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Community Sport Activation Fund Get Active in Central Ward.

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1 Community Sport Activation Fund Get Active in Central Ward

2 Get Active in Central Ward This project will enable Watford Borough Council to enhance sporting provision in the most deprived borough ward; Watford Central. Allow development and delivery of interventions for target-specific groups which will overcome key participant barriers and increase engagement in sport amongst young people and adults aged 14+. This will be done through targeted sports provision that is appropriate, of high quality and of the beneficiaries’ preference. We will increase sports provision within key local facilities and target groups of need. We will do this through the formal development of clubs at key locations and signposting to local club exit routes, This will provide sustainable access to sports provision in the Watford Central ward.

3 Background Statistics Within the Central ward of the borough of Watford, deprivation poses a substantial barrier to regular participation in sport and has severe negative implications on the lives of people from a range of different backgrounds. Watford is ranked the 21th most deprived Local Authority in the East of England out of 56 (IMD, 2012). As a direct result, the opportunities to participate regularly in sport are severely limited; the cost of equipment, facilities, travel and high quality coaching prohibit participation.

4 Background Statistics Central Ward Population8143 Largest Religion in central ward 49.42% Christian Largest Marital status 49.42% Single, never married or civil partnership Largest Ethnicity50.95% White British Is the 2nd most deprived LSOA in Watford: Is in the top 30% nationally for health and disability deprivation Is in the top 20% nationally for deprivation associated with barriers to housing and services

5 White; White other in Central Ward= 14.44% White; White other in Watford = 7.69% The ‘other white’ population in Central Ward is the highest of any ward in Watford Background Statistics The number of residents identifying their ethnic group as ‘white other’… In Watford: 6947 (which was 7.69% of Watford’s population) In Central ward: 1176 (which was 16.93% of Central’s population) Isolating the ‘white other’ categories, the largest groups in Watford were as follows at the time of the census: Polish: 1716 (1.90%) Other Western European: 1157 (1.28%) Other Eastern European: 917 (1.02%) European mixed: 736 (0.82%) Italian: 544 (0.60%)

6 As can be seen from the data, non-white participation in Watford is higher than that in England Background Statistics Asian/Asian British; Indian in Central Ward = 5.27% Asian/Asian British; Indian in Watford = 5.45% Asian/Asian British; Pakistani in Central Ward = 6.90% Asian/Asian British; Pakistani in Watford = 6.74% Asian/ Asian British; other Asian in Central Ward = 5.91% Asian/ Asian British; other Asian in Watford = 4.41% Black/African/Caribbean/black British; African in Central Ward = 5.29% Black/African/Caribbean/black British; African in Watford = 3.48%

7 In Basketball, over a third of participants are from non-white backgrounds. Our basketball programmes will therefore help target these minority groups which make up 32.37% of Central Ward In addition, non white participation is also high in Football, Badminton and Cycling is on the rise and so the suggested programmes cater to their needs Background Statistics

8 The proportion of Central ward residents who are Buddhist is the highest of any ward in Watford Christians In Central Ward = 49.42% No religion in Central Ward = 24.22% Muslims in Central Ward = 11.26% Buddhists in Central Ward = 1.33% Buddhism is the religious group that has the highest participation levels As can be seen, football is a very popular sport amongst most religions, as well as badminton being reasonably popular Background Statistics

9 Health profile of Central Ward Evidence from the local health profile in the Central Ward shows us some of the following:  Older people in deprivation is significantly worse than England,  Emergency hospital admissions for CHAD is significantly worse than England,  Emergency admissions for hip fractures aged 65+ is significantly worse than England. By specifically targeting the Central ward we know we can improve on peoples healthy life styles.

