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Health Data and Resources NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Somjen Frazer.

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1 Health Data and Resources NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Somjen Frazer

2 Epidemiology Services A division within the NYC DOHMH Our Mission: To combine cutting-edge research and data analysis with policy development and strengthen epidemiologic capacity throughout the DOHMH in order to improve the health of New Yorkers

3 What we will cover today What can we use health data for? What health data are available?  NYC DOHMH  Other data sources How can we use the available data?  Finding data  Displaying data Other resources

4 Compile health information Focus on preventable causes of illness and death  Identify disparities  Improve health within populations Planning programs Writing grants What are data for? Population(s) Many data sources Clear and concise conclusions Population(s) Many data sources Clear and concise conclusions

5 Where can I get health data? National  State  New York City 

6 NYC DOHMH Health Data Survey Data  Community Health Survey (CHS)  Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)  NYC Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HANES)  World Trade Center Health Registry Vital Statistics  Mortality  Birth

7 DOHMH Data con’t Surveillance Data  SPARCS (hospital discharge data)  HIV  STD  Tuberculosis  Lead Poisoning Maternal and child health  PRAMS

8 Community Health Survey Based on the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) – DOHMH program input Annual since 2002 Telephone: 20-30 minutes Costs around $500,000 per year Multi-lingual  2002: English, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Creole, Yiddish, Greek  2003-2007: English, Spanish, Russian – 23 other languages through language line Data are collected by United Hospital Fund Neighborhood

9 Health Topics Included in 2007 General health Access to care Physical activity Diabetes Asthma Immunizations (flu/pneumonia) Tobacco use & cessation Alcohol consumption (binge drinking) Weight (obesity) Cancer screening Sexual behavior Domestic Violence Mental Health

10 YRBS: Students in Public High Schools Cross-sectional survey Restricted to Public High or Middle School Students Conducted every two years (most recent 2007) Self-administered in the classroom Two-stage cluster sample  High schools  Classrooms

11 Information Collected Demographics Unintentional Injury and Violence Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use Mental Health Sexual Behaviors and Pregnancy Dietary Behaviors Physical Activity Social Measures

12 NYC HANES Who is included?  2000 adults from ~4000 households in 144 neighborhoods  Population-based, cross-sectional, 3-stage cluster sample Types of data  Exam  Laboratory Analysis  Interview Last conducted in 2004, plans to repeat in 2009

13 NYC HANES Topics Exam  Blood Pressure  Anthropometry  Venipuncture & Urine Collection Laboratory Analysis  Blood Lipid Profile- Fasting plasma glucose  Glycohemoglobin- Hepatitis C virus  Herpes simplex 2- Serum Cotinine  Heavy metals - Pesticides Computer assisted interviewing  Sensitive questions asked with audio headset  Other questions by interviewer  Many of the same as the Community Health Survey

14 Strengths and Limitations of Data Sources CHS/YRBS  Self report Social desirability bias Difficulty recalling past behaviors  Cross-sectional Unable to establish temporality, incidence  Sensitive questions Sexual behaviors, drug use HANES  Smaller sample

15 Disease Surveillance: Two More Data Sources SPARCS  Discharge summaries from hospitals  Provided by the state Vital Statistics  Birth and death data  Includes causes of death

16 Ways to access our data Online  Reports on topics (Vital Signs and CHI) and populations (Reports)  Query system  Download data Make data requests Scenario: You want to write a report for a funder on obesity in NYC.

17 Online My Community’s Health Page: mmunity.shtml mmunity.shtml Links to publications Online query system Other data tables Downloadable data



20 Publications







27 Other data tables HIV/STD reports Tuberculosis reports Neighborhood numbers  View demographics, mortality, hospitalizations, maternal and child health, adult health status, preventive services by UHF neighborhood Injuries and deaths  Unintentional injuries (deaths & hospitalizations)  Self-inflicted injuries (suicides & hospitalizations)  Assaults (homicides, hospitalizations & Emergency Department visits) Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System  Maternal experiences and behaviors before during and after pregnancy Childhood Lead Poisoning Newly identified cases among children by UHF neighborhood and borough (rates and crude numbers) More to Come



30 Analyzing Data Downloading  Click on the name of the survey  Data, codebook and questionnaire Analyzing  SAS/SAS-callable SUDAAN  Corrects for cluster sampling  Weighting and age-adjusting

31 Contact Us! Designing or implementing a study and need expert epidemiological input Need data not found online Email us

32 Data Requests Detailed  Include specific subpopulations and years  Ex. Obesity among 18-24 year olds from 2007 CHS Data requests can take 2-4 weeks to complete

33 Strengths and Limitations of Methods to Access Data Vital Signs and published reports only have specific numbers, but are more in- depth and include interpretation of results Epiquery allows you access from your desk but does not include all variables or trends over time Data requests are very specific and can be extensive but take longer

34 Links you saw in this presentation My Community’s Health The Immigrant Health Report episrv/episrv-immigrant-report.pdf Epiquery

35 Thank you Community Epidemiology  Unit director: Carolyn Olson  My contact information   212 788 4340  125 Worth St. Rm. 315, New York, NY 10013

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