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Promoting Small Business Interests

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1 Promoting Small Business Interests
Welcome! Promoting Small Business Interests

2 Promoting Small Business Interests
Sidney Ozer EPA Promoting Small Business Interests

3 FY 2009 Business Opportunities with the Environmental Protection Agency
Sidney Ozer, Contracting Officer SAME Philadelphia Post 2nd Annual Small Business Event Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4 About the EPA Mid-Atlantic Region
The Mid-Atlantic regional office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is responsible for programs in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the region has field operations and laboratories in Wheeling, W.Va., Annapolis and Ft. George G. Meade, Md., and Pittsburgh, Pa.

5 Mid-Atlantic Superfund Sites
Click on the links to look at the lists of Superfund sites for each state:

6 Contract Opportunities Under Superfund
Subcontracting opportunities are available under several current Superfund contracts. The contracts fall into six basic categories: Removal Action Remedial Response Support Services Technical Enforcement Support Policy, Program Management, and Administrative Services Other Contract Venues

7 EPA Active Contracts Listing for Region III :
Vendor Name Title CDM Federal Programs Corporation 14420 Albemarle Point Pl Chantilly VA 20151 Response Action Contracts 2 EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, INC 11019 McCormick Road Hunt Valley MD 21031 Region III Response Action Contract 2 Guardian Environmental Services Company, INC 1280 Porter Rd Bear DE 19701 Emergency and Rapid Response Services Hydrogeologic INC 11107 Sunset Hills Rd STE 400 Reston VA 20190

8 Region III Active Contracts (con’t) :
Vendor Name Title Kemron Environmental Services, INC 8150 Leesburg Pike Vienna VA 22182 Emergency and Rapid Response Services Techlaw, INC 14500 Avion Parkway Chantilly VA 20151 Regional Oversight Contract (ROC) Region III Superfund Technical Assistance and Response Team Tetra Tech EM, INC 7 Creek Parkway Boothwyn PA 19061 Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team

9 Region III Active Contracts (con’t) :
Vendor Name Title Tetra Tech NUS, INC 600 Clark Ave STE 3 King of Prussia PA 19506 Response Action Contracts 2 The Arc of Baltimore INC 7215 York Road Baltimore MD 21212 ESC Landscaping/Ground Maintenance Services WRS Infrastructure & Environment, INC 925 Canal Street Bristol PA 19007 Emergency and Rapid Response Services Regional Emergency and Rapid Response Services

10 EPA’s Acquisition Forecast Database
As part of EPA's initiative to encourage competition, this database was developed to allow companies to spend more time bidding and less time searching for procurement opportunities. The following slides provide several sample opportunities that can be found on the Acquisition Forecast Database.




14 PowerPoint prepared by intern, Jennifer Wong
Thank you! PowerPoint prepared by intern, Jennifer Wong

15 Promoting Small Business Interests
Helena Koch GSA Promoting Small Business Interests

PRESENTED BY Helena Koch U.S. General Services Administration Mid-Atlantic Regional Office of Small Business Utilization

17 U.S. General Services Administration
GSA is the federal government’s procurement expert. We help other federal agencies acquire the space, products, services they need from federal and commercial sources. We provide and contract for billions of dollars’ worth of products and services for federal agencies.

18 Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) Mission Statement
As GSA’s small business advocate, OSBU will engage in strategies that provide opportunities for small (including small business located in HUBZones, minority, veteran, and women- owned) businesses in government procurement.

19 GSA 101 Organization

20 Public Buildings Service (PBS)
The landlord and real estate organization of the civilian Federal government Leases space to Federal customer agencies; Repairs, alters, and renovates existing buildings; Designs courthouses, border stations, and Federal office buildings Responsible for buildings operations and maintenance

21 Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)
Home of the GSA Schedules Program Provider of over one million commercial off-the-shelf products and services ranging from pencils to trucks and professional services ranging from facility maintenance services to engineering services. Value in FY06: exceeded $25 Billion

22 GSA Schedules Program Governmentwide contracts with multiple commercial firms Allows firms to receive direct orders for products and/or services from Federal agencies Saves time and money Helps agencies meet socioeconomic goals

23 WHAT IS BEST VALUE? Technical Solution Corporate Experience
Past Performance Delivery Date Warranty Price Etc.

24 GSA Schedule Contracts
Schedule Contracts are: - Five year contracts for approved vendors to provide products or services to government agencies. Authorized users include: DC Government, charitable/international organizations, and authorized government prime contractors can order from schedules contractors.

