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Zelienople Water Department Sources and Treatment.

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1 Zelienople Water Department Sources and Treatment

2 Our Water Sources Scholars Run

3 Water Sources n Scholars Run The primary source of our drinking water. This stream is fed by Perry Lake located north on RT 19. Scholars Run has drainage area of approximately seven square miles. This source is capable of supplying water throughout the year providing no drought conditions occur. n Marion Township Water is purchased from Marion Township during periods of drought.

4 The Water Treatment Plant in Zelienople is a surface water plant that utilizes conventional filtration to produce its drinking water and supply water for fire protection. Prior to 1923 Zelienople’s water distribution system was used strictly for fire protection. In 1923 the first water treatment facility was built. The F.B. Leopold Co. was contracted to build a water filtration plant along the Connoquenessing Creek. Although modified in the 1960’s and rebuilt several times the two original filters are still being used today. Zelienople Water Treatment

5 Borough of Zelienople Water Treatment n Raw Water The Water Treatment Plant uses 715,000 gallons of raw, untreated, water each day of operation. Each day the treatment process recycles about 15 percent of this flow back to its raw water storage.

6 The Treatment Process n Flocculation Raw water is fed to a two- stage mixing chamber were it is treated with a coagulant, chlorine and an oxidizer to form floc particles, control taste & odor problems and begin disinfecting.

7 n Sedimentation After the flocculation step is complete, the water enters the sedimentation basin were the larger floc particles settle out this process takes 2.5 hours. The Treatment Process

8 n Clarification This process is a continuation of the settling process where smaller particles settle. This process takes an additional 2 hours to complete. The Treatment Process

9 n Filtration The final stage of the treatment of raw water. After Clarification is complete the water then passes through one of three filters at a rate of 200 GPM/filter to remove the remaining particles. The water leaving the filter is now awaiting further disinfection. The Treatment Process

10 n Disinfecting Prior to entering the distribution system the water is disinfected with chlorine. This process ensures that your drinking water is free from all bacteria and virus. This process takes several hours to complete. The Treatment Process

11 n Corrosion Control Prior to entering the distribution system, the pH of the water is adjusted to reduce corrosion of certain household plumbing. The use of lead soldier and leaded brass was common before it was banned. Water samples are taken from a cross-section of our community and tested for lead and copper content. The Treatment Process

12 Water Treatment SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquasition Supervisory Control And Data Acquasition Treatment parameters are entered in a computer which monitors the treatment process. Alarms notify operators if changes are to be made.

13 Distribution System n The water distribution system consists of 109,500 feet or 20.7 miles of pipe, ranging in size from 4” to 12”. n 2.5 million gallons of potable water storage, used for both water supply and fire protection. n 151 fire hydrants are used for fire protection and flushing the distribution system.

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