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The Benefits of Using CAD for O&P Insert your logo here.

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1 The Benefits of Using CAD for O&P Insert your logo here

2 What is CAD? Computer-Aided Design CAD is the use of electronic tools to design products on a computer screen instead of by hand CAD has numerous benefits for O&P…

3 No Messy Plaster Plaster is messy and takes a long time to dry CAD eliminates the use of plaster entirely!

4 High Degree of Accuracy Accuracy is how close a measured value is to the actual value CAD is much more accurate than hand-casting OMEGA Scanner is accurate to +/- 0.5mm

5 Exceptionally Fast and Easy for the Patient With plaster: Patient must hold one position for several minutes Patient must wait for plaster to dry CAD completely eliminates these issues, increasing comfort and convenience for the patient

6 Full Range of Modification Tools CAD’s electronic tools allow the clinician to make any modification that is possible with plaster… but much more precisely, and in a fraction of the time

7 Extremely Repeatable A result is repeatable when, each time the clinician measures the same patient using the same equipment, the measurements are the same CAD is much more repeatable than hand-casting

8 Nursing Facility Hospital Office CAD shape-capture devices are PORTABLE and can easily be used at a variety of locations! Patient Home

9 Documentation Complete medical record for each patient including modifications done to shapes

10 Spinal BK/AK AE/BE Suitable for a wide variety of patients! Cranial

11 Creation of Custom Interfaces For uniquely-shaped patients who aren’t suited to off-the-shelf components, CAD can be used to create custom components such as Alpha DESIGN Liners

12 Testimonials "I believe the one thing I enjoy most about OMEGA Tracer is the freedom it allows me to have. There are no more long hours working hard to get caught up, because with Tracer you stay caught up.” – Jeff Phelps Tom Watson’s P&O Lab, Owensboro, KY “With OMEGA Tracer, we can be more responsive to the patient’s needs. We can include them in the tracing and modification process and turn around a socket in two hours, saving them a trip back for the fitting.” – Mike Wheatley MHC Orthotics and Prosthetics, Leonardtown, MD

13 OMEGA Tracer… is the LEADER among O&P CAD systems features the OMEGA Scanner, which manages patient movement more easily than other scanners on the market has solutions for a full range of prosthetic and orthotic functionality allows clinicians to make their own modifications to the shape creates custom interfaces for patient comfort is the most intuitive for clinicians and patients to understand

14 The Benefits of Using CAD for O&P Insert your logo here

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