25 Cooperative Purchasing
E-Gov Act of 2002 - Enabled State & Local Governments to use IT Schedule Schedule prices, terms and speed make use of FSS IT Schedule attractive Over $8 Million in sales in the first few weeks

26 The Local Preparedness Acquisition Act (expansion of Cooperative Purchasing Act)
The Local Preparedness Acquisition Act, signed June 26, 2008, authorizes state and local governments to purchase through GSA Schedule TOTAL SOLUTIONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, SECURITY, FACILITIES MANAGEMENT, FIRE, RESCUE, CLOTHING, MARINE CRAFT AND EMERGENCY/DISASTER RESPONSE ( alarm and signal systems, facility management systems, firefighting and rescue equipment, law enforcement and security equipment, marine craft and related equipment, special purpose clothing, and related services

27 Disaster Recovery Purchasing
Section 833 of the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2007 (Public Law ) amended 40 U.S.C. 502 to authorize the Administrator of General Services to provide for the use of Federal Supply Schedules by state and local governments for the purchase of products and services to be used to facilitate recovery from major disasters, terrorism, or nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attacks. The Department of Homeland Security has determined that all of the products and services available under GSA Schedules could potentially be used for recovery from a disaster or a terrorist attack. State and local government entities may use GSA Schedule contracts to purchase products and services in advance of a major disaster declared by the president, as well as in the aftermath of an emergency event.

28 GSA Schedules Contracts Are…...
Synonymous with “GSA Number” or “Getting on the GSA List”. “License to hunt” for opportunities in the federal government. Over 75% of the contract holders are small business owners.

Schedule PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES Chemical Engineering (CE), Civil Engineering (CI), Electrical Engineering (EE), Mechanical Engineering (ME) SPECIAL ITEM NUMBERS (SIN) Strategic Planning for Technology Programs/Activities Concept Development and Requirements Analysis System Design, Engineering and Integration Test and Evaluation Integrated Logistics Support Acquisition and Life Cycle Management Construction Management

Schedule ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES SPECIAL ITEM NUMBERS (SIN) Environmental Planning Services & Documentation Environmental Compliance Services Environmental Occupational Training Services Waste Management Services Reclamation, Recycling & Disposal Services Environmental Advisory Services Geographic Information Services (GIS) Remediation Services New Technology


32                                                                                                                                                                 (enter keywords, Contract Number, Contractor/Manufacturer name, Schedule # or SIN #) GSA Federal Supply Schedules VA Federal Supply Schedules Find out more about the GSA Schedules For more information about the (Multiple Award Schedule Program VA Schedules Program           

33 How Federal Agencies Order from Schedules
Under $ 3000 (micro-purchase threshold) Order from any schedule contractor Over $3000 - Look at 3 price lists or “GSA Advantage” - Evaluate and make a “best value” selection Orders over the maximum order threshold - Review additional price lists - Seek volume price reductions

34 GSA Advantage! On-line shopping network that Federal
agencies access to buy products/services from FSS Schedule Contract Holders You may wish to browse GSA Advantage! To review current contractors and their pricing.

35 HOW DO I GET INVOLVED?? Internet based systems
REGISTER - Central Contractor Registration (CCR) *** Vendors must be registered in the CCR database in order to be awarded a government contract. - Federal Business Opportunities *** Register with the Vendor Notification Service (right hand side under Related Links)

36 GATEWAY TO GSA WWW.GSA.GOV/smallbusiness
Provides access to information on GSA Organizations, Regions and Services. Access publications from menu on left GSA Forecast of Contracting Opportunities, Subcontracting Directory, and Regional Procurement Directories

37 Federal Information Resources
Small Business Administration (SBA) SBA’s SUB-Net (sub post) Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC)

38 Mid-Atlantic Regional Office of Small Business Utilization 20 NORTH EIGHTH STREET Philadelphia , PA   (215) (215)

39 Promoting Small Business Interests
David Rule FEMA/DHS Promoting Small Business Interests

40 SAME Small Business Event
FEMA Region III David Rule Contracting Officer October 8, 2008 October 8, 2008 SAME

41 Subcontracting Opportunities
AMEC HSFE03-07-D-0030 POC Tucker Clevenger Three New 40 Million Dollar A-E Contracts Flood Map Modernization Program Services Needed: Coastal Engineering, DFIRM Production, Post Preliminary processing, Multi-hazard Analyses, Outreach, Land Surveying, and Lidar/Aerial Surveying .

