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ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_0301111 2010-2011 Assessment Data Management System (ADMS) Review & Evaluation Conducted by the Assessment Data.

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1 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_0301111 2010-2011 Assessment Data Management System (ADMS) Review & Evaluation Conducted by the Assessment Data Management System Committee in collaboration with the Assessment, Research and Evaluation Department and Curriculum Council 1

2 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 2 2  After a thorough review of our current provider and four potential replacement vendors, the ADMS committee strongly recommends the adoption of Illuminate Education as the provider of our district’s ADMS. ADMS Committee Recommendation Illuminate EducationData Wise Performance Matters eSchool PLUS (Performance Plus) DataDirector New InterfaceTotal Weighted Points Received 1005360514818 1482 Percent of Weighted Points Received 68%24%3% 1% 100% Number of Ballots Ranked Number One 18211 22 Percent of Ballots Ranked Number One 82%9%5% 0% 100%

3 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 3 Why Have an ADMS?  Facilitates teaching and learning by making student- centered information available to teachers and staff …. easily … and when it is needed.  Classroom Assessments  Demographic Lists  Online K-6 Report Cards  Placement and Intervention Eligibility Lists  English Proficiency Identification and Fluency Reports  California Standardized Test Reports  Program Evaluation Reports  District Assessments

4 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 4 Our Journey  LUSD has been using DataDirector, our current ADMS provider since March 2008.  DataDirector is scheduled to undergo a significant user interface change in the late summer that would require significant training of our district’s users.  Under DataDirector’s new management, customer service and system reliability quality has declined significantly.  Frequent down times for the system’s servers, especially at the end of each quarter, and programming errors have become the norm. 4

5 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 5 Our Journey  Our current contract for DataDirector expires on June 30, 2011.  In response to several wide-spread concerns regarding DataDirector, the Assessment, Research, and Evaluation (ARE) Department facilitated a review and evaluation of the district’s ADMS needs in collaboration with teachers, site instructional leaders, and district leadership teams 5

6 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 6 ADMS Review Timeline / Process DateAction September 2010 Vendor customer service issues, site concerns discussed at Instructional Leadership Team October 2010DataDirector survey developed in collaboration with LEA November 2010District ADMS review process formulated at Cabinet District ADMS review process shared at Curriculum Council ADMS Committee members, including teachers, administrators, technology, and ARE staff, recruited to make a recommendation regarding the replacement or extension of the contract with our current provider (see ADMS Committee Membership in Appendix) Potential replacement vendor demonstration by PERFORMANCE MATTERS* December 2010Potential replacement vendor demonstration by DATA WISE* Potential replacement vendor demonstration by ILLUMINATE EDUCATION* Potential replacement vendor demonstration by SUNGARD (a.k.a. eSchoolPLUS)* January 2011 Riverside Publishing cancels January 27 demonstration of new interface for DataDirector; demonstration postponed until March 1 (at the earliest) ADMS Committee members electronically polled and unanimously agree to continue on without DataDirector new interface demonstration ADMS meeting to discuss and rank vendors; recommendation received* 6 *Each of these five meetings were scheduled for 2 hours from 3:30-5:30 PM.

7 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 7 ADMS Review Timeline / Process (continued) DateAction February 2011 Recommendation shared with Cabinet and Curriculum Council Illuminate Education demonstrations at selected LUSD sites March 2011Recommendation to LUSD Board of Education April 2011Implementation process meetings held with vendor Begin data conversion scheduling May 2011Data conversion and data import schedule finalized June 2011Illuminate Education available in Lodi USD July 2011 Teachers receive initial training 7

8 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 8 Significant Features of Illuminate Education ADMS  Camera-based scanning resulting in cheaper printing costs, easier data entry, and increased student engagement.  Promotes student-centered assessments by allowing students to scan their own assessments and receive instant feedback  Provides more flexibility over the annual k-6 report card revision process  Facilitates nightly upload to ESP Grade book  Includes similar, but more user-friendly user interface over DataDirector 8

9 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 9 Related Tasks  Based on ADMS Committee recommendation, ARE staff has been conducting the following tasks:  Facilitate resale of Fujitsu fi-6130 scanners in collaboration with Purchasing Department  Verify web / document camera scanning options for short (20 question), medium (40 question), and long (100 question) assessments.  Determine proposed budget impacts 9

