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September 7 - 13, 2008 “If the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of.

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1 September 7 - 13, 2008 “If the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.” (Ezekiel 33:6, New International Version) Weekly World Watch Andy Walton’s To skip the introductory slides and go straight to this weeks developments click here.

2 What is a Weekly World Watch? Israel: The continuing conflict in the Middle East and focus on Jerusalem. Europe: Its developing union, both political and religious. Russia: Its return to anti-Western ways as Bible prophecy’s “king of the north.” The UK and the US: Bible prophecy’s “king of the south.” Moral standards in decline and violence on the increase. WWW presentations in PowerPoint can be ordered as audio/visual CDs by clicking here. Move your mouse to place the cursor on the blue link and click.clicking here The idea is simple. It is to look at current events and compare them to events spoken of in the Bible.. I hope to build up a picture of God’s hand working in the affairs of this world. God is bringing about a day when all nations will be gathered to Jerusalem to battle. At that time God will send His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, back to this earth. Jesus will then establish God’s kingdom on earth. This kingdom will last for ever. This is our hope and the reason we watch. Increasing natural disasters: including earthquake, famine etc The following six themes will appear repeatedly in WWW:

3 HEADLINE EVENT COMMENT News Photo The source of the headline and the date are included. Each WWW looks at a few key developments that have happened during the past week. It is in no way meant to be exhaustive – just a look at those events I saw as significant from a Biblical point of view. What is in a Weekly World Watch? BIBLE QUOTE This is normally one verse which backs up why the event that has occurred is interesting from a Biblical perspective. Please read in its context. Unless stated otherwise, all quotes are from the King James Version. (Book, chapter, and verse) This is straight from a news report that caught my eye because it looked significant from a Biblical perspective, usually that of prophecy. Every WWW event slide has the following format. To reveal each block of text just left click your mouse or press the space bar. You control when it appears. This is the reporter’s description of the event. It is always a direct quotation from the news report and reflects the understanding of the reporter and editors. This is my comment on why the event is interesting to a Bible student. The intention of the WWW is to offer brief Biblical perspectives without going into detail. If more detail is desired, please e-mail me: (

4 This Week’s Developments To print any of the event slides that follow, click the picture on the upper right Large Hadron Collider fired up in 'God particle' hunt Israel Prepares To Attack Iran Syrian-Russian Naval Cooperation Grows Kremlin-watchers warn of direct U.S.-Russia clash Kadima in uproar over talk of Jerusalem September 7 - 13, 2008 Police: Indict Olmert on corruption charges

5 Large Hadron Collider fired up in 'God particle' hunt The largest, most complex, most costly scientific experiment ever undertaken in human history is underway. This machine of immense proportions is trying to answer some of the most perplexing questions about the nature of the universe. Questions like. What gives objects mass? Why is the universe full of structure and patterns? What holds the stars in their place? Scientists call this unknown force DARK MATTER. They call it dark because they do not understand it. They can see that a force exists that creates mass and gives order to the universe. But they cannot explain it. Hence it is called DARK MATTER. Einstein famously said that “the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” The universe isn’t anarchic: it’s full of patterns & structures. Why? In about a months time this great machine will collide particles together at almost the speed of light and by smashing them they hope to SEE this dark matter. But to us the matter is not DARK. It is LIGHT. We know the force that gives order and structure to the expanse of the universe and the microscopic atom. It is the Lord God himself. Interesting isn’t it that scientists even say they are looking for the “God particle” In Job 38 God questions Job. God asks Job to explain the universe and its structure. Job cannot do this. God says that HE set the footings and laid its cornerstone. Job’s response to God is in Job 42:6. “I will repent in dust and ashes”. We should too. Scientists Wednesday applauded as one of the most ambitious experiments ever conceived got successfully underway, with protons being fired around a 27-kilometer (17-mile) tunnel deep beneath the border of France and Switzerland in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the universe. CNN, September 10, 2008 EVENT COMMENT Then the LORD answered Job out of the storm. He said: "Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without knowledge? "Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation? Tell me, if you understand. On what were its footings set, or who laid its cornerstone while the morning stars sang together…? BIBLE QUOTE (Job 38:1-2,4 NIV) This is an actual photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. To see more incredible pictures go to

