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Introduction to Dental Lab Equipment

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1 Introduction to Dental Lab Equipment
DA 108 Dental Materials

2 Safety First! DA must wear safety glasses during these lab activities:
1. operation of rotary equipment Dental lathe Model trimmer Handpiece 2. using the Bunsen Burner 3. chipping plaster or stone from impressions or models

3 Model Trimmer Trim excess material from gypsum or plaster models
Always use safety glasses and protective shield Always wear lab coat and or lab apron Gloves should not be worn

4 Model Trimmer Safety Keep hands firmly secured against metal base of model trimmer Do not allow model to lift off base of trimmer Keep fingers away from wheel. Pay close attention to where your hands are! Keep eyes on model to prevent over-trimming Flush with clear water when finished with trimmer

5 Model Vibrator Removes bubbles when pouring gypsum into impressions to make model Use paper or plastic cover to protect unit from spills

6 Vacuum Machine Forms flat plastic sheets into 3-dimensional shapes by heating and molding over model of patient’s teeth Stay nearby while machine is heating up AKA Vacuformer

7 Burners and Torches Warm or soften wax
Heat solutions and dental materials Turn off immediately after use; do not leave unattended Tie hair away from face Alcohol torch has similar uses Bunsen Burner Alcohol torch

8 Dental Lathe Polish dentures, crowns, bridges, inlays Right/Left chuck
Keep plastic shield down for safety Use pumice slurry for polishing New pumice for each use

9 Vacuum Mixing Machine Automatically mixes stone and plaster
Creates smooth surfaces on models

10 Dental Engines Holds burs and wheels when trimming or polishing appliances in the dental lab Dremel Tool used in class lab

11 Plaster/Gypsum Bins Stores bulk plaster or gypsum for easy access
We use smaller labeled canisters in class

12 Articulator Hinged metal device that imitates the movement of the jaw
Patient’s models are attached to simulate jaw movements and dental occlusion

13 Dental Lab Bench Counters where lab technicians can sit and work
Some include storage areas

14 Sandblaster Uses fine sand to shape or clean metal appliances
Ventilated area, or suction Micro-etcher, used in mouth; requires safety glasses and mask Patient wears glasses also

15 Waxing unit Keeps dental wax melted HOT: use caution

16 Lab Spatulas Used to mix lab materials Variety of sizes
Flexible or stiff Specific to dental material mixed

17 Wax Spatulas Used to carve and shape wax items
Various sizes and shapes

18 Lab Knives Used to cut various lab materials Many sizes and shapes

19 Shears or Nippers Used to trim waxes, plastic sheets, other items
Act like heavy-duty scissors

20 Rubber Bowls Used to hold materials as they are mixed Flexible
Sized according to amount of material Acrylic bowl Alginate Bowls

21 More on bowls Always disinfect alginate bowl after taking impressions on human. Not necessary when working on typodont

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