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Kaiti Pullano. Operation Ajax The Aftermath The CIA.

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1 Kaiti Pullano

2 Operation Ajax The Aftermath The CIA

3 The Central Intelligence Agency: History  created in 1947 by President Truman when he signed the National Security Act. - covert intelligence was in existence since the days of George Washington, but it was not until WWII that it was in coordination with the government.  prior to the “CIA” was the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). - Made by Roosevelt and was considered the “forerunner of the CIA”.

4 The Central Intelligence Agency: About  Headquarters is located in, McLean, Virginia.  principal function is to gain information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals.  Estimated 20,000 employees. Actual numbers are classified.  Current budget is confidential, but in 1998 it was around $26.4 billion.  Secrecy is a primary aspect of the CIA. It has been stated that the Agency has lied to Congress about covert operations that were “very serious” in nature.

5 The Central Intelligence Agency: How to become an Agent 1.Have U.S citizenship 2.Stay “clean” (no illegal drugs) 3.Go to college and get good grades (between a 3.0 and 4.0) 4.Learn a foreign language…or two. Be able to speak as fluently as a native. 5.Apply for a specified position. 6.Wait. They will contact you within forty five days. 7.Undergo a medical and psychological examination. 8.Wait for your background check. It is extremely meticulous and thorough and sometimes takes up to two years. 9. Pass a polygraph test. 10. Accept or decline your occupation offer & participate in job training.

6 The Central Intelligence Agency Get a closer look at some of the CIA’s gadgets, devices, weapons, and documents through this interactive museum! Click the spy. - --> See a list of careers in the CIA! Click here.

7 Operation Ajax  One of the first complex operations by the CIA, carried out in 1953.  Oil companies had oil reserves in Iran, and had given their government a payment to drill there. - Iranians realized they were in fact “ripped off”. Oil companies were making billions of dollars off of Iran’s oil reserves.  Government decided to nationalize profit from the oil.

8 Operation Ajax  Oil companies contacted the CIA, as well as Britain’s government asking to intervene. Iran was violating their contracts with the companies.  The U.S and Britain were able to execute their plan efficiently. - Prime Minister Mosaddeq was overthrown. - Replaced Mosaddeq with Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Click the picture of Mosaddeq to see a video of how the U.S intervened -->

9 Aftermath of Operation Ajax  New in power, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, ruled as a dictator.  Tried to modernize Iran with his “White Revolution”. - extended women’s suffrage, introduced social security, and abolished feudalism.  Was overthrown by the Iranian Revolution after being in power for twenty-six years. - Was seen as a “puppet” of the United States’, and was contaminating the traditional middle east culture. - For the 2500 th anniversary of the Iranian monarchy, Pahlavi reportedly spent $100 million on décor and party “essentials”. The Shah was criticized for his spending, while nearby villages are in poverty.

10 Aftermath of Operation Ajax  In December of 1977 six to nine million people marched to protest against the Shah. - within days every visual reminder of Pahlavi was destroyed.  He was in exile, and travelled throughout to find temporary places of residence.  Died of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in July of 1980.

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