6 Israel Prepares To Attack Iran Amid Signs of Renewed Atomic Bomb Work It appears increasingly likely that if Iran is going to be attacked it will be Israel that would do it. Israel needs America’s “go ahead” as it requires US military assistance and permission to fly over Iraqi airspace. Developments though this week point to an attack being more likely. Iran seems to have renewed its work on nuclear weapons. On top of this, Israel is more confident than previously due to its successful operation last year when it completely destroyed a nuclear site in Syria. Israel is described as being over confident in Ezekiel 39. The word “safely” is the Hebrew word “Betach” which can mean a false sense of security. Fresh evidence has emerged that suggests Iran has renewed work on developing nuclear weapons, according to Western security sources. Experts responsible for monitoring Iran's nuclear program have discovered that enough enriched uranium, which if processed to weapons grade level could be used to make up to six atomic bombs, has disappeared from the main production facility at Isfahan. American spy satellites have identified a number of suspicious sites, which the Iranians have not declared to nuclear inspectors, that intelligence officials believe are being used for covert research. The discoveries emerged as it was learned that Israel had asked America for military supplies, including "bunker buster" bombs and refuelling planes, suitable for attacking Iranian nuclear installations. The Israeli paper, Haaretz, reported yesterday that Israel had also asked for permission to use an air corridor through Iraqi airspace, currently controlled by America, to Iran. Daily Telegraph, September 12, 2008 EVENT COMMENT they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid… BIBLE QUOTE (Ezekiel 39:26) To download an article on Israel living in safety click here

7 Syrian-Russian Naval Cooperation Grows We first reported Russia’s revived interest in Syria’s Mediterranean port of Tartus back in August 2007. We reported that Russia intended to restore a permanent base there. We now see this happening. It has even been asserted that president Assad has agreed to Tartus port’s conversion into a permanent Middle East base for Russia’s nuclear-armed warships. Syria is part of the territory of the ancient king of the north. Russia is the modern king of the north. To see Russia actively involved with Syria shows this link clearly. Debakfile reports that “Russia’s leaders have determined not to declare a Cold War in Europe but to open a second anti-Western front in the Middle East. In aligning with Tehran and Damascus, Moscow stands not only against America but also Israel.” Russia will come against Israel and the king of the south – with many ships. Russia said Friday it was renovating a Syrian port for use by the Russian fleet, signalling an effort to establish a firmer foothold in the Mediterranean at a time of tensions with the United States over Georgia. Syria was Moscow's strongest Mideast ally during the Cold War. The alliance largely waned after the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union, though Russia has continued some weapons sales to Damascus. But Syrian President Bashar Assad has increasingly reached out to Russia recently, including seeking weapons and offering broader military cooperation. Friday's announcement was the first tangible sign of any new cooperation. The Tass news agency reported a vessel from Russia's Black Sea fleet had begun restoring facilities at Syria's Mediterranean port of Tartus for use by the Russian military. Washington Times, September 12, 2008 EVENT COMMENT And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships BIBLE QUOTE (Daniel 11:40) Tartus

