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David Cowley Danny Mather Warrington Borough Council.

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1 David Cowley Danny Mather Warrington Borough Council

2 Over View Implementation of Ideas Barriers / Risks How we have over come barriers & risks Case Studies –Bonds –Loans to RPs –LAMS –Solar Panels Future Ideas

3 Implementation of Ideas Culture Mechanism for Working up an idea Intelligence Gathering Resourcing Project Planning

4 Implementation of Ideas Corporate Governance Partnership Working Sign up Senior Management & Members early in the process Speed Resilience

5 Risks / Barriers Risk / Culture Legal Risk Resources Political Risk Accounting Financial Government / Current Climate Corporate Governance

6 Bonds Identified the Opportunity Gathered Intelligence Evaluated Evidence to date Talking to Banks / Brokers Independent Report

7 Fuel Poverty Household has to spend more than 10% income on fuel to heat their home to an adequate standard of warmth Estimate that 7,100 (9.3%) private sector dwellings contain households in fuel poverty Substantial increase in energy costs over the last few years and indication that prices may continue to rise Electricity: in 1990 average cost was £246 per year by 2009 this has increased to £456 1999-2009 +75.4% increase and 2008/09 +13.2% Gas: in 1990 average cost was £285 per year by 2009 this has increased to £727 1999-2009 +130.1% and 2008/09 +23.9%.

8 Getting Paid to Generate Energy and Reducing Fuel Bills April 2010 government introduced feed in tariffs for solar photovoltaic panels and wind What can you earn Each 1kWh generated £0.413 Each 1kWh saved £0.13 Each 1kWh exported £0.03 Working with Golden Gates Housing Saving to tenant of around £150 per year Targeting Closing the Gaps areas Around 1,300 out of 3,004 properties in these areas could benefit from solar pv.

9 Solar Photovoltaic Panels Project Executive Board 18 th July 2011 approves business case Partnership with Golden Gates Housing Trust Phase 1 308 3/12/11 Phase 23153/3/12 Tenants saving £112 to £160 on energy costs each year 474 tonnes of carbon saved each year Prudential borrowing Forecast £3 million surplus over 25 years for the Council.

10 Solar PV Challenges How much surplus!!!! - figures seemed too good because of the feed in tariff rates (£0.41 at the time compared to £0.1544 June 2013) Government consultation to reduce the feed in tariff rate Reduced rates originally due in December 2011 but government had to delay this to 3 rd March 2012 We continued installing whilst others stopped District Network Operator approval under G83 Required GGHT’s banks to approve the project.

11 Local Authority Mortgage Scheme (LAMS) in Warrington Background 12 Local Authorities worked with Sector to establish LAMS Lloyds TSB the first lender Aim was to assist First Time Buyers purchase a home with a small deposit Raising a deposit is one of the biggest challenges for FTBs since the 2007 banking crisis Average FTB deposit in 2010 was £32,375.

12 Credit Crunch Mortgage deposits needed Nov 2007 v Dec 2008 0% down from 257 to 10 5% down from 1,126 to 15 10% down from 1,152 to 151 15% up from 198 to 209 20% down from 216 to 171 25% down from 449 to 408 40% up from 21 to 249.

13 Why Consider the LAMS? Warrington: April 2002 1,835 on the housing register October 2012 there were 13,406 Proportion of First Time Buyers aged under 30 requiring financial assistance rose from 36% in 2005 to 77% in 2010 (figures indicate that for FTBs the average deposit is £32,375 or 17% of the value of the property).

14 How Does The Scheme Work? Mortgage lending undertaken by the lender(s) Local Authority provides an indemnity, but not involved in lending Scheme operates across the whole of Warrington Loans up to a maximum of £350,000 First time buyer (FTB) needs 5% deposit and has to meet the lenders usual lending criteria FTB views properties and chooses the one they want to buy FTB provides 5% deposit and mortgage for the rest LA provides an indemnity of up to 20% for 5 years FTB will own the property in its entirety.

