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Trafford Council Review of SEN Provision and Support Consultation Stakeholder Briefing - Schools November 12 th 2012.

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1 Trafford Council Review of SEN Provision and Support Consultation Stakeholder Briefing - Schools November 12 th 2012

2 Introduction Scope, Purpose and Context of Review Data Analysis Issues identified to date Options for consultation Consultation process

3 Scope of Review Current demand for provision and projections for future demand Trafford Based Specialist provision (special schools and PRU’s) Use of external independent and mainstream provision Banded provision in mainstream settings Funding of specialist provision Support services, statementing and review processes

4 Objectives To ensure the availability of high quality, locally based provision that meets future needs of children with SEND Reduce reliance on independent, out of borough provision by improving the “in borough” offer A budget neutral process to reallocate resource to locally based provision Establish holistic support packages based around local provision Maximise the benefits of the CYPS integrated service delivery model Establish a detailed understanding of current assessed needs and the barriers to accessing local provision Ensure that children and young people are able to access high quality provision that matches their needs

5 National Context Support and Aspiration Green paper and the single assessment model (EHC plan) pathfinder Next Steps May 2012 – Confirmed objectives of Green Paper with legislation projected to be in place from Sept 2014 School Funding Reform and implications of the ‘high needs block’ 2012 report Improving Alternative Provision New LA responsibilities for 19-25 year old LLD provision

6 Cohort Overview 1 GM LA 20082009201020112012 CohortSSENCohortSSENCohortSSENCohortSSENCohortSSEN% Bolton48,4881,23848,2161,15748,0931,14248,2281,12048,6681,1772.4 Bury30,11692830,08495030,02597729,91096730,1081,0213.4 Manchester72,1372,12171,7322,04572,4231,97073,9601,96775,8791,9962.6 Oldham41,50286841,45688841,41798141,2001,03441,6131,0932.6 Rochdale33,8681,10033,6061,12333,4611,12333,2541,11133,1631,1103.3 Salford33,93692733,82099133,65295334,0811,00934,8189772.8 Stockport43,8971,54043,2771,57243,0881,44043,2591,51543,3981,5233.5 Tameside35,49279935,04375734,73767634,62363634,4836031.7 Trafford38,21092538,47195938,7511,11939,0161,16539,6701,2573.2 Wigan46,5241,42645,6721,36445,3991,30745,1441,24244,9871,2402.8

7 Cohort Overview 2 – OOB Independent Provision TYPE OF NEEDNumber ASD30 EBD18 Lang5 MLD7 PD1 SLD7 SPLD5

8 Cohort Overview 3 Count of SEN provision SEN provision NCyearActualSchool ActionSchool Action PlusStatementGrand Total Nursery19552094 Reception797150200 115010757314 223214160433 327714684507 424816082490 522617989494 6244200100544 71628598345 81318391305 916211293367 10173105106384 1115413079363 122162552 131131832 14 99 Grand Total2289158310614933

9 Identified Issues to Date Shortage of local specialist nursery places in PVI and mainstream sector and a strong demand for specialist nursery places across the borough. If the ONS cohort predictions for the North West are replicated in Trafford and the trends in statementing in the borough continue, then by 2020 Trafford will have 2062 statements or EHC plan equivalents. Spend on out of borough places for learners on the autistic spectrum is approximately £2m per year and this classification makes up a considerable percentage of the borough’s overall out of borough provision Brentwood and Manor are operating at capacity or beyond with pressures projected to increase further

10 Identified Issues continued At KS2 Attainment for learners with a statement achieving 2 or more levels of progress (FFT) is at or below national average. KS4 attainment at SA and SA+ is above regional average at 27% attainment to 21% respectively but statemented learners are below, at 6.9% to 8.2% respectively. From April 2013, Pupil Referral Units (PRU’s) will be responsible for their own budgets and their current governance structure will be reformed. The secondary specialist school for EBD is improving the quality of its provision, but its historical image means that some parents are reluctant for their children to attend. Out of borough spend on EBD provision was £1.15 million in 2012

11 How the Consultation will Work This is a genuine consultation process and there are no ‘preferred’ options at this stage Options should not be seen as complementary. The final vision may look very different to any particular option New options may come through the consultation Each section is stand alone (a given option1 is not intended to relate to option1’s under other headings) Questions after each section for responses and additional options

12 Options for Early Years and Primary Special Provision Option 1:Nursery provision tendered to open inclusive opportunities through the PVI and mainstream sector with top up funding for additional support. No change to KS1&2 special provision Option 2:A single special nursery established to address all pre school assessments and establish positive progression routes into KS1 Option 3:Primary special schools to operate as geographic hubs rather than focusing on specific needs Option 4:Maintain current provision model but increase focus on partnership work with mainstream sector to share facilities and expertise

13 Options for EBD and Alternative provision Option 1:Establish a single EBD/alternative provision(AP) hub for Trafford. To operate as discrete units on a single site or co-located over a number of sites or through integrated governance. Option 2:Develop a single AP academy in line with the Taylor review recommendations. The EBD school would remain as at present. Option 3:Special school to be co-located within a mainstream secondary to maximise efficient use of facilities and partnership arrangements. LA to commission AP Option 4:PRU’s to be amalgamated. Special school “relaunched” with review of capacity to address OOB demand Option 5:SEBD and/or AP to be commissioned from or delivered in partnership with a local academy chain or mainstream provider

14 Options for Non EBD Secondary Special Provision Option 1:New 19-25 provision to be established; this may also offer provision at 16-18 to increase capacity in Trafford and broaden choice. Potentially incorporate supported living/respite places Option 2:11+ ASD provision established to operate as a centre of expertise for the borough, relieve demand at current schools and address OOB demand. Option 3: Identify sites for relocation of secondary special schools to increase capacity to meet projected demand Option 4:Retain current special school model and increase mainstream SEN provision by commissioning out provision to geographic hubs located at mainstream schools

15 Mainstream SEN provision Option 1:Establish a virtual special school which will be co- located within mainstream schools this could replace SSC’s and anticipated high needs provision going into mainstream secondary. Option 2:As option 1 but a series of geographically determined (3-4) co-located virtual special schools. Either Option 1 or 2 may include ‘school within a school’ model Option 3:No change to current SSC/Resourced provision but option to tender for a block of SEN places or further resourced provision to deal with OOB demand.

16 Cross Cutting Themes Dual registration : While recognising the importance of flexible provision, including between two schools, the consultation will seek views on benefits and challenges of dual registrations. School Clusters: The consultation will seek views of developing school clusters to commission a portion of the high needs funding for their area.

17 Consultation Process Consultation to run for 90 days from Monday 12 th November Briefings for Schools on Monday 12 th November. 1-1 Briefings on key issues or by request Press release issued to try and engage wider community Consultation available on website with online survey available Pdf version of document on internet for postal or email response Email address set up for responses ( Parent forum briefing on 13 th November with additional opportunities to engage to be identified Briefing to Governors Forum on the 20 th November Diocesan briefing to be arranged Expressions of interest in partnership or commissioning opportunities Final report to Council Executive February/March 2013

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