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Plaster Molds. George Segal plaster sculptures of people!

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1 Plaster Molds


3 George Segal plaster sculptures of people!

4 George Segal

5 Plaster molds are made from an oil based clay called Plastilina

6 Since Plastilina is oil based it never dries out!

7 Perfect for carving and making sculptures

8 Sculptors sculpt (form) the object they want to cast


10 Sculpture is three-dimensional artworkthree-dimensional

11 You can view it from all sides


13 After the sculpture is made

14 The artist makes a plaster mold

15 Plaster starts as a dry powder similar to mortar or cement mortarcement

16 It’s mixed with water to form a paste

17 which liberates heat and then hardens.


19 Next step

20 The artist makes a wooden frame and puts the Plastilina sculpture in the wooden frame

21 The artist then pours the plaster around the sculpture

22 After the plaster dries The artist pulls the plaster away from the clay


24 This leaves a negative space- A plaster Mold!



27 After making a mold The artist can fill it with clay/other materials and re-use it many times


29 This is how doll heads are made !


31 And poly resin molding for homes (trim work )

32 If the artist uses only one side of the mold he is making a Bas-Relief


34 A bas-relief is when you can only see one side (for viewing) when the piece is completed



37 If the artist uses both sides of the mold he/she is making a Sculpture

38 Vocabulary

39 Plaster mold Plaster Plastilina Bas-relief Sculpture Cast three-dimensional three-dimensional

40 Wedge slab under glaze kiln

41 Steps: 1. wedge clay 2. flatten clay into a slab 3. press clay into plaster mold 4. pull clay away from plaster mold 5. trim edges 6. cover with plastic 7. glaze using under glaze 8. give to me for firing in kiln

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