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Orthopedic appliances Inlays Shoes Orthoses 18.09.2014.

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1 Orthopedic appliances Inlays Shoes Orthoses 18.09.2014

2 Ortopediteknikk AS avd. Ryen, Oslo 18.09.2014

3 Inlays – pressure distribution and pressure relief 18.09.2014

4 Special shoes – of the shelf combined with inlays shoes with a rigid outsole, no seams on the inside 18.09.2014

5 Orthopedic shoes NOF, Norsk Ortopedisk Fottøy as Custom made shoes 18.09.2014

6 Silicone Foot-Toe orthoses Offloading and/or correction of toes 18.09.2014

7 TAFO: Total offloading Ankle Foot Orthosis 18.09.2014

8 A foot with a neuropathic foot ulcer or a Charcotfoot 18.09.2014

9 Treatment is empirical and relies on rest and strict limitation of weight bearing, usually with total contact casting. Removable casts and walkers have also been recommended 18.09.2014

10 It appears that a total contact cast (TCC) heals a higher proportion of neuropathic plantar ulcers at a faster rate than removable modalities such as a removable walker (RW), off-loading shoes (i.e. half-shoes) and therapeutic footwear (evidence: 1-, 1-, 1-, 2-). It appears that a RW which is made non-removable is more effective than a RW and similarly effective as a TCC in healing diabetic neuropathic plantar foot ulcers (evidence: 1+, 1+, 1-). A preponderance of evidence in the area suggests that a dedicated focus on adequate pressure relief is an important and likely essential component of successful, consistent and predictable healing for the majority of neuropathic diabetic foot wounds. Because of its effect on pressure reduction and adherence to therapy, we recommend consideration of the use of a TCC in treatment of neuropathic, non- infected, non-ischemic plantar diabetic foot ulcers. 18.09.2014

11 A number of studies in healthy people have shown that making the outsole rigid and either "rockered" or "rollered" can be extremely effective in reducing plantar pressure in the forefoot 118,119. While similar results have been observed clinically in diabetic patients, definitive studies in this patient group are required before recommendations for their use can be made. Rocker shoe: Shoe with rigid outsole designed with a sharp transition on the outsole. The shoe rocks forward in the late support phase to allow walking without extension of the metatarsophalangeal joints. Roller shoe: Shoe with rigid outsole similar to the rocker shoe, but with a contoured outsole to provide a smother transition during walking. van Schie C, Ulbrecht JS, Becker MB, Cavanagh PR: Design criteria for rigid rocker shoes. Foot Ankle Int 2000; 21: 833-44 Nawoczenski DA, Birke JA, Coleman WC: Effect of rocker sole design on plantar forefoot pressures. J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 1988; 78: 455-460 18.09.2014

12 Plaster cast Plaster negative 18.09.2014

13 Plaster positive 18.09.2014

14 Rectification: ulcer pressure relief + toebox 18.09.2014


16 Construction of orthosis Ulcer Sandwich constructed insole multiform – soft, easy to mould, smooth and easy to clean Ppt – soft and pressure relieving Microcork – firm, supports Charcot Insole material 40 shore 18.09.2014

17 Soft material on the inside of the orthosis Moulded in polypropylene – first the orthosis then the lid Choice of colour/pattern 18.09.2014

18 Outsole made of EVA Roller outsole The apex of the roller sole behind the ulcer Rubber outer sole Velcro straps 18.09.2014

19 Function Compression Ulcer Mecanical offloading and redistribution of pressure Some of the load is transferred to the calf Charcot Prevent deformities 18.09.2014

20 Alternative to TCC The pasient can take the orthosis off at night Better hygiene Can put weight on the foot and be moderately active Can walk with the orthosis outside, summer and winter Compliance – never put weight on the foot without wearing the orthosis 18.09.2014

21 Other AFOs Neuropathy can lead to poor balance Of the shelf orthoses Light weight Easier to put on and take off and easier to walk Always made with a made to measure inlay 18.09.2014

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