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FEMA Region II Bergen County Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) FEMA Region 2 Mitigation Division June 9th, 2010 10:00-11:00.

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1 FEMA Region II Bergen County Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) FEMA Region 2 Mitigation Division June 9th, 2010 10:00-11:00

2 Purpose Risk MAP Vision: Through collaboration with State, Tribal, and local entities, Risk MAP will deliver quality data that increases public awareness and leads to action that reduces risk to life and property Purpose of this Coordination Call: To establish the awareness and understanding in the ongoing efforts to update Community’s flood risk analysis and mapping (ie. FIS and DFIRM). Who is Involved: Federal/State/Local/Mapping Partners Federal – FEMA, Region II Project Manager; Paul K. Weberg, PE Communications/Outreach Support; Adie Koby Technical Assistance; Alan Springett State – NJDEP, Joseph Ruggeri, P.E., CFM Supervising Engineer NJ State NFIP Coordinator's Office Bureau of Dam Safety & Flood Control Office of Engineering & Construction Mapping Partner: RAMPP – Robyn Boyd, project manager Local – Bergen County & Communities

3 Purpose WHY: maintain an up-to-date and accurate flood risk analysis and delineation for local decision makers in flood risk management. This SUCCESS of this effort and outcome relies on the active participation of EACH COMMUNITY

4 Objective Overview of current Risk MAP status of Bergen County Future projects and next steps QA/QC & Feedback from the communities affected (Passaic and Saddle Rivers, Ho-Ho-Kus Brook, Ramsey Brook)

5 Mapping partner to deliver preliminary maps to affected Bergen County communities in September, 2011 Project Team ◦Risk Assessment, Mapping, and Planning Partners (RAMPP), a joint venture of Dewberry, URS, and ESP ◦Key team member: Sun Engineers Tasks -New Detailed Hydrology & Hydraulics (H&H) -FIS Report Production -DFIRM panel and database production -Preliminary DFIRM Production and Distribution Bergen County Preliminary Maps – Overview

6 Bergen County Preliminary Maps - Scope Incorporation of approximately 35 miles of detailed analysis for three streams and 14 miles for the Passaic River ◦The 35 miles mentioned were scoped to be incorporated into the DFIRM from a study that was conducted in 2006 Converts flood hazard data from the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD 29) to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88) in only affected panels – remaining panels will be converted in the near future under the CTP (NJDEP) agreement with the FEMA  NAVD 88 = NGVD 29 (-0.962)

7 Bergen County – September, 2011 Preliminary New Detailed Studies FLOODING SOURCEReachUpstream LimitDownstream Limit Ho-Ho-Kus Brook12.0At 1050 ft upstream of Vail PlaceAt confluence with Saddle River Ramsey Brook 4.0 At 575 ft upstream of Brookwood Drive At confluence with Ho-Ho-Kus Brook Saddle River19.0At County BoundaryAt confluence with Passaic River Passaic River13.9County Boundary TOTAL MILEAGE48.9

8 Bergen County – September, 2011 Preliminary Affected Communities & Panels COMMUNITYFLOODING SOURCE(S) PANEL(S) AFFECTED Borough of Allendale Ho-Ho-Kus Brook, Ramsey Brook 67, 69 Borough of East RutherfordPassaic River 251 Borough of Elmwood ParkPassaic River 167, 169 Borough of Fair LawnPassaic River, Saddle River 159, 167, 178, 186 Borough of Franklin LakesHo-Ho-Kus Brook 62, 64, 66, 68 City of GarfieldPassaic River, Saddle River 169, 188, 251 Borough of Glen RockHo-Ho-Kus Brook 176 Borough of Ho-Ho-KusHo-Ho-Kus Brook, Saddle River 88, 89, 176, 177 Borough of LodiSaddle River 188, 189, 251, 252 Borough of LyndhurstPassaic River 235, 245 Township of MahwahHo-Ho-Kus Brook 68, 69 Borough of North ArlingtonPassaic River 245 Borough of ParamusSaddle River 176, 177, 178, 179, 186, 187 Borough of RamseyRamsey Brook 59, 67, 78 Village of RidgewoodHo-Ho-Kus Brook, Saddle River 69, 88, 176, 177, 178, 179 Township of Rochelle ParkSaddle River 187, 189 Borough of RutherfordPassaic River 253 Township of Saddle BrookSaddle River 186, 187, 189 Borough of Saddle RiverSaddle River 86, 88 Township of South HackensackSaddle River 251 Borough of Upper Saddle RiverSaddle River 78, 79, 86, 87 Borough of WaldwickHo-Ho-Kus Brook, Saddle River 69, 88 Borough of WallingtonSaddle River, Passaic River 251 Township of WyckoffHo-Ho-Kus Brook 68, 69

9 Bergen County – September, 2011 Preliminary Affected Panels

10 Bergen County – Community Assistance Contact (CAC) & Community Assistance Visit (CAV) COMMUNITYCAC & CAV Borough of Allendale CAC 1993, CAV 1992 Borough of East Rutherford CAC 2002 Borough of Elmwood Park CAC 2006 Borough of Fair Lawn CAV 1992 Borough of Franklin Lakes City of Garfield CAC & CAV 2009 Borough of Glen Rock Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus Borough of Lodi CAC 2008 Borough of Lyndhurst CAC 2008, CAV 1992 Township of Mahwah CAV 1992 Borough of North Arlington CAC 1995, CAV 1992 Borough of Paramus CAC 2009 Borough of Ramsey Village of Ridgewood CAC 2007, CAV 1992 Township of Rochelle Park CAC 2007, CAV 1992 Borough of Rutherford CAC 2004, CAV 1992 Township of Saddle Brook Borough of Saddle River CAV 1992 Township of South Hackensack Borough of Upper Saddle River CAC 1997 Borough of Waldwick Borough of Wallington CAC 2007, CAV 1993 Township of Wyckoff