42 Subcontracting (cont’d)
Dewberry & Davis HSFE03-07-D-0037 Kim Dunn Services Needed: Coastal Engineering, Riverine Analysis, Scoping Support, Remote Sensing and DFIRM Production GGII HSFE03-08-D-0007 Vince DiCamillo Services Needed: Surveying, Geotechnical Engineering, Planning Public relations, Photogrammetry, and Civil Engineering

43 Contracting Opportunity
Trailer Maintenance & Deactivation Contract: Looking for 8(a) to Support Individual Assistance Program for PA Flood Disasters. Solicitation will be ready in the first quarter of FY 2009 POC David Rule

44 FEMA Mission Primary mission is to support states during federally declared disasters Most support is funnelled through the states once the disaster is declared and FEMA begins operations FEMA does very little direct contracting in support of Infrastructure repair and associated engineering Contact State Emergency Emergency Management Agencies for ways to provide Engineering and Construction support during disasters

45 FEMA Mission Stafford Act: Requires any contracting done to first utilize local area contractors If a disaster is declared in Western PA then most contracting support will come from firms within 50 miles of the disaster.

46 October 8, 2008 SAME

47 Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)
Department of Homeland Security Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) Phyllis Miriashtiani Desk Officer, DHS/OSDBU

48 8 Major DHS Buying Activities
Customs & Border Protection DHS Headquarters Office of Procurement Operations Federal Emergency Management Agency Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Immigration & Customs Enforcement Transportation Security Administration U.S Coast Guard U.S. Secret Service

49 Multiple Award Design/Build Construction Contracts (MACC)
DHS Opportunities Multiple Award Design/Build Construction Contracts (MACC) National and Regional

50 COAST GUARD MACCs Points of Contact
Regional MACC: Jeff Cross, Chief of Contracts, U.S. Coast Guard, Civil Engineering Unit, Oakland, CA, , National MACC: Cathy Broussard, Chief of Contracts, U.S. Coast Guard, Facilities Design and Construction Center, Atlantic, ,

51 Coast Guard MACCs Design/Build, Performance Based, Construction Only
All Components of Department of Homeland Security With Construction Contracting Authority Are Granted Ordering Authority NAICS Codes: , , , , , , , , , $33.5M National Contract – Advertised as Unrestricted, Larger Dollar Task Order Limits, National, U.S. Territory Coverage Regional Contract – Set-Aside for 8a, HubZone, or Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

52 Coast Guard MACCs National Coverage – The United States, Puerto Rico, and Territories, estimate up to 5 awards Task Order Limits $3M - $20M Maximum Total Order Limit for Each Contract $200M

53 Coast Guard MACCs Regional Coverage (USCG District), estimate 5-10 awards per Region Regional Award $2,000-$5M Individual Task Order Limits Maximum Order Limit Per Contract is $70M

54 COAST GUARD MACCs Region 1 (New England) HubZone
Region 5 (Mid Atlantic) Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Region 7 (Southern Coastline) 8(a) Region (Puerto Rico) HubZone Region 8 (Mid United States/Gulf) HubZone Region 9 (Great Lakes Area) 8(a) Region 11 (West Coast) Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Region 13 (Pacific Rim) Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Region 14 (Hawaii/Guam) HubZone Region 17 (Alaska) 8(a)


56 FY 2007 Preliminary Small Business Prime Contracting Accomplishments
Category Goal (%) Accomplishment ($) (%) Total Procurement Dollars N/A $9,119,215,901 SB Prime Contracts 30.0% $3,046,078,360 33.40% 8(a) Contracts 4.0% $477,848,188 5.24% SDB Prime Contracts $668,962,919 7.34% Overall SDB [8(a) + SDB Prime] 8.0% $1,146,811,107 12.58% WOSB Prime Contracts 5.0% $687,846,560 7.54% HUBZone Prime Contracts 3.0% $238,915,293 2.62% SDVOSB Prime Contracts $132,183,682 1.45%

57 DHS 2009 Forecast Fiscal Year 2009 Forecast of Contract Opportunities available at: Steps for performing search (using NAICS code) 1. Click on Advanced Search 2. Enter NAICS code in NAICS code box 3. Click Continue Or search by any of the other parameters on the search screen


59 Promoting Small Business Interests
Linda Sitney VA Promoting Small Business Interests

60 Doing Business with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs
FY 2009 Business Opportunities with Federal Agencies October 8, 2008

