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Navigating the Currents of eLearning IFWE 2012 Luncheon Closing Panel.

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1 Navigating the Currents of eLearning IFWE 2012 Luncheon Closing Panel

2 Well, I didn’t see that coming…


4 Darcy W. Hardy Assistant Vice Provost, University of Texas at San Antonio and Intergovernmental Personnel Act Appointee, US Department of Labor

5 Susan C. Aldridge Past President, University of Maryland University College

6 Robbie K. Melton Associate Vice Chancellor of Mobilization and Emerging Technologies, Tennessee Board of Regents


8 Darcy’s Story UT TeleCampus (1997-2010) Hugely successful 20,000 enrollments 30 programs Award-winning Smooth sailing…until…

9 He who shall not be named arrived on the scene.

10 Three years of Bullying, Lies & Tears led me to purchase self-help books –

11 Like this one.

12 “Texas Kills Its TeleCampus” Inside Higher Ed, 4/9/10 What do you mean, don’t take it personally? Seriously?

13 Survival Tips Establish mentor relationships NOW Keep your resume/CV up-to-date Make sure you KNOW who your professional friends are and nurture those friendships Keep up with the job market Develop a revenge plan

14 All but one of my 25 staff had jobs by the time the TeleCampus closed in August 2010. I got a call from the White House and went to Washington, DC in January 2011. I’ve sat in the Rose Garden with the President. I’m no longer bitter unless I think about it. And… Aftermath

15 He who shall not be named got canned one year later.

16 So remember: Life’s too short for bullies and bullshit.


18 LESSONS LEARNED Susan C. Aldridge, Ph.D.

19  Funding Cuts  Political Environment  Competitors Marketing to Legislature  Aversion to Increasing Tuition  Low Graduation Rates  High Debt and Increasing Default Rates

20  Cost Cutting  Budget Allocation  Out-sourcing

21  Turnover of leadership, cabinet and senior managers  Less job security  75 PUBLIC UNIVERSITY PRESIDENCIES TURNED OVER THIS YEAR

22  HOW DO WE PREPARE OURSELVES?  Job Search will take 1 to 2 years—start early!  Need a job to get a job  Search firms work for hiring institution, not applicants

23  Take control of your reputation  Own your domain name  Set up your own website  Join Linked-In to “push” content  Hire a firm specializing in search engine optimization

24  Cultivate relationships outside the university, e.g., IFWE.  Prepare to be surprised by supporters and devastated by silent majority.  Be a good friend. Never forget those who support you.


26 Robbie’s Story The Professional Tsunami Wave No Warning Why? How? Justice? Allies to Alias to AWOL to Aliens

27 Robbie’s Story: Professional & Personal Resuscitation: Prayer & Faith (to address the How & Why) Professional Supporters (911 Believers in You!) Professional Time-Out (resting) Professional Networking (renewing / IFWE)

28 Robbie’s Story During the Changing of Waves: Tsunami ~ Tidal ~ Tide LEARN TO SURF! EVERY WAVE BRINGS NEW POSSIBILITIES AND OPPORTUNITIES New Alliances ~ A NEW YOU!

29 Robbie’s Story: During the Wave The Choice: Drown or Surf Professional Creation: Appologist Mobilist (Mobile Devices & Mobile Apps) WCET 2012 WOW Award Recipient “Mobile App Education & Workforce Resource Center

30 2012 Top 50 Education Innovators Thanking God, my Mother (Lois Gentry), my Daughter (Nicole), my unconditional friends Agnes & Rosetta & Trina, IFWE, TBR Supporters (you know who you are) * Darcy


32 Changed assumptions about work Did not change assumptions about work Did not change assumptions about self Changed assumptions about self Utilitarian Trans- formational FortifiedMindful Losing Your Job - Reclaiming Your Soul Mary Lynn Pulley

33 Navigating the Currents of eLearning IFWE 2012

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