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Art in New York Neo Dada-Happenings. Marcel Duchamp, Fountain (signed “R. Mutt”), 1917.

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1 Art in New York Neo Dada-Happenings

2 Marcel Duchamp, Fountain (signed “R. Mutt”), 1917.

3 Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel, replica of a lost 1913 original.

4 Marcel Duchamp, Prelude to a Broken Arm, 1917.

5 Marcel Duchamp, Bottlerack (Bottle Dryer), replica of a lost 1914 original.

6 Marcel Duchamp, LHOOQ, 1919.

7 Marcel Duchamp, Nude Descending the Staircase, 1912.

8 Marcel Duchamp, Tu m’, 1918.

9 Marcel Duchamp, The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass), 1915-23.

10 Marcel Duchamp, Box in a Valise, 1935-41.




14 John Cage.

15 Robert Rauschenberg, White Painting, 1951.

16 Robert Rauschenberg, Erasing de Kooning, 1953.

17 Robert Rauschenberg, Bed, 1955, Oil on pillow, quilt, bed sheets, and mattress.

18 Robert Rauschenberg, Rebus, 1955, Oil on canvas with collage of posters, newspaper, magazine pages, etc., 7‘ 10“ X 11‘ 9“.

19 Robert Rauschenberg, Monogram, 1955-59.

20 Robert Rauschenberg, Canyon, 1959, painted canvas, stuffed bird, sack, etc., 87“ X 71“ X 23“.

21 Robert Rauschenberg, Combines, 1960’s.

22 Robert Rauschenberg, Pilgrim, 1960, Combine painting: Oil, pencil, printed paper, and fabric on canvas with painted wood chair.

23 Robert Rauschenberg, Minutiae, 1954, Oil, paper, fabric, newspaper, wood, metal, plastic, with mirror and string on wood structure.

24 Robert Rauschenberg, The Tower, 1957, oil, paper, fabric, and wood with broom, umbrella, spherical object, tin cans, and electric lights on wood structure.

25 Robert Rauschenberg, Odalisk, 1955-1958, Combine: oil, watercolor, pencil, crayon, paper fabric, photographs, printed reproductions, miniature blueprint, newspaper, metal, glass, dried grass and steel wool, with pillow, wood post, electric lights, and Plymouth Rock rooster on wood structure.

26 Robert Rauschenberg, Retroactive I, 1964, oil and silkscreen ink on canvas, 7’ X 5’.

27 Robert Rauschenberg, Persimmon, 1964, oil and silkscreen ink on canvas, 66“ X 50“.

28 Jasper Johns, Flag, 1954-1955, encaustic, oil and collage on canvas mounted to plywood, 3 panels, 42 ¼” X 60 ⅝”.

29 Jasper Johns, Three Flags, 1958, encaustic on canvas.

30 Jasper Johns, Painting with Two Balls, 1960, encaustic on canvas with assemblage.

31 Jasper Johns, Map, 1961.

32 Jasper Johns, Target with Plaster Casts, 1955. Encaustic and collage on canvas with objects, 51” X 44” 3 ½”.

33 Jasper Johns, Target with Four Faces, 1955, encaustic on newspaper and cloth over fabric and 4 plaster casts of faces, all in wood box, 33 ⅝” X 26“ X 3“.

34 Jasper Johns, Perilous Night, 1982. Encaustic on canvas with objects, 67 ½” X 96” X 5 ½”.

35 Jasper Johns, Summer from “The Seasons” series, 1958. Encaustic on canvas, 6’ 3” X 4’ 2”.

36 Jasper Johns, Painted Bronze [Ale Cans], 1960, painted bronze.

37 Cy Twombly, Leda and the Swam, 1961.

38 Cy Twombly, Untitled, 1970.

39 Allan Kaprow, Yard, 1961.

40 Allan Kaprow, Car Wash, part of Household, Sept. 1964, happening, at Cornell University.

41 Allan Kaprow, 16 Happenings in 8 Parts, Oct. 1959, Reuben Gallery, New York City.

42 Nam June Paik, Zen for Head, 1962.

43 Nam June Paik, TV Bra for Living Sculpture, with Charlotte Moorman, 1969.

44 Nam June Paik, TV Buddha, 1974, sculpture of Buddha sitting and television.

45 Yoko Ono, Cut Piece, 1964.

46 Jean Tinguely, Homage to New York, 1960.

47 Claes Oldenburg, Snapshots from the City, Performance at Judson Gallery, Judson Memorial Church, New York, February 29, March 1-2, 1960.

48 Claes Oldenburg, Store, New York, 107 East 2 nd Ave., 1961.

49 Claes Oldenburg, The Store, 1961, installation, storefront in Manhattan.

50 Claes Oldenburg, Hamburger, 1962.

51 Claes Oldenburg, Clothespin, 1976, Cor-Ten steel, 45' High.

52 George Segal, Diner, mixed-media installation with plaster, plastics, wood, masonite, glass, lamps, plaster casts, paper, etc., 8‘ X 12‘ X 8‘.

53 Quang Duc, a seventy-three-year old Buddhist monk, soaked himself in gasoline and set himself on fire, burning to death in front of thousands of onlookers at a main highway intersection in Saigon, Vietnam on June 11, 1963. He was protesting against the American- backed government’s discrimination against Buddhists. A group of nuns and monks circled the burning martyr with banners that read “A Buddhist Priest Burnes Himself for Five Requests.”

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