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1 RheolabQC Value for the future, not just a short term investment!

2 RheolabQC  It’s not just another QC viscometer or rheometer  It’s a complete new rheometer concept  Based on the newest and most innovative technologies  And it’s far beyond any other QC rheometer that you know!

3 RheolabQC It’s much easier to use  Toolmaster TM, Plug and Play  Quick Connect Coupling It’s more intuitive  Offline and Online Programming  LAN/Ethernet, Serial, PS/2, Barcode Reader It’s more reliable  According to international standards  Absolute viscosity measurement It’s far beyond the competition  Technically compatible with MCR rheometers  Measuring range from water to semisolid  EC motor technology (brushless DC motor)  Fastest shear rate steps (one measuring point every 10ms) in shear mode /CSR  Direct flow point / yield point measurement in stress mode /CSS  NEW: Peltier temperature control for concentric-cylinder systems  Data exchange via LIMS system and/or FDA ’21 CFR part 11’ conformity

4 RheolabQC - Specification ConfigurationToolmaster TM GeometryQuick Coupling BearingMechanical Ball Bearing Motor typeEC-Motor, brushless DC Torque Range0.25 – 75 mNm, permanent Speed Range0.01 – 1,200 1/min Viscosity Range0.001 – 1,000,000 Pas Shear Step Change Data Rate<10ms per measuring point Direct Yield Point TestingYes, Shear Stress Control Shear Stress Range0,5 – 30,000 Pa Torque Resolution<0,1 µNm Deflection Angel (preset) 1 to  µrad Internal Angular Resolution2 µrad Temperature Range0 to +180 °C Peltier controlled Krebs Unit Output40 – 150 KU Serial InterfacePC, Printer LAN-Ethernet InterfacePC PS/2Keyboard, Barcode Reader

5 RheolabQC High Resolution Optical Encoder Online position control of shear rate & strain Resolution 2 µrad

6 RheolabQC The unique synchronous EC motor True Shear Rate / Shear Stress Control electronic field -stator-  I =  II magnetic disk -rotor- geometry shaft from top Non Contact Magnetic Drive Motor a electronic field b magnetic disk b a a

7 RheolabQC Connections and Ports PC or Printer (RS232) Temperature device or circulator (RS232) PC or Network Power Keyboard or Barcode Reader Temperature Probe or Calibration

8 RheolabQC Connections and Ports You would like to print out your measurements? For using own printers with parallel port: item-no.: 24600SERIAL-PARALLEL CONVERTER RHEOLABQC item-no.: 79168PRINTER FOR RHEOLABQC

9 RheolabQC QuickCoupling Geometry change: What would you prefer? Unique quick connect coupling RheolabQC Any description needed ?

10 RheolabQC Toolmaster TM Advantages known from the most sophisticated MCR rheometers  No more errors making the wrong selection  Intelligent automatic configuration  All geometry factors stored in the chip  Unique identification with Name and SN  Error free documentation......e.g. 21 CFR Part 11

11 RheolabQC Available Measuring Geometries Variations  Concentric Cylinder geometries – ISO 3219  Double Gap cylinders – DIN  Disposable measuring systems  Vanes and stirrers  Special geometries – profiled or sandblasted  RheolabQC Brookfield spindles - ASTM  Rheolab QC Krebs spindles – ASTM D562  Haake & Brookfield Adapters  Flexible Cup Holder - beaker holder  Solvent Trap

12 RheolabQC Special Geometries Ball Measuring System BMC/QC  Measuring cup + holder (volume: 480 ml / diameter: 115 mm)  Temperature probe with clamp Recommended BMS measuring systems:  BM08/104/QC (item-no: 26896)  Building materials (cement, plaster,...)  Food (meat sauce, jam, curd cheese,...) Coarse disperse materials Ball measuring system consisting of: (item-no: 26893)

13 RheolabQC Special Geometries Krebs Option according ASTM D  item-no: Stirrer ST54-1V/1V (KU1)  item-no: Stirrer ST43-1V/1V (KU1-75Y)

14 RheolabQC Temperature control system C-PTD 180/AIR/QC You would like to measure at different temperatures? Based on a Peltier temperature control system Wide Temperature range: 0 °C to 180°C Cheaper configuration compared with the liquid temp. control systems Special built-in air counter cooling No external controller No counter cooling by using an external fluid circulator necessary Noise reduced, compared to a fluid circulator Low power consumption Small footprint Easy handling Only for CCxx geometries Firmware V1.26 for the RheolabQC required

15 RheolabQC Flexible Cup Holder You would like to measure in a beaker or a tin?  Quick Cup Clamping Mechanism for high throughput  Use your own beakers or tins  Easy to attach to standard stand  Easy moveable

16 RheolabQC Basic “Immersion” Operation  Optional temperature control jacket  Cup is directly mounted onto the RheolabQC Precision Flange  Extra Wide U-Stand for user cans & tins up to a volume of 3 liter  Quick Positioning Wheel  In Position Brake to fix RheolabQC in the measuring position RheolabQC Immersion Variant Flexibility

17 RheolabQC Typical Applications and Test Types Coatings:Flow Curve, Yield Point, 3ITT (Thixotropy) Food:Flow Curve, Yield Point, Temperature Test, 3ITT (Thixotropy) Building Materials:Flow Curve, Yield Point, 3ITT (Thixotropy)

18 RheolabQC Typical Applications and Test Types Adhesives:Flow Curve, 3ITT (Thixotropy), Temperature Test Cosmetics:Flow Curve, Yield Point, Temperature Swing Test Soft Gels:Yield Point, 3ITT (Thixotropy) Lubricants, Oils:Flow Curve, Temperature Test Asphalt:Flow Curve, Temperature Test

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