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Russia & Europe–Wooden Home Manufacturers. The Russian & European Timber homes have been in the world for centuries and they are being developed with.

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2 Russia & Europe–Wooden Home Manufacturers. The Russian & European Timber homes have been in the world for centuries and they are being developed with the latest technology & eco-friendly manner. Some of the wood types are Russian Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) & Russian Larch (Larix Sibirica), both these wood types are famous for its unique qualities as a building material. 1

3 Russian Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) According to the doctrine of the tree curative effect pine is considered to be the tree of calmness and courage. Russian Pine is a large coniferous tree standing up to 90-130 feet tall and with a bowl diameter (at the breast height) growing up to 30-50 inches. According the characteristic of heat protection pine wood exceeds the same indicators of such materials as aluminum and PVC. Pine wood is mechanically reliable, fabricable, with low heat conductivity. Pine wood has bright distinctive texture pattern. It neither fades nor bleaches while becoming darker and acquiring reddish tinge due to large amount of resins over the years. Heartwood species are with resin fluxes (concentrated mainly in the latewood). Wide sap wood is from yellowish to pink in colour. Rings are well seen in all the sections with clear border between early and late wood. Wood rays are not seen. Pine from Russian northern regions possess the best properties. It has narrow-ringed dense wood with high amount of late zones as well as narrow sap wood. Rings amount in 1st centimeter is 10 to 14. Wood density is medium (from 540 kg/m3 for the wood with natural moisture content). However fiber of Russian Pine is better due to the colder climatic conditions. Dry summers with short vegetative periods induce Russian pine to shade brunches in early stage of bowl development. Thus, lumber recovered of pine logs is less knotty. 2

4 Russian Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) - Pictures 3

5 Russian Larch (Larix Sibirica) Siberian larch is the only penaceous kind of coniferous tree with needles falling off in winter. The unique larch wood is world famous for its usage in the Venice construction. Experts say that some Russian houses and churches will exist more than 800 years. European standard relates larch to the group of extra firm species of wood. Relative biological stability (fungus and insects degradability) of the wood is twice higher than that of the pine. Apart from its peculiar firmness and resistance to environmental conditions larch is characterized by good color and perfect structure. Larch wood considered to be the best in relation to its resistance to atmospheric conditions. Long-term researches have shown that combination of high density and resinousness (with its specific structure) makes larch being the most decay resistant wood as well as twice firmer than ashwood and pine. Moreover it almost totally resistant to wood-destroying insects attacks. So it can be used without any chemical treatment in those cases where other species are liable to stain and decay. Larch excels the oak in these qualities. Larch is the only coniferous tree which wood is related to ironwood on level with oak, beech and walnut. It gets only harder and heavier in course of time. According to the Moscow State University of Forestry researches larch wood is twice more fireproof than pine wood. Larch color grade increases architects' and designers' possibilities greatly. Its rings are well expressed and seen. 4

6 Russian Larch (Larix Sibirica) - Pictuers 5

7 Given below are the different styles / methods of building a wooden house. Hand-made log houses - Russian style Centuries-old traditions, exclusive variant, highest accuracy of adjustment. For hand made houses we use ecologically clean high-quality wood not infected by wooden-graver and fungi. Wood has humidity 80-90 %. It is easy in processing and is less deformed at natural drying in the assembled house. Logs with diameter 240 - 360 mm has manual preparation: trimming, making the cups (logs junction) and grooves, polishing, processing by a plane. The log thickness (i.e. walls) speaks for itself - it is warmly, reliably and allows during making a house to receive longitudinal grooves width necessary on climatic conditions: 100 mm for temperature -20 C 120 mm for temperature -30 C 140-160 mm for temperature -40 C (Groove width is 2/3 of log diameter) According to your desire mounting of houses can be carried out by the representatives of the construction firm. 6

8 Hand-made log houses - Russian style - Pictures 7

9 Hand-made log houses - Norwegian style "Lafet“ We use also other style of hand made houses which is popular in northern countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland. Distinctive features of this style are: other log section (log is trimmed on two sides on all length) and angular connection which is carried out ' by the Norwegian lock '. The Norwegian style allows to increase internal volume of a apartment. The houses look of high quality, gracefully and do not require the outside plating. 8

10 Machine-made round log houses. Hand-made logs of road because they demand much hand-worked. Modern methods of a log machining allow essentially to reduce cost a wall material. Constructed of machine-made logs the house gets absolutely other kind, becomes easier and graceful. Assembly of a house becomes simpler. Mostly a pine and a fur of natural humidity is used as an material for houses walls. The wood of winter preparation has smaller humidity. It is possible to use a larch for the bottom row of a logs. It increases cost a little, but the durability of a house becomes practically comparable with durability of the house entirely constructed from a larch. The wall material have the processing by an antiseptic during manufacture with the purpose of prevention of a log rotting. At assembly of a house the sheeting can be broken in part, in the rainy periods especially. Therefore it is recommended to carry out repeated processing by an antiseptic after montage of a wooden house under a roof. 9

