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Pre Campaign Workshop Introduction Kristian Bentham Marketing and Campaigns Manager Keep Britain Tidy.

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1 Pre Campaign Workshop Introduction Kristian Bentham Marketing and Campaigns Manager Keep Britain Tidy

2 11.00Welcome and introduction 11.30Government update on local environmental quality 11.45CGAG - an industry perspective 12.00Media planning and advertising 12.15Media relations and PR 12:30Bin it Your Way Campaign 2013 research 12:45Lunch 13:15Campaign monitoring and evaluation 13:35Cleaning and surface protection 13.50Workshop introduction 13.55Breakout workshop (2 groups) 14.55Feedback from groups 15.10Feedback and questions (all) 15.30Close Today’s Agenda

3 2014 Partners 1) City of London 2) Alloa Town Centre BID 3) The Highland Council 4) Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council 5) Mansfield BID 6) Craigavon Borough Council 7) Hull City Council 8) Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council 9) Rochford District Council 10) Liverpool BID Company 11) Ealing and Broadway BID 12) Coventry University

4 Who are the Chewing Gum Action Group? Defra Welsh Government Scottish Government Chartered Institute of Wastes Management Wrigleys Mondelez International Perfetti Van Melle Keep Britain Tidy Keep Wales Tidy Zero Waste Scotland Food and Drink Federation LGA

5 Previous Campaigns - 2012 53% reduction 93% in Cardiff

6 Previous campaigns 56% reduction 2011 50% reduction 2010

7 Previous campaigns - 2009 48% reduction

8 Previous campaigns - 2008 43% reduction

9 2014 Campaign Scheduled for launch – 22 September 2014 Target audience: gum droppers (CGAG litter segmentation) To reduce chewing gum litter To increase awareness among gum chewers that gum is litter and should not be dropped on the floor To increase responsible disposal of used chewing gum To increase awareness among gum chewers that they could be fined for dropping chewing gum To create a sense of local pride

10 2014 Campaign Key messages: Put your used gum in a bin – a tangible way you can do your bit to show you care about where you live It’s your responsibility to do the right thing People who irresponsibly dispose of their gum can be fined up to £80 on-the-spot

11 Similar campaign in Republic of Ireland Focus groups Physically SEEING the action supported by the words resonates very strongly – show the bin and physically show the action Message is clear and does not preach – simplicity Visually appealing - slight humour, strong graphic Unprompted 6.4% of respondents mentioned advertising the fine or enforcing the fine was a deterrent Gum and gum disposal to be the hero 11 2014 Campaign

12 The Posters 12

13 13

14 2012 Results - Republic of Ireland Generated the largest number ever of respondents who said “used to, but stopped dropping/spitting gum” in the past six months 75% recall of the advertising - well ahead of 45% average recall Gum is almost universally viewed as litter with almost all (92%) now claiming gum is litter Performed way ahead of previous campaigns in: – Appealing to the target audience – Not talking down at the target audience – Adverts not being boring ‘The campaign is viewed by the advertising industry as one of the strongest performing campaigns of that year”. 81% average recall; third most recalled campaign in 2012 in Ireland (McDonald’s was first and Skyfall was second) 69% of 15-19 yr olds believe it was aimed at them 14

15 2013 Campaign – 47% reduction Swansea Business Improvement District Falkirk Delivers (Business Improvement District) Peterborough City Council Liverpool City Council Bournemouth Council Wyre Forest Council Nottingham City Council Northampton Borough Council Neath Port Talbot Council Rochford Council Corby Council Highlands Council Love Wimbledon (Business Improvement District) Cambridge City Council Hull City Council Milton Keynes Town Centre Management in partnership with Milton Keynes Council

16 What role do you as partners play in the campaign? The face of the campaign in your area Promote the campaign at a local level Local PR and media liaison Engage with the public and businesses Step up enforcement activities to support the campaign Cleansing, monitoring and evaluation Share good practice and promote success Help sustain the campaign beyond the 4 weeks of advertising

17 What support will CGAG provide? Plan and book advertising in your area Help with PR and media relations activity Co-ordinate a national launch and secure national media coverage Arrange poster design and production Support with monitoring surveys Carry out evaluation research Listen to your ideas and build them into the campaign strategy And anything else we can do to help you reduce gum litter in your area!

18 How will we evaluate the campaigns? Actual reduction in chewing gum litter - monitored hotspot areas in each partner area. Media coverage Partnerships formed Website and social media activity Attitudinal research/recall monitoring Enforcement activity

19 Kristian Bentham Marketing and Campaigns Manager Keep Britain Tidy T: 01942 612668

20 Workshop Media, PR and launch idea Events Getting the message across and engaging with the public Events Enforcement Local partnerships Poster, artwork and other collateral requirements Social media and web presence Extending the campaign beyond the 4 week paid for advertising Disposal solutions (gum wraps, pouches, boards etc)

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