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Wigan Borough Risk Stratification Wayne Sanders Jonathan Kerry.

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1 Wigan Borough Risk Stratification Wayne Sanders Jonathan Kerry

2 Aims of Session Wigan Borough Overview The Challenge Risk Stratification Tool The Approach How Information is being used Positive Outcomes Future Direction

3 Wigan Borough Overview Key Organisations


5 The Challenge

6 Risk Stratification Tool

7 18,694 A&E Attendances 59% > 60 years old 14,665 Emergency Admissions 48,179 Outpatient Appointments 10,063 Elective Episodes 48,781 NEL bed days at WWL 4776 Residents have risk score >30% Most Common Non Elective Admission for the Cohort is UTIs 1.5% of the Population

8 The Approach

9 Population Mapping

10 Cohort Monitoring

11 GP Pathway Selected

12 Supporting the Strategy

13 Positive Outcomes for Patients Inpatient Admission Outpatients A&E attendances Inpatient Admissions (NE) Data: Apr-Nov 13/14 v Apr-Nov 14/15

14 Positive Outcomes for the Patients “I don’t have a problem with the sharing of information at all. If that sharing of information means I will get better or my health will improve faster then that’s OK. If that means my information needs to be shared between professionals then that is fine by me.” Bill Greenwood, Patient

15 Future Direction Additional Data Flows –Primary Care –Community Health –Mental Health –Social Care Wider Risk Stratification Views to support usage SharetoCare rollout Access to Risk Stratification for INTs

16 Future Direction *NOTE: initial cut of data – some caveats apply


18 What we think makes us different We don’t see Information Governance as a barrier to progress We work collaboratively as a Borough to make a difference We are working to support a wide range of information requirements to make a difference with patients, frontline staff and managers

19 Thank You Any Questions?

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