11 Machine-made round log houses. Wooden houses from machine-made logs are of two variants: Diameter of a log up to 200mm. Logs are made in industrial conditions by the Swedish technology Timber Flexi. It is possible to see, that logs densely enter each other, Fig.1. Presence of connection of logs " Thorn - Groove " increases protection against a wind and keeps heat. In addition a thorn and a groove remove the pressure arising at drying of logs and reduce cracks on external surfaces of a log. It is possible to see in Fig.1, that cracks arise mainly inside logs, along a groove and a thorn. Diameter of a log more than 200 mm. The log is made with a classical "lunar" groove. The additional groove is made in the top part of a log for reduction of pressure and cracks. Fig2. Your house, sauna, garden house will look easily and gracefully, if it is made for you of machine-made log! 10

12 Profiled squared beams houses The squared section beams as well as machine made log is made by machine processing of resinous breeds of trees of natural humidity: a pine, fur-tree, larch. You can mount the house independently, because profiled beam 120 х 140 mm is made in industrial conditions and the high accuracy of processing excludes an opportunity of skews and unjunction of beams. Beams are processed by antiseptics and anti-fire composition that guarantees long life to your house. The walls of profiled beam of a type a thorn - groove with warming of an ecologically clean material - linen strip do not pass a moisture, are not blown and perfectly protect from colds. For more rigid design at assembly on all length of walls in the chess order are established thorns (width 25 mm, thickness 30 mm, height of 180-200 mm). According to your desire assembly of houses can be carried out by the representatives of the construction firm. 11

13 Frame houses These houses to build more easy and less expensive. The walls of frame houses require much less wood than the log walls but thus do not concede in heat and sound-proof properties. The frame houses are mounting quickly and perfectly looked. The frame consists of bottom and top edging in chain-stitch, walls, cross brace of rigidity and such auxiliary elements as the intermediate racks and colar beams, between which have window and door apertures. The carrying racks of a frame are put on distance from 0.5 up to 1.5 м. The assembled frame of a house is sheathed outside by boards with thickness 20 - 25 mm nailed to racks by nails 80 - 100 mm.For warming, the walls of a frame house are filled by various rolled dense materials (probably in use warming plates). Rolled and plate materials fasten to a frame. 12

14 Glued (Laminated) wooden beams Using of laminated beams as a material for walls isn’t a novelty yet. Log houses made of laminated beam become more and more popular in Europe. Walls made of laminated beam 200 mm wide provide good thermal insulation properties at temperatures from -35C to +40C. Laminated wood beam is a reliable and durable construction material which keeps all the best qualities of lumber. Thereby it almost doesn't suffer from weather. Only quarter section pieces of northern pine are used for producing the beams, which are glued so as growth rings are set in different directions. It nullifies inner tension and reduces season deformation and chapping. Quantity of pieces is from 2 to 6. Northern pine is used as a material for making the beams. By for harsh weather conditions and slow growth, the wood structure and its center are much tighter than southern and central Russian wood has, Advantages of laminated beam: High durability, low aptitude to deformation; The beam is about 11-14% wet and therefore it doesn't shrink and chap; Laminated beam can have wide profile and be more than 6 m long because of possibility of jointing. Manufacture of long beams with greater section is possible; Disadvantages of laminated beam: High cost which is much higher than cost of natural material; 13

15 Glued (Laminated) wooden beams - Pictures 14

16 BUILDING MATERIALS USED IN BUILDING WOODEN HOUSES Most construction company’s use Organic material thus, Going Green. Build with high quality, natural materials Wooden houses consist of ecologically valuable materials. They come from nature and are made with little primary energy. First and foremost its Wood. Wood renewable resource excellent insulation values a building material with which you feel comfortable exceptionally long life 15

17 BUILDING MATERIALS USED IN BUILDING WOODEN HOUSES. Contd… Gypsum Gypsum boards are made of pure gypsum and water as binder Gypsum fiber panels are composed of pure gypsum, recycled paper fibers and water as binder High fire protection factor simple processing functional and impeccable ecological high load capacity Cork Commodities without artificial adhesives excellent thermal insulation values durability Gypsum Picture Cork Picture 16

18 BUILDING MATERIALS USED IN BUILDING WOODEN HOUSES. Contd… Hemp rapidly renewable resource excellent insulation for walls, roofs and ceilings resistant to pests impervious to moisture protects against rot, mold and mildew Wood fiber made of untreated wood residues, utilizing the natural cohesiveness of the wood fiber No Additives diffusible sound-deadening large storage capacity Hemp Picture Wood Fiber Picture 17

19 BUILDING MATERIALS USED IN BUILDING WOODEN HOUSES. Contd… Plasterwork mineral textured plaster, full abrasion for indoor and outdoor especially for vapor diffusion consisting of white lime, white cement and white marble sand available in different grains for different structures exceptionally long life Cellulose insulation boards Raw material from recycled newsprint natural binder high wind density moisture absorbent resistant to mildew and vermin Plaster Work Picture Cellulose Insulation Boards Picture 18

20 BUILDING MATERIALS USED IN BUILDING WOODEN HOUSES. Contd… Tile Concrete roof tiles suitable for any roof shape absolutely frost-proof long life inexhaustible reserves of raw materials Color biologically sound and durable interior and exterior painting based on silicates diffusion and thereby highly weather-resistant and heat-resistant, non-flammable all fading colors to choose from for a natural appearance Tile Picture Color Picture 19

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