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Mineral resources of Krasnoyarsk Region. THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION THE SIBERIAN FEDERAL DISTRICT KRASNOYARSK REGION o The area of the Region is 2 366 800.

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1 Mineral resources of Krasnoyarsk Region

2 THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION THE SIBERIAN FEDERAL DISTRICT KRASNOYARSK REGION o The area of the Region is 2 366 800 km ² that makes 13,86 % of the territory of Russia o The Capital of the Region is Krasnoyarsk (927,9 thousand) o 2 942 thousand lives in Krasnoyarsk Region, including urban population - 2 233,8 thousand and rural - 708 thousand. The average population density is 1,3 person per 1 sq. km. o Krasnoyarsk region is one of the most provided with natural resources regions of the Country. As per mineral potential (10 904,7 billion rbl.) and subsoil national resources (8 582,1 billion rbl.) the Krasnoyarsk Region takes the third place within Russia after Hunts- mansijskomu and to Yamal-Nenets districts. o Krasnoyarsk Region, both by the identified and undiscovered resources of the hard minerals occupies the 3-rd place after Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Magadan area. o Only 49,9 % of all resources are used in the industry and thus the Krasnoyarsk Region occupies the 54-th place among other Russian regions. Hence the territory of Krasnoyarsk Region is poorly studied and has high prospects for the further mineral resources’ development on wider minerals’ spectrum. 2

3 Mineragenic zoning of the leading deposits of the Krasnoyarsk Region and their locations The Territory has a wide set of minerals, the leaders of them are as following (in brackets you can see a share from the all- Russian reserves): nickel (71,7 %), copper (42,6 %), Pt (92,3 %), cobalt (55,0 %), lead (39,2 %), coal (24,4 %), manganese (15,7 %), gold (14,4 %), silver (14,4 %), nephelinite (14,1 %), antimony (14,1 %), graphite (90,3 %), double-refracting spar (96,8 %), bauxites (5.6 %), iron (3.2 %). The Krasnoyarsk Territory has very good prospects to increase both the above reserves, and the mentioned below, the deposits of which have not been developed: molybdenum, rare metals and the rare earths, chromite ores, titanic ores, diamonds, uranium, fluor-spar, etc. 3

4 4 Southern areas of Krasnoyarsk region coal, Au, Fe, Al, Ni, Cu, Pt, Co, Mn In the future: Cr, Ti, Mo, R, TR, fl

5 5 The Yenisei mining area Au, Ag, Pb, Zn, Sb, Fe, Mn, Al, Nb, Ge, Y, magnesite, vermiculite

6 Минерагеническое районирование и размещение ведущих месторождений в Красноярском крае 6 Norilsk mining area (Ni,Cu,Co,Pt,Au,Ag,Te, coal)

7 MINERAL RESOURCES OF THE KRASNOYARSK REGION Hard minerals - 674 deposits (brown and stone coal (104), peat (193), ferrous and nonferrous metals (65), rare and dispersed elements (15), precious metals (297) Nonmetallic minerals - 94 deposits (abrasives, clay, limestones flux, quartzites, magnesite, natural facing stones, double-refracting spar, forming raw materials, semi-precious stones) Building materials - 360 deposits (building stones, sandy-gravelly mixes, sand) Underground waters - 119 deposits of underground water and 12 of mineral water Hydrocarbon fields – 53 fields (oil and natural gas) Mineral resources of Federal value Oil and natural gas (Vankorsky, Boat, Jurubcheno-Tohomsky …), gold ore (Olimpiadinsky, Blagodatnoe, Titimuhta, Eldorado, Bogoljubovsky, Vasilevsky, Gerfed, Vysokoe …), Pt - (in passing and from scatterings), medno-nickel (Norilsk 1, Octyabrsky, Talnahsky, Verhne-Kingashsky, Kingashsky, Norilsk 2, Chernogorsky, the South Norilsk branch), svintsovo-zinc (Gorevsky), Antimony (Uderejsky), uranium (Cedar, Olene, Solonechnoe), rare metals and the rare earths (Tatar, Chuktukonsky, Kijsky, Raduga, Okunevsky) Mineral resources of Regional value Brown coal, gold placers, cement materials, clay fire-resistant and refractory, dolomite for metallurgy, forming clay and sand, limestones flux, sulphur, magnesite, fresh and mineral underground waters, a medical dirt. Building materials Aleurolites, argillite, plaster, clay, facing stones, limestones, quartzites, slates, sandstones, sandy-gravelly mixes, sand, peat, sapropel 7