61 VA’s Mission “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the Nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.” --Abraham Lincoln Mission from Abraham Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address Three core missions: Provide world-class healthcare Provide broad, fair, and timely benefits Provide dignified burials in shrine-like settings for our nations veterans

62 VA Profile FY 2008 Budget $86.7 Billion
FY $11.6 Billion for Supplies/Services ($2.5 Billion+ on Purchase Cards million transactions - Approximately 17,000 cardholders 23.5 Million+ Veterans; 39.1 Million Family 258,000 Employees – 2nd Largest 85,428 Volunteers million hours

63 VA Organizational Structure
Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) National Cemetery Administration (NCA) Staff Offices VHA operate the largest health care system in the free world; VHA operates 155 hospitals, 872 outpatient clinics, 135 nursing homes, 45 residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs, 108 comprehensive home-care programs and 209 Adjustment Counseling Centers; more than 98% of VA employees work in VHA which is also where the majority of procurement dollars are spent VBA operates 57 Veteran Benefit Regional Offices across the country and in the Philippines; responsible for providing benefits to veterans and their eligible family members, including Disability Compensation, Pensions, Education, Loan Guaranty and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs and Benefits NCA operates 125 National Cemeteries across the country and in Puerto Rico; six new national cemetaries Bakerfield, CA, Birmingham, AL, Columbia-Greenville, SC, Jacksonville, FL, Sarasota, FL, and Southeastern, PA

64 VHA Structure – “VISNs” Veterans Integrated Service Networks
21 VETERANS INTEGRATED SERVICE NETWORKS (VISNs). Although you see 23, VISN 13 & 14 have been consolidated to form VISN 23

65 FY 2007 Goals & Accomplishments
Category Secretary’s Goals VA-wide Accomplishments Small Business 25% 32.85% Small Disadvantaged Bus. 4% 5.12% Section 8(a) 5% 3.45% Women-Owned SB 4.97% Veteran-Owned SB 7% 10.13% Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business 3% 7.09% HUBZone Small Business 3.05% 3.31% TENTATIVE DATA GREEN – Met or exceeded Secretary’s goal YELLOW – Within 1.5% percentage points of meeting Secretary’s Goal RED – Secretary’s goal not met by margin greater than 1.5 percentage points

66 FY 2008 & 2009 Socioeconomic Procurement Preference Goals
Category Statutory VA Small Business 23% 28.7% Small Disadvantaged Bus. (including Section 8(a)) 5% Women-Owned SB Veteran-Owned SB None 10% Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business 3% 7% HUBZone Small Business TENTATIVE DATA GREEN – Met or exceeded Secretary’s goal YELLOW – Within 1.5% percentage points of meeting Secretary’s Goal RED – Secretary’s goal not met by margin greater than 1.5 percentage points

67 FY 2008 Goals & Accomplishments as of August 31, 2008
Category Secretary’s Goals VA Accomplishments Small Business 28.7 32.96% Small Disadvantaged Bus. (including Section 8(a)) 5% 9.80% Women-Owned SB 3.90% Veteran-Owned SB 10% 13.35% Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business 7% 10.33% HUBZone Small Business 3% 2.79% TENTATIVE DATA GREEN – Met or exceeded Secretary’s goal YELLOW – Within 1.5% percentage points of meeting Secretary’s Goal RED – Secretary’s goal not met by margin greater than 1.5 percentage points SDVOSB & VOSB accomplishments as of July 31, 2008, are the highest ever. $7.5 reported expenditures, 10.30% - SDVOSB , 13.47% - VOSB; reflects the commitment of VA’S leadership,acquisition professionals, program officials and small business advocates.

68 What VA Buys Information Technology
- Hardware, Software, Maintenance & Other Services Medical, Dental and Veterinary Equipment & Supplies, Pharmaceuticals (FSG 65) Instruments & Laboratory Equip (FSG 66) Perishable and Non-Perishable Subsistence VA Corporate Franchise Data Center, Cleveland Office of Information Service Center, and VACO procure the majority of IT for VA. The National Acquisition Center (NAC) is responsible for the purchase of Medical Supplies/Services, Pharmaceuticals, and the Subsistence Program. Jay McClain is the SB POC and may be reached at: Jeanne Myscofski is the POC for the Subsistence Prime Vendor Program (i.e. food) and may be reached at:

69 Prescription Eyeglasses Readjustment Counseling Services
What VA Buys (cont.) Nursing Home Services Prescription Eyeglasses Readjustment Counseling Services Home Oxygen & Medical Gases Security Services Security Services – Security requirements are mostly satisfied and provided by the Department of Homeland Security and GSA; however, there are some security requirements i.e. at the VISN level, outpatient clinics etc, of which are located on our FCO.

