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Gypsum USGS Eurico Zimbres FGEL/UERJ GNU by-nc: cobalt123 USGS by-nc-nd: skylarprimm.

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1 Gypsum USGS Eurico Zimbres FGEL/UERJ GNU by-nc: cobalt123 USGS by-nc-nd: skylarprimm

2 Gypsum precipitates (white) at a fumarole on the island of Vulcano in Italy. © Jürg Alean / Stromboli online by-nc-nd: SamuraiCatJB Gypsum is one of the salts left when saline water evaporates from a lake or sea. Gypsum in caves can form needle-like crystals that radiate from clusters on the cave floor. Wind Cave/NPS by-nc-nd: SamuraiCatJB

3 The mountains around White Sands National Monument contain gypsum-rich limestone, which you can see as the light-colored rock in the mountains. NPS/ White Sands National Monument Over a long period of time this has formed piles of gypsum sand, or dunes, in what we now call White Sands National Monument. Rain dissolves the gypsum in the mountains, and the water carries it into the closed basin lake below. As the lake evaporates, gypsum crystals form and then get blown about and crushed by the wind. by-nc: The Horror by-nc-nd: SamuraiCatJB

4 Stele of Ushumgal, Early Dynastic I; 2900–2600 B.C.; Mesopotamia, Umma (modern Jokha) (?); Purchase, Funds from various donors, 1958 (58.29); Alabaster (pure gypsum) is easy to carve. Head of a man, 3rd–4th century; Southwestern Arabia; Alabaster (gypsum); H. 9 7/16 in. (24 cm); Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Spear Jr. Gift, 1982 (1982.317.1);

5 Many cultures carve alabaster. Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala public domain by-nc-nd: mike nl public domain by-nc-nd: Jehsuk

6 Gypsum is extremely useful in construction. Ground gypsum and vermiculite (mica) are pressed into inch-think sheets of wallboard, also known as sheetrock or drywall. USGS by-nc-nd: Stef Noble public domain by-nc-sa: Vincent Ma

7 by-nc-nd: mr.enigma by-nc-nd: Gary and Kristie by-nc: lucylouwho Both wallboard and joint compound are made of gypsum. USGS

8 by-nc-sa: pwilnyc by-nc: Quasimondo GNU Plaster, made of gypsum, is a sculpting and a molding material. CVC / Architect of the Capitol by-nc-nd: Haylstorm's Head

9 Plaster casts of gypsum are often made of teeth before dental work is done. Copper dental mold (right) and plaster cast (left). public domain Alcatraz Island/USPS/DoI by-nc-sa: little_hedgehog

10 Plaster casts are made from Plaster of Paris (gypsum that has been heated). by-nc-nd: kden604 by-nc: Harry Richards by-sa: schwa23

11 Gypsum can be used as a conditioner to improve soil: this farmer uses processed sheetrock scraps from building construction. Oakridge National Laboratory OSHA TI/DoL by: leighblackall Gypsum is added to concrete as an admixture before it is poured. by: tuppus by-nc: arimoore

12 by-nc-nd: telsky GNU public domain Gypsum is a filler in paper, chalk, paint, and toothpaste. by-nc: Leo Reynolds by-nc-nd: R80o by-nc-nd: Ryan Ozawa by-nd: Matt McGee

13 While searching for sulfur deposits, scientists found oil. Natural oil and gas deposits associated with gypsum rock units can also hold large volumes of hydrogen sulfide gas. Within the past few decades, these gas deposits have replaced the mineral sulfur as our main source of the element. by-nc-sa: vphill by-nc-nd: SamuraiCatJB GNU

14 Gypsum USGS Eurico Zimbres FGEL/UERJ GNU by-nc: cobalt123 USGS by-nc-nd: skylarprimm

15 media rights Many of the photos in this presentation were obtained through Flickr and Wikipedia.FlickrWikipedia Funded by FIPSE and by the University of Minnesota. Compiled for Dr. Kent Kirkby, Department of Geology and Geophysics, by Kate Rosok, 2007. Each displayed image retains its original media rights. For educational purposes only; not to be used commercially.FIPSEUniversity of MinnesotaDr. Kent Kirkby Department of Geology and Geophysics public domain (none) © Copyright. All rights reserved by-nc-sa by by-nd by-sa by-nc-nd Creative Commons Licenses GNUGNU GNU Free Documentation LicenseGNU Free Documentation License Our notation description

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