10 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 10 Related Tasks Sale of Existing Scanners  Conservative estimate provided by Purchasing is that LUSD could receive $500 per existing Fujitsu fi-6130 scanner  This amounts to $31,000 based on the 62 verified units at school sites  Scanners to be sold at end of 2010-11 or in early 2011-12; the projected amount will be deposited into the district’s General Fund 10

11 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 11 Results of ARE Follow-Up Tasks Verify web / document camera scanning ability for assessments  Short, medium and long assessments could be scanned simply by placing them on a GradeCam camera.  This process has been successfully tested in classrooms at the following sites: 11 ElementaryMiddleHigh Clairmont (Grade 3) Heritage (Grade 6) Julia Morgan (Grade 6) Larson (Grade 3) Christa McAuliffe (Grade 8) Lodi High (Grade 11)

12 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 12 Related Tasks Proposed Budget Impacts  Assumptions  Gr K-1 teachers continue to hand-enter assessment data; cameras not provided  Cameras provided for:  446 Gr 2-6 classroom teachers  179 Gr 7-12 ELA teachers  124 Gr 7-12 Math teachers  104 Gr 7-12 Science teachers  113 Gr 7-12 Social Science teachers 12

13 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 13 2011-2012 Costs Related to DataDirector 2011-2012 Costs Related to Illuminate Education Annual Contract $115,050 $111,203 Net One-Time $15,000 (Est. for Report Card revisions) $28,600 (Net costs after scanner sales and Camera purchases) 2011-2012 Costs $130,050 $139,803 2012-2013 Costs $115,050 $111,203 2013-2014 Costs $115,050 $111,203 Related Tasks Proposed Budget Impacts Funding Source: District Program Improvement Funds

14 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 14 Appendix  ADMS Committee Membership

15 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 15 ADMS Committee: Classroom Teachers SiteName (First - Last)PositionGrade Level Bear Creek HighCindy MettlerClassroom9-12 Beckman ElementaryLisa FrommClassroom6 Christa McAuliffe MiddleCharles TaylorClassroom7-8 Christa McAuliffe MiddleMartha SniderClassroom7-8 Ellerth E. Larson ElementaryChris FungeClassroom3 Julia Morgan ElementaryShelley LiechtyClassroom3 Live Oak ElementaryNancy GonzalezClassroom1 Lodi HighGeorge KrukisClassroom9-12 Lois E. Borchardt ElementaryJoe VelasquezClassroom6 Manlio Silva ElementaryVanessa EddyClassroom2 Morada MiddleAdriano DobrescuClassroom7-8 Oakwood ElementaryNichelle BartlettClassroom5 Podesta Ranch ElementaryTammie RichClassroom3 Ronald E. McNair HighAmy LundebergClassroom9-12 Tokay HighJamie AnaforianClassroom9-12 Tokay HighMark HughesClassroom9-12

16 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 16 ADMS Committee: Coaches / Intervention / LEA President SiteName (First - Last)PositionGrade Level Beckman ElementaryChristina DunnCoachk-6 Creekside ElementaryJennifer PlasterInterventionk-6 OakwoodMatt HummelInterventionK-6 DistrictKathryn OdellCoachk-12 DistrictLuann CaseyCoachk-6 DistrictNanci Webber-JohnstonCoachk-6 DistrictJeff JohnstonLEA President7-12

17 ADMS Recommendation_Board of Education_030111 17 ADMS Committee: Site Administrators / ARE / Technology SiteName (First - Last)PositionGrade Level Christa McAuliffe MiddleRandy MalandroAdmin7-8 Clairmont ElementarySusan HitchcockAdmink-6 Erma B. Reese ElementaryMatthew RayAdmink-6 Lois E. Borchardt ElementaryJanis MoreheadAdmink-6 Millswood MiddleSheree FlemmerAdmin7-8 Tokay HighMartha DentAdmin9-12 DistrictDebra LadwigAREk-12 DistrictEd EldridgeAREk-12 DistrictJim SherblonAREk-12 DistrictSusan MartinTechnologyk-12

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