70 What VA Buys (cont.) Medical Transcription Services Interment Flags
Grounds Maintenance Transportation Services Grave Markers & Headstones Integrated Pest Management Svcs.

71 What VA Buys (cont.) Trash, Garbage & Infectious Waste Disposal
Architect & Engineer Services Construction Services Office Supplies & Equipment Office Equipment Maintenance Consulting & Advisory Services Construction needs may exist at the VISN level, within the Office of Facilities and Real Property Management and the National Cemetery Administration. Mr. Chris Kyrgos is the SB POC for OFM and she may be reached at Ms. Diane Campbell is the SB POC for NCA minor/major construction requirements and may be reached at Office Supplies/Equipment is mainly procured off of the GSA FSS (of which we promote the use of a SDVOSB FSS holder) or through specific VISN BPA’s. However, VA is currently working with GSA for the Strategic Sourcing Office Supplies Acquisition. The solicitation has not been released yet and will be limited to 300 FSS firms. This acquisition contains an evaluation factor that is structured heavily favoring small businesses. Major Construction Projects Dever Las Vegas Lee County, FL Orlando, FL Pittsburg Syracuse, NY

72 How VA Buys Prime Vendor Programs - Med/Surg - Pharmaceutical
- Subsistence National Contracts Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor Distribution Program: This program provides alternative distribution strategies for the acquisition of medical and surgical products, and offers VA customers and other Government agencies (as authorized by the NAC) significant flexibility and choice. VA has three Prime Vendor Programs, two under the responsibilities of this Service--Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor and Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor Distribution Programs, and one for Subsistence Prime Vendor located in VA's Acquisition and Operation Analysis Staff (049A3) Washington, DC. To learn more about the Subsistence, contact Dennis Maloney (202) or Jeanne Myscofski at Besides the conventional distribution method, these programs also provide for Just-In-Time and Stockless deliveries. The medical/surgical prime vendor distributes medical and surgical supplies and equipment to Supply Processing and Distribution and other departments within VA medical centers, which are used to treat inpatients. The medical/surgical prime vendor program recently became mandatory within VA. The main contact for the Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor is Maria Ramirez, (708) For a listing of Medical/Surgical Prime Vendors and participating facilities, refer to the Med/Surg Prime Vendor Program web site. Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Program: The pharmaceutical prime vendor distributes drugs and pharmaceutical supplies that are provided to inpatients and outpatients within VA medical centers and other Government agency customers through their respective pharmacy services. Much of the work in this program is classified as contract administration. The staff works closely with its customer base to assure timely deliveries, accuracy of items requested versus delivered, accuracy of pricing and handling day-to-day issues regarding this distribution contract as they arise. The main contact for the Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor is German Arcibal (708) For a listing of Pharmaceutical Prime Vendors and participating facilities, refer to the Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Program web site. National Contracts: National Contracts and Blanket Purchase Agreements, which are established under the Federal Supply Schedule Program are open to VA medical centers, related facilities and some State Veterans Homes. Most of these contracts and agreements include other Government agencies such as the Department of Defense, Indian Health Service and Bureau of Prisons. Most of the solicitations for these contracts and agreements are competitive, best value procurements. The performance period for these contracts is normally one year with up to four option years.

73 How VA Acquires IT NASA SEWP* (
VETS-GWAC** ( GITSS** ( FSS ( Open Market (FAR Parts 12, 13, 14 & 15) SEWP – Solution for Enterprise-Wide Procurement SDVOSB Set-Aside (Support Equipment) – 6 SDVOSBs SB Set-Aside (support Equipment) – 12 SBs (2-VOSBs, 4 – WOSBs, 3-8(a) & 4 SDB VETS-GWAC – IT Services GSA Vehicle; 40 vendors; 5 billion program celing GITSS (Global Information Technology Support Services) IT Services VA Vehicle Corporate Franchise Data Center FAR PART 12 – Acquisition of Commercial 13 – Simplified Acquisition Procedures 14 – Sealed Bidding 15 – Contracting by Negotiation *Mandatory Use **Preferred Acquisition Method

