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THA 290 FINAL EXAM REVIEW 11111 22222 33333 44444 55555.

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3 11111 22222 33333 44444 55555

4 Read the Script

5 The week after the show opens

6 Center line—center of the playing space/stage Plaster line—the upstage side of proscenium

7 Specific focus Paperwork leadership Ownership

8 -Make contact sheet -Make character scene breakdown -Set up rehearsal hall -Tape out the floor -Call the actors

9 First rehearsal with orchestra, if cast is doing their blocking

10 -Artistic staff vs. cast -Create vs. maintain -Sole job vs. extra pay

11 Language

12 -Number of stops -Guaranteed SM presence -Length of stay

13 Amount of scenery Original choreography Shoes or no

14 5 after 55 minutes or 10 after 80 minutes

15 Special tech format for day Can use twice in LORT contract

16 Your pit orchestra

17 American Guild of Musical Artists or AGMA

18 IATSE Tour - signifies how many local technicians to be provided

19 Be tactful, be timely, be specific.

20 General lay out of the set Amount and location of furniture Crossover space

21 -Length of show -When intermission happens -Language, nudity, -Smoke, strobes

22 To be explained…

23 -Ground in director’s work -One for free unless safety

24 After first dress. Nothing else new, shouldn’t need immediate contact

25 Manage backstage Update shift plot & preset list Train crew

26 Cue light box Infrared Monitor

27 Daily list of tasks with times

28 Extra crew training and reviewing cue sequences without the cast

29 As a team, decide how many of the points you already have you wish to wager. If you get the question correct, you will earn double the points you wagered. If you get the question incorrect, you will lose the points you wagered. Good luck!


31 T HINGS THAT DIDN ’ T FIT Why do you need a blocking key? What is level set?

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