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BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER - 0 - Jury Presentation Plaster.

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1 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Jury Presentation Plaster

2 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Country: FRANCE BPB-Company: BPB Placo ® Contracting Company: LPPDS Le Platre Projeté Décoration et Staff - 1 -

3 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Site: Pyramides sports centre – Port -Marly Building Owner: DBRL sarl. Architect: Cabinet SD CONCEPT - Paris

4 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Contracting Company: LPPDS Le Platre Projeté Décoration et Staff Principal representative: FRANCOIS CHAUVET Name of the person attending the Trophy Gala-Event: FRANCOIS CHAUVET

5 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Short Description of the Contracting Company: The company LPPDS was founded in 1987 by Mr Francois Chauvet and employs 9 people, 7 of which are plasterers. The company excels in difficult work sites with the implementation of floor plaster and a high level of plasterboard staff technical skills. It makes turnover of 946,000 euros and mainly deals directly with architects to create cultural and leisure buildings. References: - Natural History Museum - Paris (Winner of the 2003 National Trophy award for the plaster category) - The Louvre Museum - Paris - The Israeli Embassy - Paris …

6 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Francois Chauvet and his team exhibit their know-how through the creation of an oval relaxation room with a surface area of 200m². The study and completion of the project were carried out according to the architect‘s simple drawing. The metallic structure, weighing 4 tonnes, was looked into and created in coordination with the metal- working company. The objective was to fix the double plaster board shell with a total weight of 11 tonnes.

7 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Initially, the plasterer created a series of matrices in the workshop. These templates which will be used as moulds were created on a reproduction at a scale of 1:1 of the different curves of the metallic structure. These templates enabled the 96 elements required for decorating the spherical room to be moulded. Each plaster board measures about 2.90m by 1.20m and weighs 120 kilos. The plaster used was hard Lutèce ® Molda.

8 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Presentation of the installation of the plaster boards forming the outside wall. The boards are fixed in position using wads, a mix of binders and Lutèce ® Molda plaster. Each wad has maximum loading of 1,200kg.

9 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER The shell’s internal boards are positioned in decreasing order. The internal curve is comprised of 3 radius in the vertical part and 4 in the horizontal part. Rock wool was put in place between the two walls, so as to ensure the room was perfectly soundproofed.

10 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER As the works progressed, 200 fibre optic light points were installed.

11 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER In the centre of the room, the company created a perforated plaster board ceiling, enabling indirect lighting to be ensured, as well as additional acoustical correction. A tailor-made access hatch was built into the ceiling to enable access to the light and smoke ejection shaft.



14 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Furthermore, the company was involved in the renovation of the large reception room, with plaster board arches, whose great quality we can admire.

15 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

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