74 Who Buys VA Medical Centers Veterans Integrated Service Networks
VA National Acquisition Center (NAC) Office of Acquisition and Logistics VA National Cemetery Administration VA Franchise Data Center, Austin, TX VA Office of Administration VA Acquisition and Logistics Center The NAC is responsible for supporting the health care requirements of VA as well as the needs of other Government agencies. The NAC solicits, awards and administers VA's Federal Supply Schedule and National Contract Programs including the acquisition and direct delivery of pharmaceuticals, medical/surgical/dental supplies, high technology medical equipment and just-in-time distribution programs (also known as Prime Vendor Distribution Programs). The NAC is also responsible for Subsistence Program. As a principal VA staff office, the OA&MM is responsible to the Secretary, through the Assistant Secretary for Management, for providing goods and services needed by client activities. Corporate Fanchise Data Center (CFO)- Formally Austin Automation Center (AAC) Denver Acquisition & Logistic Center - hearing aids & accessories Batteries Prosthetic items (socks & orthotic softgoods) Aids for visually impaired

75 Veteran Entrepreneurship
P.L , Veterans Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development Act of 1999 P.L , Veterans Benefits Act of 2003 Executive Order 13360, the Service-Disabled Veterans Executive Order (October 20, 2004) P.L , Veterans Benefits, Healthcare & Information Technology Act of 2006), December 22, 2006; Effective June 20,2007 Public Law (1999) introduced the category of SDVOSB and set a goal of 3% of all Federal procurement be awarded to SDVOSBS. Public Law (2003) created specific contract programs for setting aside contracts exclusively for SDVOSBs, and a provision for sole source procurements. It also reinforced the goal of 3% of all Federal procurements be awarded to SDVOSBs. EXECUTIVE ORDER (2004) reinforced the Federal government’s responsibility to develop a strategy to significantly increase contracting with SDVOSBs, designating a senior-level official in each Agency to be responsible for developing and implementing the strategy, report progress annually to the SBA, evaluate Agency-designated officials. Agency Chief Acquisition Officers, and small business representatives based on the results they demonstrate in meeting SDVOSB goals. PUBLIC LAW , Veterans Benefits, Healthcare & Information Technology Act of 2006 (Effective June 20, 2007) Only apply to VA Sole source (5 million limit) and set asides for VOSBs SDVOSB designation after death of veteran Company must be in VIP VIP Verification VA’s hierarchy of Small Business Programs

76 VA Hierarchy of Small Business Programs* (Open Market Acquisitions**)
Service-disabled veteran-owned firms*** Veteran-owned firms*** HUBZone firms and 8(a) participants (tied) All others (including general small business) **Not applicable to FAR Part 8 Acquisitions *P.L ***Registered in VIP & Verified by VA

77 P.L. 109-461 Set-Aside Authorities
SDVOSB: Competitive – Unlimited by dollar value Sole-Source – Limited to $5 million VOSB: Sole Source – Limited to $5 million

78 VA’s P.L. 109-461 Verification Program
Responsible Organization VA’s Center for Veterans Enterprise Contact: Toll-free support: Locate Program Application Information: – click on Vendor Information Pages database Fully electronic and secure application process

79 VA’s P.L. 109-461 Verification Program
Who may apply: Owners who are veterans, service-disabled veterans, or eligible surviving spouses Eligible Term: One year with no change in ownership Eligible owners complete online form when registering in the VIP database to: Establish individual owner status; Document the percent of the business owned by eligible individuals; Affirm that eligible individuals control the business; and Provide personally identifiable information from eligible owners so VA may verify eligibility.

80 VA’s P.L. 109-461 Verification Program
Benefits: Large VA contractors will use verified SDVOSB and VOSB subcontractors for achievement credits; Large prime contractors with VA partnership agreements will voluntarily use verified SDVOSB and VOSB subcontractors; and VA contracting teams have unique buying authority including VOSB set-asides and sole sourcing, but only when they use verified SDVOSBs and VOSBs Advantages of Verification Large VA contractors will use verified SDVOSBs and VOSBs Subcontractors VA contracting officers must use verified SDVOSBs and VOSBs for set-a-sides and sole sources

