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The VVV Family Association 2010 Reunion Richmond, Virginia.

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1 The VVV Family Association 2010 Reunion Richmond, Virginia

2 Jordan Johnston, VVV President, opened the reunion Friday morning

3 Brooke Bugos rang the traditional cowbell and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance


5 Ellen Cummings, reunion host, welcomed us and told about some of the planned activities. Once again Ellen, with help from Ned, has done an outstanding job of planning the reunion. Many thanks from grateful cousins.

6 Michelle Alexander invited all VVV cousins to the 2011 reunion to be held in Kentucky.

7 Georgene Jurgensen told about ancestors in the Virginia area. She makes history come alive and always has interesting stories for our genealogy sessions.

8 Later Friday, just waiting for that bus ride.


10 Our guide showed us all around Richmond.

11 We could see the James River out the window.

12 The river was named for King James.

13 Some of the homes and buildings in downtown Richmond.


15 Saint John's Church was the first church built in the city of Richmond. It was completed in 1741 as part of the Henrico Parish. The parish was established in 1611. William Byrd II, founder of the city of Richmond, donated the land and timber to build the church. The graveyard is the site of the first public cemetery in Richmond.

16 Inside the Richmond Capitol building


18 This statue of George Washington in the State Capitol in Richmond, VA is the only statue that Washington ever posed for. The French sculptor who did the work originally declined the request to make the statue, but agreed to it after Ben Franklin traveled to France and persuaded him. They spent several weeks at Monticello, where the artist made sketches of Washington, and a plaster of paris mold of his face. He returned to France and worked on the statue for the next 4 years. The statue is made of white marble, and weighs 18 tons.

19 We finally found Vawter Avenue – after many dead end streets and wrong turns. It is just a few blocks long. Possibly named for William R Vawter who is buried in Hollywood cemetery. (The cemetery is named for the Holly trees) The park formerly called Vawter Street Park is now re-named Glen Lea. And by the way, that dirt driveway is leading off of Vawter Ave, which is actually paved!!

20 We had a warm welcome at the Discovery United Methodist Church on Friday night.


22 The food was outstanding. The church members very nice and helpful.

23 The speaker was Dr. Jim Lavender, senior pastor of Discovery UMC. He then showed us his new baby, an 11 week old white tiger named Samson. Dr Lavender was featured in the March VVV newsletter.

24 Samson was kind enough to allow a few photographs and even a little petting.

25 Saturday morning the VVV cousins journeyed to the Vauter Church.

26 Every five years the VVV reunion is held in Virginia so we can go to the Vauter Church. The church has such a special place in our hearts. The old communion silver is brought out of the vault just for us.






32 Saturday night our gathering was again at the Discovery UMC for a wonderful meal.



35 This was the year to elect new VVV officers at the closing meeting. Shirley Beasley, who has been Vice President for the last two years will advance to President. Thank you Jordan, for doing a great job as President and for maintaining the website.

36 Fred Wicker read from the Apocrypha to begin the Memorial service.

37 Brooke and Dylan Bugos assisted Shirley with the memorial service.

38 Then Gerald and Michelle gave out the numerous door prizes. The cousins always bring such nice gifts to exchange.

39 Ken Wicker was the auctioneer again. He always does a good job and get the most money for the special items. This year the proceeds were donated to the Vauter Church.

40 One of the items auctioned was a beautiful bowl made by Norma Wicker.

41 Cousin (and Senator) Roger Wicker brought three books. Each book was signed by over 60 of the Senators. Needless to say, the bidding was fierce.

42 Thanks once again to our photographer,Thanks once again to our photographer, Daria Williams. We surely appreciate the great pictures that bring back memories.Daria Williams. We surely appreciate the great pictures that bring back memories. To exit, click ESC.To exit, click ESC.

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