8 Coal of the Krasnoyarsk Region Kansko-Achinsk coal basin: the total coal speculated+indicated+measured resources of Kansko-Achinsk basin within the Krasnoyarsk Region amount 275 403 million tonne. As of 01.01.2009 the economic coal reserves of Kansko-Achinsk basin within Krasnoyarsk region amounted 65 720,790 million tonne, 45 482,916 million tonne of them are proved and 2 0237,874 million tonne are probable. Tungus coal basin: from brown to anthracite coal inclusive have been developed within the basin. The total speculated+indicated+measured resources of the basin of the Territory of the Krasnoyarsk Region amounts 1 344 442 million tonne. As of 1/1/2009 the economic coal resources within the Krasnoyarsk region is considered as 2 505,368 million tonne, 1720,531 million tonne of the are proved and 780,124 million tonne are probable. Non-econ9omic reserves are estimated as 813,817 million tonne. The stone coal prevails in the basin - 99,6 % prevail. Brown coals makes 0,4 %. Tajmyr coal basin: the total Permian speculated+indicated+measured coal resources of the basin amounts 185485 million tonne, while the total Mesozoic coal resources are estimated in the speculative category as 6,2 billion tonne. As of 1/1/2009 the proved coal reserves in the Tajmyr basin amount 3,184 million tonne, and 85,760 million tonne are probable. The territory of Lensky coal basin occupies a small part of the Krasnoyarsk Region and is poorly studies so far. 8

9 OIL AND GAS ZONING Hydrocarbon development in the Krasnoyarsk Region is in its initial stage and has high prospects for further development. Main factor influencing on the resources reclamation of the region is a necessity to develop the transport systems 9 Юрубчено-Тхомское Ванкорское Северованкорское Куюмбинское Собинское Лодочное Пайгинское Twenty four economic fields are located within the territory of Krasnoyarsk Region. From them: Two oil fields Five gas fields Seven gas condensate fields Two gas-and-oil fields Eight oil-and-gas condensate fields. Total geological hydrocarbon commercial reserves in categories С 1 +С 2 have made oil and condensate as 1738,6,0 million tonne and gas - as 1820 billion м3. At the present time the oil is being recovered at the Vankorsky and Jurubcheno-Tohomsky fields. In 2009 Bajkalovsky oil-and-gas condensate field was put on a State balance sheet by geological-prospecting results.

10 Non-ferrous and rare metals Rare metals and rare earths deposits and occurrences are extended widely enough within the Territory of Krasnoyarsk region. They are: Anabarsky МA* (Au, Pt, Fe, TR), Angarsky МA (Al, R, TR), Chadobetsky МA (Al, R, TR), Kolbinsko-Hajlaminsky МZ** (R, TR, Hg), Okunevsko-Kazyrsky МZ (R, TR), Tejsko- Vorogovsky МZ (R, TR, Au, Fe, Pb, Zn), Derbinsko-Aryskansky МZ (TR, R, fl, Au, Hg), Majmecha-Kotujsky МA (ap, Fe, Zr, Ti, Nb, TR, Au, pt, phl, ch), and also Fadjukudinsky predicted МZ (TR, Fe, fl) and Kas- Symsky predicted МA (Ge). Some of them have commercial importance estimation and can be prepared for development in the near future. *- MA it is metallogenic area **- MZ it is metallogenic zone 10

11 PRIORITY TASKS IN KRASNOYARSK REGION Priority tasks in Krasnoyarsk region are resulted from a necessity of complex development of the Territory on the basis of the emerging economic centres in a close connection with Federal and Regional programs of development. Three important emerging mineral centres of economic growth have been distinguished in the Krasnoyarsk region. They are located in removed and hard-to-reach places, however their development is a pressing need and a basis for social and economic development. Taymyr is considered as the important strategic area of the RF Government Arctic program fulfillment. The Lower Priangarie area is an object of complex development within the limits of the Federal program’s target. Southern areas of the Region are considered as regions of complex use not only of mineral resources, but also forest and hydropower resources with the account of the infrastructural changes connected with construction of Kuragino-Kyzyl railway. 11 Taymyr The Federal budget: regional mapping, prospecting for oil, gas, gold, nickel, copper, platinum, polymetals, rare metals, diamonds Private investments: exploration and prospecting for oil, gas, coked coals, nickel, copper, platinum, gold The Lower Priangarie area The Federal budget: geological- economic bauxite revaluation of Chadobetsky and Angarsk groups, gold, diamonds and gems prospecting Private investments : exploration and prospecting for gold, iron, bauxites, rare metals, magnesite, coal, oil, gas Southern areas of the Region The Federal budget: regional mapping, prospecting for gold, silver, nickel, copper, molybdenum, rare metals and rare earths, tungsten, fluorite, gems Private investments: exploration and prospecting for gold, iron, molybdenum, copper, nickel

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