81 Prime & Subcontracting Opportunities
Open market acquisitions & contract awards published in the Federal Business Opportunities System ( VA Forecast of Contracting Opportunities ( VA subcontracting opportunities ( Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) ( Small Business Administration’s Sub-Net ( Each agency with an annual procurement budget of $50 million or more is required to prepare and publish a FCO, that identifies the various supplies and services the agency will acquire during the course of the year. VA’s forecast is broken down by contracting activity and is published at the VA Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization’s website, shown on this slide. VA’s forecast also shows the small business point of contact for each VA facility and contracting activity, as well as the facility’s purchase card coordinator. FedBizOpps, which is the Government’s single point of entry for acquisition opportunities, is a very important site to visit and become familiar with. Businesses may also register their firms at that site in order to receive notification of b. Subcontracting is often a good way to get started in Federal contracting. Subcontracting opportunities may be found on where all contract awards exceeding $25,000 must be published/announced. SBA’s SUBNET- Prime contractors advertise subcontracting opportunities. Contractors may also search the database at the Federal Procurement Data Center (FPDC), the repository for all Federal acquisition data, to learn what contracts were awarded, amounts, and who the contracts were awarded to (by agency).

82 Improve Your Chances Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned &
Veteran-Owned Rep/Verification* Register in VIP Database* 8(a) / SDB Certification HUBZone Certification Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contract Accept Purchase Cards Competitive Pricing Take Advantage of Marketing Assistance Marketing assistance on Web site - FCO - Subcontracing Opportunities - Small Business Point of Contact Listing PTAC – Procurement Technical Assistance Center SBDC – Small Business Development Center *P.L

83 VA Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization 1-800-949-8387
VA Center for Veterans Enterprise

84 Promoting Small Business Interests
Thanks! Promoting Small Business Interests

85 Promoting Small Business Interests
Welcome! Promoting Small Business Interests

86 Promoting Small Business Interests
LTC Thomas Tickner USACE Promoting Small Business Interests

87 Promoting Small Business Interests
Linda Toth USACE Promoting Small Business Interests




Serves over 8 million people in five states: PA, NJ, DE, NY & MD • Over 550 miles of navigable waterways • 150 miles of coastline protection • Military construction at Dover AFB, Ft. Dix & BRAC at APG, MD • Homeport to Hopper Dredge McFarland • Support for Others: MDC, EPA, FAA, NSWC (Bethesda & Philadelphia), DODEAA, Tobyhanna Army Depot, McGuire AFB, USCG, National Park Service

FY 09 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Presented by Linda M. Toth

PRIME SB 40% SDB 18% WOSB 5.8% HUBZone SB 10% SDVOSB 2.0% HBCU/MI 13% SUBCONTRACTING SB 70% SDB 6.2% WOSB 7.0% HUBZone SB 9.8% VOSB 3.0% SDVOSB 0.9%

Total CONUS Obligations $579,640,305 Small Business ,331,967 Small Disadvantaged Bus ,146,409 8(a) ,957,791 Women Owned ,725,834 HUBZone ,851,923 Service Disabled Vet. Owned ,277 HBCU/MI ,696

PROJECT VALUE ADV. Hurley Ladder Extension $1 Mil All Qtrs. ESSAYONS Repowering 6 Mil 1st Qtr. Replacement of Dredge 21 Mil 1st & 3rd Qtr. WHEELER Engines Dredge McFARLAND Mil All Qtrs. Asbestos Removal YAQUINA Ship Service Gen. $600K 1st Qtr. YAQUINA Dredging Sys. Imp 2 Mil 1st Otr.

PROJECT VALUE ADV. Towboat STEVENSON $ 3.5 Mil 1st Qtr. Replacement YAQUINA Repowering Mil 2nd Qtr. YAQUINA Dragarm Winches K 2nd Qtr. Crane Procurement for IWW Mil 2nd Qtr. Dredge McFARLAND Ready Mil 2/3/4/ Qtrs. Reserve Status

PROJECT VALUE ADV. POTTER Texas Deck Rehab Mil 3rd Qtr. POTTER Pump Replacemnt. $ 1.5 Mil 3rd Qtr. Rock Island Replacement Mil 4th Qtr. Revetment Crane Barge Mil 4th Qtr. M/V Strong Replacement Mil 4th Qtr.

