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A Perspective on 3D Scanning and Digital Modeling Michael Raphael President & Chief Engineer

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1 A Perspective on 3D Scanning and Digital Modeling Michael Raphael President & Chief Engineer

2 Introductory Hypothesis Your personal understanding of 3D scanning is based on the perspective of what you have seen, and it is difficult to extend that perspective without more knowledge and experience. “The years teach much which the days never know.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

3 Review: Geomagic Convergence 2007 Our Big Problems: Many Diverse Applications Process Inconsistency Confusion with Deliverable Options Variety of Workflows Lots of Tools Factors that effect choice of Scanning & Modeling solution: Industry Scale Accuracy Resolution Speed Cost Portability Purpose Recurrence Technical Level

4 Scale of 3D Scanning Technology

5 Types of 3D Scanning Technology  Optical Trackers  Portable CMM Arms  White Light Scanners  Confocal  Touch Digitizer Scanners  CMM-based Laser Line Scanners  Dental Scanners  Body Scanners  Industrial CT  Micro CT  Cone Beam CT  Spherical Scanners  Millimeter wave  Polarization  Image Correlation

6 3D Scanning Technology Manufacturers 3D DigitalHamanoNextecSolutionix 3rd TechImmersionNextEngineSteinbichler 3ShapeImtecNorthern DigitalSteintek AICONInspeckNorthstarTC2 APIKeyenceNub3dTrimble ATIKonica MinoltaOptechVarian Basis SoftwareLaser DesignOptimetVialux BreuckmannLeicaOptonVitronic CGIMDIPolhemusWerth CreaformMetricVisionPulseTechWilks & Wilson CyberwareMetrisRieglWolf & Beck DageMetronRolandXradia Dimensional PhotonicsMetronorScanTechZ&F FARO TechnologiesMicrometric VisionShapegrapperZeiss GOMNeptecSkyScanZystum

7 accuracyfixturingsafety ambient lightholessecondary metrology automationinternalsset-up time calibrationmaintenancesharp features certificationmaterialsize/volume colornoisespeed costocclusionsstability depth of fieldportabilitystandoff destructivereflectivitytemperature ease of usereliabilitytexture environmentreporting/deliverablesthreads ergonomicsresolutiontouch 3D Scanning Project Parameters From SME 3D Imaging Tech Group – Technology Matrix

8 Common Apps

9 No So Common Apps

10 Sample of Current DDI Projects Industrial  Aerospace plaster masters  Aircraft welded tubing  Cast aircraft engine components  Spatula injection molds  Commercial truck cabs  U2 spy plane compartment  Footwear lasts  Connector injection molds  Machined aircraft housings  Missile canisters & tooling  Railway accident parts  Aircraft carrier welded decking  Graphite military radomes  Hospital bldg mechanical spaces Non-Industrial  Sculptures for major artist  Prosthetic ears  Bust of Darwin  Liberty Bell stand  Steam locomotive parts  Former Governor of MD  Major war memorial in N.VA  ’59 Buick toy model  Female mannequin  Archimedes Palimpsest  Transformer movie model  Art fabrication projects  Plastic surgery models  Art concept renderings

11 What Is Driving Growth of 3D Industry? Dental Long-range Everything Else Industrial? Non-Industrial?

12 Digital Heritage

13 Buildings

14 Forensics

15 Mass Customization

16 Museums

17 Medical

18 Arts & Entertainment

19 Radiohead - House of Cards

20 Ways To Connect & Communicate Trade Magazines 3D Scanning Technologies Time Compression Desktop Engineer Professional Surveyor eNewsletters Trades Magazines TenLinks Vendors & OEMs Service Providers Conferences SME 3DI/CMSC/SPAR Vendor User Meetings Academic Events: CAA2009 Online Forums Social Networks YouTube Videos Linked In Groups Laser Scanning Portable CMM Associations SME/ASTM/CMSC/IAFSM Google Searches Blogs/RSS Feeds

21 Ways To Connect & Communicate

22 Conclusion: Convergence 2009 Our Challenges: Lots of diverse applications Workflow inconsistencies Many deliverable options Variety of workflows Lots of tools! Our Opportunities: 3D is emerging all around us Technology evolving rapidly Communication is immediate Downstream applications pull us Integrators respond to opportunities

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