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Halloween and Valentine’s day

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1 Besides Christmas, what two holidays generate the most money in this country?

2 Halloween and Valentine’s day

3 Which animal has the longest life-span?

4 The giant tortoise

5 In the "Wizard of Oz," what was Dorothy's last name?

6 gayle

7 Scientists believe birds can dream about…

8 Song they sing during the day

9 What animal has killed more people throughout history than have died in all wars combined?

10 fleas

11 Which NFL team is the first to win 3 Super Bowls?

12 The Pittsburgh Steelers. They won Super Bowls IX, X, and XIII.

13 In terms of number of gold or platinum records for recorded music, singles or albums, what are the three all-time leading performer or groups?


15 What word do these all have in common? Music, prisons, and soap?

16 bars

17 Scientists believe there is one animal that is immune to every disease, including cancer. What is it?

18 sharks

19 In 1866 this person invented dynamite, and when he died in 1896, left his $9 million fortune to be given away each year as prizes. Who was he?

20 Alfred nobel

21 Which sweet treat was introduced in 1932 and named after figures from literature?


23 The title of a book about Charles Manson was taken from the title of a Beatles song. What was it?

24 Helter skelter

25 Of the 50,000 deaths caused by snakebite worldwide each year, which species is responsible for the most?

26 The asian cobra (also known as the indian cobra)

27 Extending almost 2800 km (1700 miles), the Darling River is the longest river of what country?


29 The second largest state, Texas; is it more or less than half the size of Alaska?

30 less

31 According to the American Cancer society, cancer in which part of the body has the best chance of being subdued?

32 Highest survival rate: THYROID GLAND 90%

33 Which two letters have the highest point value in the game of Scrabble?

34 Q / Z 10 points

35 Who invented the magnetic compass: the Chinese, the Italians, the Germans, or the Americans?

36 chinese

37 A syndicated TV show is one which is sold directly to local stations to be broadcast at any time. What is the highest-rated syndicated television show?

38 Wheel of fortune

39 CD-ROM, a popular means of storing text, music, and visuals, is an abbreviation for what?


41 In 1910, the US Congress passed the Mann Act, making it illegal for anyone to transport across state lines, for immoral purposes, ... what ...?

42 A female

43 Can you name three provinces of Canada which do not have land borders with the USA?


45 Which important historical figure was nicknamed “the Little Corporal”?


47 How did Socrates commit suicide?

48 By drinking poison hemlock

49 What city dug the first subway?

50 London

51 Which city is the only one located on two continents?

52 Instanbul

53 What is the only mammal with four knees?

54 The elephant

55 What were the first words Edison spoke into the phonograph he had just invented?

56 Mary had a little lamb

57 What is miss piggy’s surname?

58 lee

59 What language was left unpunctuated until the modern age?

60 japanese

61 What occupation was listed on al capone’s business card?

62 Used furniture dealer

63 Which u.s. president was the first to be born in a hospital?

64 President jimmy carter

65 Which u.s. president was the last to be born outside of a hospital?

66 President George h. w. bush

67 Which is the most popular month to get engaged?

68 december

69 Which animal has the largest eyeballs?

70 The giant Atlantic squid

71 Which author has had the most books, short stories and ideas converted into movies?

72 Stephen king

73 Who received the first ever grammy awarded for “best rap performance” in 1989?

74 Will smith

75 Which u.s. president was the first to visit all 50 states?

76 President Richard Nixon

77 Because metal was scarce, what material was used to make oscar awards during world war ii?

78 plaster

79 What did the early romans use for toothpicks?

80 Porcupine quills

81 What country is named after a native word meaning “big village?”

82 canada

83 To what international leader were the keys to the city of detroit presented in 1980?

84 Saddam hussein

85 What was a gladiator armed with, in addition to a dagger and spear?

86 A net

87 What game uses a deck of cards, a board with holes in it, and small wooden pegs?

88 cribbage

89 Who was the first sportsman to have a bigger salary than the president?

90 Baseball's Babe Ruth who, received $80,000 for the 1930 season.

91 In 1938, Mussolini banned all American cartoons in Italy, except for which one?

92 Mickey mouse

93 39,370 inches is equivalent to what unit of distance?

94 One kilometer

95 In a non-leap year, what month and date can be called the exact "middle day" of the year?

96 JULY 2 - 182 days before it, 182 days after it.

97 What unit of measure is equal to 3 miles?

98 A league

99 Can you name the two states capitals which contain the entire name of the state in their spellings?


101 Absolute zero registers at how many degrees Celsius?

102 -273 degrees celcius

103 What is the most commonly used security feature in paper currency worldwide?

104 watermarks

105 It is said that Erik the Red named this land incorrectly on purpose, in order to attract visitors and settlers. Which land?

106 greenland

107 The British call a certain game draughts. What do the Americans call it?

108 checkers

109 The custom of fooling friends and relatives on the first of April began in the late 1500's in which country? 

110 france

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