8 Kremlin-watchers warn of direct U.S.-Russia clash This fascinating report highlights a number of areas where the US and Russia could end up in military confrontation. 1. Ukraine – the country is splitting between pro West and pro Russian factions creating pressure on Washington and Moscow to take sides. 2. American warships are being deployed near Georgian ports. 3. Russia warships have been sent to the nearby coast of Abkhazia. Just one misunderstanding could create an international incident. The situation as outlined in Daniel 11 of a latter day king of the north versus king of the south occurring at “the time of the end” is surely underway. God says that the king of the south will PUSH at the king of the north. The push may be political or military force. Analysts say the U.S. and Russia could be heading for a military confrontation as tensions continue to rise. In the aftermath of last month's war between Russia and U.S.-backed Georgia, Kremlin-watchers in Moscow are worried that Russia and America are closer to direct confrontation than at any point since the end of the Cold War. The rhetoric coming from the Bush administration -- and presidential hopeful John McCain -- suggests that tensions are still on the rise. During the Cold War, ''the sides were very careful of each other. They were careful not to come too close,'' said Alexander Pikayev, a prominent military analyst in Moscow who works for a government-funded research centre. ``The risk of direct military clashes is [now] much higher.This situation is much riskier than the Cold War.'' Miami Herald, September 6, 2008 EVENT COMMENT At the time of the end the king of the South will engage him in battle (AV says PUSH), and the king of the North will storm out against him with chariots and cavalry and a great fleet of ships. BIBLE QUOTE (Daniel 11:40 NIV)

9 Kadima in uproar over talk of Jerusalem We cannot be sure of who is telling the truth here. The US general has been quoted as saying that Israel has now agreed to start final negotiations over Jerusalem. The current prime minister Ehud Olmert said on Thursday that "We have achieved significant progress, but we haven't started the negotiations on Jerusalem yet.“ But he went on to say he would do everything in his power to strike a deal during his last days in office - "an agreement," he said, "that would protect Israel from now on.“ Is seems as though both could be true. If Israel wants to strike a deal with the Palestinians before the end of 2008 they may well have agreed to discuss Jerusalem. We know with Bible in hand that Jerusalem is going to be discussed. Nations will try to move it. The dividing of Jerusalem will bring the final judgements of God. Israel conveyed its displeasure to Washington on Thursday over remarks reportedly made by US Consul General Jacob Walles that it had agreed to start negotiations with the Palestinians over Jerusalem. The comments prompted a bitter row among Kadima's would-be leaders. According to government sources, Walles's comments, which appeared in the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam, were "highly inappropriate," since there is a US- Palestinian-Israeli agreement not to go public with what is being discussed by the negotiators. The paper quoted Walles as saying in an interview that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told both sides during her visit here last month that the basis for the negotiations was an Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines, including from east Jerusalem. Walles said changes to those lines were possible should both sides agree. BBConline, September 5, 2008 EVENT COMMENT And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. BIBLE QUOTE (Zechariah 12:3)

10 Police: Indict Olmert on corruption charges Corruption charges at the highest level in the Israeli government. These charges have already had their political impact. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will resign after his party Kadima chooses a new leader on September 17 th. Some have queried the vagueness of the actual date he will resign and believe he may try to cling on to power for a little while longer. In the meantime this is the man that heads up the peace talks with the Palestinians. It was only last year that the BBC had a headline “Israel faces corruption epidemic” They quoted Ehud Olmert and also the president of Israel at the time Moshe Katsav who was accused of rape. In these last days, before the great conflict over Israel, it should come as no surprise that the leaders of God’s people are themselves corrupt and godless. They promise peace but will bring destruction. Only Christ’s government will be without corruption. Israel's police recommended Sunday that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should be indicted in a string of corruption cases, according to an official document. The police statement said they want to indict Olmert in affairs that include receiving tens of thousands of dollars from a U.S. business -man and double-billing Jewish groups for trips abroad. The police recommendation would have only limited effect. The decision about whether to indict Olmert rests with the attorney general, Meni Mazuz. In the past, Mazuz and his predecessors have turned down police recommendations to indict Israeli leaders several times. Discovery, September 5, 2008 EVENT COMMENT For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed. BIBLE QUOTE (Isaiah 9:16)

11 E-MAIL ANDY Click here (Move the mouse until the cursor appears.) To watch again, click here. WWW will be e-mailed to you each week. Please forward the e-mail addresses of others who may be interested. I will include them in the list of recipients. Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome. Weekly World Watch The end of this week’s

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