15 Who Do We Work With? Lloyds TSB Started in August 2011 Initial £2 million investment has been spent Assisted 85 FTB to purchase, average property price £117,329 with an average age of 29 years old So successful invested another £1m which has helped 31 FTB and a further 14 due to complete Average property price £118,202 and average age of 30 years old Total 130 FTB and investing a further £1m Leeds Building Society –Initial £500,000 Teachers Building Society –Initial £150,000.

16 Some Success Stories James said: “We had been living at Nina’s parents’ house trying to save enough for a deposit to buy our first home. “We have just had our first baby so we were keen to get on the ladder as soon as possible. Once we were told that we could qualify for scheme we jumped at the chance.” “We now have a great house that is perfect for us with the baby and as the mortgage rates are lower than we would normally be able to get with the deposit we had, it means our mortgage is more affordable than the rent we had previously been paying. “None of this would have been possible without this scheme.”

17 Some Success Stories Debbie said: ‘We had been living at my dad’s house, trying to save enough of a deposit to purchase our first home. We heard about the scheme through my cousin who was also looking to get on the ladder, and rang our local branch to make an appointment. We really didn’t think we would be able to get a mortgage, and once we were told that we could qualify for the scheme we jumped at the chance.” “We now have a great house that is perfect for us, and as the mortgage rates are lower than we would normally be able to get with the deposit we had, it means our mortgage is more affordable. None of this would have been possible without this scheme.”

18 LAMS Challenges and Risks Loans up to maximum £350,000 seemed too high, but you would need 5% deposit so £17,500 In practice the average property price has been around £118,000 When first launched a large number were unsuccessful (some had been turned down for a mortgage because they couldn’t afford one but thought the Council would provide a loan) Risk of repossessions so income allocated to a ring fenced account and after 5 years if not required provides additional income for the general fund No repossessions or anyone in arrears.

19 Loans To Registered Providers Banking crisis in 2007 meant that lenders were seeking to re-price existing loans to Registered Providers if covenants were broken Slow down in the delivery of affordable housing to keep within covenants Researched alternative options to address this.

20 Loans to Registered Providers April 2009 Executive Board approval to provide 2 Registered Providers with a loan of up to £10 million each for affordable housing At the time Secretary of State approval was required An application for Section 25 consent was applied for and approved by the Secretary of State In February 2012 the Council’s Executive Board extended the provision of loans to other RPs delivering affordable housing in Warrington.

21 Loans to Registered Providers Your Housing Group £10 million Warrington Housing Association £10 million Golden Gates Housing Trust £1.89 million Muir Group Housing Association £30 million 3 year capital programme for £380m loans being considered subject to our processes, due diligence and Member approval.

22 Loans To Registered Providers - GGHT Local Authority New Build 32 two bed bungalows over 7 sites HCA grant of £1.95m and prudential borrowing Council had transferred its housing stock in November 2010 Loan to GGHT to purchase the properties from the Council.

23 Loans Challenges and Risks Legal Counsel opinion Due diligence of financial standing Assessment of risks RPs facing many areas of change –Welfare reform –Bedroom tax –Direct payments to tenants –Affordable rent and lower grant rates for new build Changes in business plans for rent arrears/bad debts e.g. RP has increased this from 4.5% to 10%.

24 Local Authority New Build Use of Section 106 funding of £2.3m to build 110 units combined with prudential borrowing Acquisition of long term empty properties Conversion of commercial properties Increase the provision of temporary accommodation to reduce the impact of B&B costs Increase New Homes Bonus funding.

25 Outcomes Warrington has the 6 th highest allocation of New Homes Bonus in the North West with £2.58m for 2013/14 Over 2 years Warrington has received an additional £2.734 million due to New Homes Bonus Direct impact on economic output, averaging 3 per cent of GDP in the last decade. For every new home built, up to two new jobs are created for a year Commercial financial return from loans.

26 Outcomes Affordable Housing Completions Year TargetAchieved 2007/08150318 2008/09150143 2009/10172133 2010/11172291 2011/12172187 2012/13172209

27 The Future Bond issue Community Bank Energy efficiency Economic regeneration.

28 David Cowley Danny Mather Warrington Borough Council

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