Network  Systematic use of patient and clinician feedback to improve the quality of care  Stakeholder engagement in planning  Development of relationship with voluntary sector  Development of Health and Wellbeing Board  Development of joint commissioning  Development of health and wellbeing strategy  Succession planning  Organisational development CCG Our Organisational Development

18 ‘Working together locally to deliver sustainable Excellence in healthcare’ WAM CCG

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