10 Health Profile of Central Ward Geography The Health Costs of Physical Inactivity by disease category The Health Costs of Physical Inactivity Cancer lower GI e.g. bowel cancer Breast CancerDiabetes Coronary heart disease Cerebrovascular disease e.g. stroke Total Cost Cost per 100,000 pop Watford£78,772£81,097£257,189£685,247£146,001£1,248,306£1,457,383 Money will be saved if more people become physically active as this decreases the likeliness of health problems and therefore also decreases healthcare expenditure The heath costs of inactivity in Watford are at least £0.5 million per year Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Hertfordshire strategic objectives: Increasing physical activity Promoting a healthy weight Improving mental health and emotional wellbeing

11 BARRIERS Home and family responsibilities rank particularly high amongst the Indian and Bangladeshi communities with 43% and 40% respectively of these groups. The Bangladeshi and ‘Black Other' Populations are most likely to refer to problems with lack of/ unsuitable local facilities with 48% and 45% of these groups respectively giving this reason. Lack of money is given by 25% of the ‘Black Other’ group and 24% of Black Caribbean's. Lack of moneyWork/Study demands Home and family responsibilities I lazy/ I am embarrassed * Sport participation increases with income so those with a low income are less active

12 Market Segmentation and Population Statistics

13 TIM 26-45 years old Percentage of male 26-45 year olds in central Watford= 25.3% The number of residents in the 29-35 and 30-34 age bands is the highest in Central ward Largest group within the Central Ward area More ‘Tims’ would participate if they were less busy


15 ROGER AND JOY 56-65years old RALPH AND PHYLLIS 66+ years old Percentage of 56-65 year olds in central Watford= 15.08% As Roger and Joy and Ralph and Phyllis have similar needs, a programme can be implemented that can be targeted at both segments of the market, creating a larger audience to target a strategy at. Both Roger and Joy and Ralph and Phyllis would be more likely to participate if they were less busy, had people to go with or if there was cheaper admission

16 They both have interest in similar sports and therefore a strategy can me made easily to fit both their interests Both fall into the 0 minutes of physical activity per week and therefore need to be targeted

17 HELENA 26-45 years old Percentage of female 26-45 year olds in central Watford= 13.3% Helena would be more likely to participate if they were less busy, the admission was cheaper and if they had someone to go with


19 Although there was a high percentage of Phillips indicated in the catchment area of the market segmentation graph, the Central Ward statistics highlighted that this segment only made up 6% of the population in that area and therefore is not such a large target group as the three already discussed

20 In conclusion, the three largest market segments in Central ward are:

21 Specific Sport(s) that adults want to do most Sport Watford No. (000s)Rate Swimming6.08.6% Cycling5.47.7% The top five participated sports in Watford are Swimming, Gym, Football, Cycling and Athletics which are all included within the programmes, therefore the programmes will attract a large market The top two sports that adults want to do most of in Watford are Swimming and Cycling

22 Get Active in Central Ward The project will provide targeted sports sessions for the key groups of need that have been identified through our consultation process, local data profiling and local insight. The key activities that will be offered have been included in the delivery plan : Badminton Roller sports Cycling Table Tennis Handball Exercise & Fitness Netball Football Basketball Movement & Dance

23 Get Active in Central Ward There will be a Activator Role that will work 2 days a week and will be line managed by the Watford Borough Council Sport Development Officer. The Activator will work in partnership with other partners and agencies within Watford Central Ward to create Extensive links and participation pathways for participants. The Activator will also work in partnership with HSP, NGBs, local sports clubs and County Sports Development Officers to create extensive links for participants to access ongoing sporting opportunities. The Activator will oversee the collection of all project data: -Quantitative data collection -attendances -Questionnaires -Self-assessment through physical activity diaries -Focus groups– Interviews -Focus groups with project staff/volunteers - Case studies Use of social media and websites to obtain direct feedback from beneficiaries We will create a project steering group that will be represented by at least one participant from each of the new sports sessions, session delivery staff and key strategic partners. The quarterly meetings will facilitate the sharing of beneficiary feedback, as well as progress reports for partners.

24 Get Active in Central Ward For more information contact : Caroline Roche Sports Development Officer 01923 278242

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