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London West Work Programme Delivery Reed in Partnership.

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1 London West Work Programme Delivery Reed in Partnership

2 London West Delivery Overview


4 The Reed in Partnership London West Supply Chain

5 Supply Chain by Borough BoroughProvider% Share BarnetPro-diverse100% BrentReed in Partnership100% CamdenReed in Partnership100% Ealing Action Acton43% Reed in Partnership57% EnfieldReed in Partnership100% Hammersmith and FulhamUrban Futures100% HaringeyReed in Partnership100% HarrowReed in Partnership100% Hillingdon Uxbridge College38% Reed in Partnership62% HounslowReed in Partnership100% IslingtonReed in Partnership100% Kensington and ChelseaRoyal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea100% KingstonTwin Training100% RichmondTwin Training100% WandsworthTwin Training100% WestminsterVital Regeneration100%

6 Customer Journeys

7 Providers in the Provider Network free to develop own customer journey around the following three stages: Full Diagnostic Preparation for Work In Work support Reed in Partnership have made their customer journey available to all Subcontractors as a point of reference Close and effective monitoring systems in place to assure quality of delivery and contract satisfaction Forums and networks in place to share elements of effective practice Providers deliver end-to-end customer journey following PRaP allocation

8 Provider Customer Journeys

9 Specialist Providers

10 Specialist Provision Classification Tier 2 Service Provisions Addiction & Substance Abuse SupportFirst Aid at Work Training Anger ManagementHousing Support Back to Work SupportJob Brokerage Basic Skills SupportMental Health support CarersMentoring – Pre and Post Employment ChildcareMotivational Courses Confidence BuildingSector-Specific Routeways Course provision for Young PeopleSelf-Employment Customer EngagementSoft Skills Support Debt ManagementSpecialist End to End Provision for ex-offenders Domestic Violence SupportSpecialist End to End Provision for severe disabilities Employer EngagementVocational Skills Training ESOL SupportVolunteering Opportunities & Placements Ex-offenders AssistanceWork Experience (including trials and placements)

11 Service Catalogue Consolidated database of all selected Specialist Providers and their services Available to all end to end Providers in the Reed in Partnership Supply Chain List pricing based on spot purchasing on a per unit basis – ability to negotiate directly with end to end providers depending on take up of services Unpaid provision included within the Service Catalogue Provides choice for end to end Providers creating a competitive market environment Customer satisfaction scores included in catalogue to drive quality of provision

12 Specialist Providers Tier 2 Providers AddactionLifecare Adult Training NetworkMapalim BeSmartNacro Blue Sky DevelopmentNova new Opportunities BroadwayOracle Training Business in the CommunityRed Kite Learning CITESt Mungo's Disability Works UKThe Camden Society EcoactifThe Prince ’ s Trust Hillside ClubhouseTLE Training IntechTRC JGA GroupTriangle Fusion KIS TrainingUxbridge College

13 Work Programme Success

14 Aspirations for / Concerns with WP delivery Aspirations Recognition that everybody needs to deliver differently Fast and effective implementation Clearly defined delivery models and processes Acknowledging the diversity of the customer groups and the need for flexible provision Ensuring customers develop a work focus to help support long term sustainability Continuous improvement and sharing of best practice Concerns Leveraging, increasing and improving employer networks Developing long term partnerships with customers and employers – consistent and structured in-work support – and wider stakeholders

15 Provider Network Approach

16 Working with the Voluntary Sector Understanding of: Our commitment to our Bid Supply Chain Our contingency planning approach Our Provider Network and Service Catalogue Approach The Payment model of the Work Programme and the associated budgetary restrictions Engage with Supply Chain at Community Forums Desire to build relationships and understand our respective aspirations and concerns Attendance at LVSC events

17 ESF Workless Families Reed in Partnership plan to bid for this opportunity Awaiting ITT late in May Will be running full Procurement process as required following release of ITT Voluntary sector Providers can submit an EoI at this stage to be included in the Provider Network to speed up the process post ITT release

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