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Dispelling the myths An honest, open reply to the Children and Families Act 2014.

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1 Dispelling the myths An honest, open reply to the Children and Families Act 2014

2 The main aim of the government reforms The new laws aim to improve the system by giving more importance to the views, wishes and feelings of the learners and their families.

3 The code “Use their best endeavours to make sure that a child with SEN gets the support they need- This means doing everything they can to meet children and young people’s SEN”

4 Participation Communication and parental contact are paramount at Bishop Justus. Personal teacher emails. Mailing lists- resources for parents Liaison with CAF teams and external agencies. Excellent relationships with key workers and borough. Coffee mornings. Awareness evenings. Summer Transition School.

5 Outcomes The SEND team at Bromley borough have many years of experience in this. Local Offer-In conjunction with all Bromley Schools they seek to enable the best possible results and progress of each learner with Need. Decisions are made by a variety of professionals and reviewed annually.

6 Joint working CAF teams Educational Psychologist Learning Conferences Borough team CAMHS Phoenix Centre School initiatives/ provision – role of TA

7 Main changes Education, Health and Care, EHC Plans. Primary School approach. Statements are being converted over in line with Borough Plans. Yr 11s and 9s are being converted. No change to support stated. Local offer is vital for parents choices. SEN policies are under review at the moment.

8 Main changes continued... SA+ and SA have changed. Over 16 learners will have the right to decide their support. Support will change depending your school and how it is delivered by said establishment.

9 The application of support Identification of learners with SEN using borough audit. Provision is provided in line with need and school capacity to deliver it. (Local offer vital here). Assess, Plan, Do and Review.

10 Will support be less? There is no need for this as long as schools are chosen well and that provision can be adapted within reasonable capacity.

11 Case Study: Princes Plain Primary School The child’s needs are at the core of the process; Working with at key transition points: Year 1 and 5; Design of provision based around needs of family; Provides teachers with a clear picture of the whole child prior to determining outcomes.

12 Case Study: Princes Plain Primary School Changes are revitalising our practise; Provides new opportunities to work collaboratively; Focuses on a child’s strengths rather than limits; Allows Princes Plain to draw on a wide range of school-based provision to meet a child’s needs.

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