98 CIVIL WORKS PROGRAM Project Description Value Adv.
Lower Cape May Meadows Beach Nourishment $5-10Mil 11/08 Cape May, NJ Avalon, NJ Emergency Repairs $500K-1Mil 11/08 Harvey Cedars, NJ (LBI) Initial Beachfill $15-20Mil 11/08 Delaware River Main Dredging $15-20Mil 06/09 Channel, PA, NJ

99 CIVIL WORKS (CONT’D) Project Description Value Adv.
Barnegat Inlet to Little Phase III MEC $5-15 Mil TBD Egg Harbor Inlet Response (Surf City, NJ)

100 FY 09 Dredging Program PROJECT VALUE ADV.
MD, Delaware River to $ 1.4 Mil 1st Qtr. Chesapeake Bay, DE & MD MD, Wilmington Harbor, DE Mil 3rd Qtr. MD, Delaware River, Mil 4th Qtr. Phila. To Sea MD, Schuylkill River Mil 4th Qtr.

PROJECT VALUE ADV. Summit Bridge Roadway Mil 1st Qtr. Phase II Summit/Reedy Pt. Bridges 285K 1st Qtr. Gusset Plate Analysis Chesapeake City Bridge $ 190K 3rd Qtr. Joint Repair Summit Bridge Corrosion Mil 4th Qtr. Protection

PROJECT VALUE ADV. Lime Application Court $ 120K 1st Qtr. Court House Pt., MD Night Lighting K 1st Qtr. Microwave Contract K 2nd Qtr.

PROJECT VALUE ADV. Security Guard Svcs. $ 180K 1st Qtr. Janitorial Services K 1st Qtr.

PROJECT VALUE ADV. Replace Cracked $250K 1st Qtr. Valve Bonnet Replace Valves 600K 1st Qtr. Remove Lead Paint,Upgrade Emergency Generator Herbicide Spraying 28K 3rd Qtr.

PROJECT VALUE ADV. Grass Mowing $ 60K 3rd Qtr. Water Supply Maintenance 70K 1st Qtr. Janitorial Services K 1st Qtr.

106 A/E Actions A/E actions for FY 09 Bridge Inspections
Groundwater Monitoring Environmental Monitoring Water Control/Water Quality Analysis Bank Stability Monitoring/Instrumentation Disposal Area Monitoring/Instrumentation Reading

DESCRIPTION VALUE Naval Architecture/Marine 1Mil/yr/3 yrs Engineering (2) General Engrg. (Coastal 1 Mil/yr/5 yrs Storm Damage Reduction)

PROJECT VALUE ADV. Ft. Mifflin Area B $400K 2nd Qtr. Ft. Mifflin Area C 400K 2nd Qtr. Killcohook # K 2nd Qtr. Oldmans K 2nd Qtr. Pedricktown North 300K 2nd Qtr. Pedricktown South 400K 2nd Qtr.

PROJECT VALUE ADV. Ft. Dix, NJ, Modified $ 3.0 Mil Nov 08 Record Firing Range Dover AFB, Dover, DE Bio-Environmental Mil Mar 09 Engineering Facility (BEEF) Fitness Center Mil Apr 09 Aircrew Flight Equip. Fac Mil Mar/Apr 09 Skill Development Center 5 Mil Apr 09

PROJECT VALUE ADV. C2/CNT East $ Mil Jan 09 CONSOLIDATED N Mil Apr 09 JSEC Mil Apr 09 Bldg Renovation Mil Jul 09

PROJECT VALUE ADV. Warehouse $ 8-10 Mil Jun 09 Infrastructure Mil May 09 Substation Relocation 3-5 Mil Jul 09 Demolition Mil Dec 08

Electrical Power Rqmts. $1bil/3yr. TBD 3 Contracts – 1 each to support North, Central, and South Districts - IRAQ

113 Information!!

114 Department of Defense Contractors

•FAR Subpart 19.10, DFARS Subpart •Policy Directive 25 May 1999 – Small Business Set-Asides (SBSA) Suspended for certain Designated Industry Groups (DIGS) •Annual Review of DOD Small Business Participation •FY 07 – DOD less than 40% in certain DIGS •Individual organizations – less than 35% SB participation for Architect & Engineering Services and Construction Subsectors

SBSA reinstituted for Department of the Army, Navy and Air Force for: ♦ Construction, Subsector 236, Construction of Buildings ♦ Construction, Subsector 237, Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction NAICS Department of the Army – Construction, Subsector 238, Specialty Trade Contractors -NAICS , , and , Architect & Engineering Services (including Surveying & Mapping) and Refuse Systems & Related Services


118 Points of Contact Small Business: Cheryl Chandler – 215-656-6867
Architect-Engineer Paul Bacani –


120 Promoting Small Business Interests
Thanks! Travel safely. Promoting Small Business Interests

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