11 Bergen County – NFIP Policies, Claims, Repetitive Losses & CRS COMMUNITY Number of Policies Total Coverage Total Premium Total Claims Since 1978 Total Paid Since 1978 Number of Repetitive LossesCRS Borough of Allendale66$17,822,100$73,23231$487,5489 Borough of East Rutherford326$46,056,600$278,75869$727,88318 Borough of Elmwood Park64$16,577,400$61,33581$563,11613 Borough of Fair Lawn318$76,126,600$434,869181$1,755,45726 Borough of Franklin Lakes56$17,246,400$56,85016$71,2862 City of Garfield209$51,379,000$359,930183$1,112,13833 Borough of Glen Rock61$15,826,000$65,52825$58,7792 Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus96$28,624,900$145,11434$189,4824 Borough of Lodi402$66,714,200$371,440824$15,364,270322Yes Borough of Lyndhurst217$42,880,100$231,757144$1,353,57955 Township of Mahwah153$39,783,300$214,810129$1,147,25129 Borough of North Arlington36$9,758,200$37,22115$127,0972 Borough of Paramus209$66,233,800$288,629103$1,240,70519 Borough of Ramsey114$28,006,100$122,67915$30,2200 Village of Ridgewood331$86,233,700$462,781219$2,725,31525Yes Township of Rochelle Park452$96,234,600$493,211400$10,386,390181Yes Borough of Rutherford168$35,917,200$166,273102$1,129,15752 Township of Saddle Brook271$64,060,000$384,298191$3,006,15550 Borough of Saddle River44$12,726,400$61,54857$310,5876 Township of South Hackensack34$9,332,900$57,36129$657,7094 Borough of Upper Saddle River66$21,071,600$66,50735$100,4624 Borough of Waldwick32$8,403,200$26,93216$119,5810 Borough of Wallington474$99,444,600$712,577205$1,635,20138 Township of Wyckoff52$13,395,000$37,43722$118,3165

12 Bergen County – Mitigation Plan Status

13 Bergen County – Hazard Mitigation Plan COMMUNITY Adoption Papers Received Date Electronic copy? Borough of Allendale 07/08/09 y Borough of East Rutherford 01/30/09 y Borough of Elmwood Park 01/30/09 y Borough of Fair Lawn 12/02/08 y Borough of Franklin Lakes 01/30/09 y City of Garfield 03/09/09 y Borough of Glen Rock 02/17/09 y Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus 03/04/09 y Borough of Lodi 03/04/09 y Borough of Lyndhurst 01/30/09 y Township of Mahwah 01/27/09 y Borough of North Arlington 07/08/09 y Borough of Paramus 11/07/08 y Borough of Ramsey 12/02/08 y Village of Ridgewood 07/08/09 y Township of Rochelle Park 12/02/08 y Borough of Rutherford 04/02/09 y Township of Saddle Brook 06/29/09 y Borough of Saddle River 02/17/09 y Township of South Hackensack 01/27/09 y Borough of Upper Saddle River 12/02/08 y Borough of Waldwick 03/09/09 y Borough of Wallington 02/17/09 y Township of Wyckoff 04/02/09 y

14 Current Status: The gathering and review of data from the previous studies for the approximately 35 miles of detailed analysis for various streams has been completed. Survey field work of the 14 miles of the Passaic River is complete, QC of survey information is in progress. Awaiting response from communities to the letters sent out in November and December, 2009 regarding data request Bergen County Preliminary Maps - Current Status

15 Local Communities Contacted each community letting them know about field surveys taking place in their communities back in November, 2009 and data request in December, 2009 No response received Is this an accurate representation of your communities? Roles & Responsibilities of Local Communities: Response to the letters sent out in November and December, 2009 Flood Risk communications with residents

16 Milestones Target Dates Next coordination call: December, 2010 Passaic River and Saddle River mapping completed by: May, 2011 Preliminary maps to be distributed: September, 2011

17 The Road to Ordinance Adoption Preliminary delivery Community Consultation Official (CCO) meeting Initial 30-day comment period Appeals & Protests 6 month: FEMA 6-month Letter of Final Determination (LFD) 5 month: NJDEP Assistance Letter 3 ½ month: Draft Ordinance 3 month: NJDEP review of draft ordinance 3 month: FEMA 90-day Reminder Letter 1 month: FEMA 30-day Reminder Letter 0: Ordinance Adopted

18 The Road to Ordinance Adoption

19 Questions & Feedback PowerPoint Presentation & Fact Sheets & additional information will be posted Next coordination meeting: December, 2010 Contact Information FEMA Region II Paul Weberg, DHS/FEMA Region II 290 Broadway, 29 th Floor New York, NY (212) 680-3638 NJDEP office: John Scordato / Joseph Ruggeri / Chris Gould NJDEP, Bureau of Dam Safety & Flood Control (609) 292-2296 phone, (609) 984-1908 fax Visit NJDEP website: Download Model Ordinances:

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