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Study is taken out of Charles Swindoll’s “David – A Man After God’s Own Heart”

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1 Study is taken out of Charles Swindoll’s “David – A Man After God’s Own Heart”

2 55 As Saul watched David going out to meet the Philistine, he said to Abner, commander of the army, “Abner, whose son is that young man?” Abner replied, “As surely as you live, Your Majesty, I don’t know.” 56 The king said, “Find out whose son this young man is.” 57 As soon as David returned from killing the Philistine, Abner took him and brought him before Saul, with David still holding the Philistine’s head. 58 “Whose son are you, young man?” Saul asked him. David said, “I am the son of your servant Jesse of Bethlehem.” Saul’s Growing Fear of David 18 After David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself. 2 From that day Saul kept David with him and did not let him return home to his family. 3 And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself. 4 Jonathan took off the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his tunic, and even his sword, his bow and his belt. 5 Whatever mission Saul sent him on, David was so successful that Saul gave him a high rank in the army. This pleased all the troops, and Saul’s officers as well. 6 When the men were returning home after David had killed the Philistine, the women came out from all the towns of Israel to meet King Saul with singing and dancing, with joyful songs and with timbrels and lyres. 7 As they danced, they sang: “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.” 8 Saul was very angry; this refrain displeased him greatly. “They have credited David with tens of thousands,” he thought, “but me with only thousands. What more can he get but the kingdom?” 9 And from that time on Saul kept a close eye on David.

3 More often than not, the toughest trials come after a victory. Opposition, pressure, temptation, stress, etc. may follow in the wake of your greatest spiritual triumph. It was no different for David. Following Goliath’s death, David’s faith and character were put to the test. Outcome: Slained the Enemy Remarkable Achievement Royal Interest of the king Instant Popularity Promotion from shepherd boy Marry the king’s daughter Freed Jesse from taxation Aftermath of Slaying a Giant

4 Four Different Relationship Experiences Arise: 1. Exaltation – David became before the nation of Israel: a. King’s attendant and officer b. Soldiers’ commander c. Exemplary servant d. Women sang David’s praises 2. Submission – David under King Saul: Remained humble and submitted to Saul’s authority in spite of becoming an overnight hero. 3. Affection - David’s friendship with Jonathon: God provided an intimate friend for David in preparation of what was to come. Jonathan portrayed the true traits of a friend – sacrifice, loyalty, heartfelt, and encouragement. This relationship was a Bromance not a romance. 4. Opposition – Saul vs. David: Saul’s jealousy turned his admiration and love for David into hatred and dread. Aftermath of Slaying a Giant

5 God does not promise us that life on this earth will be fair. On the contrary, he informs us that we will be persecuted for his name’s sake. During our hard times, we must take consolation in the fact that God is molding us into the image of Christ. (Easier said than done!) Three Truths from this lesson: 1. Not knowing the future forces us to depend on God and live one day at a time as David had to. 2. Having a friend helps us face whatever comes our way. A true friend makes the valleys less vast, less threatening, and less ominous. 3. A positive attitude and wisdom are the best defense against the enemy. Stay even tempered and let God fight your battles for our victory is in Him. Relevance to Our Lives

6 John 13:34 -Love One Another Romans 12:10 -Devote, honor above yourselves Romans 14:13 - Avoid placing or being a stumbling block or obstacle Romans 15:7 -Accept one another 1Corinthians 12:25 -Equal concern for each other without division Galatians 6:2 -Carry each other’s burdens Ephesians 5:21 -Submit one to another in reverence to Christ Philippians 2:3 -In humility, value above one’s self and avoid selfish ambition or vain conceit Colossians 3:16 -Teach and admonish one another in wisdom from the Spirit 1 Thessalonians 5:15 – Strive to do what is good for each other James 5:16 -Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other for healing 1 Peter 5:5 -Clothe yourselves in humility toward one another Responsibilities to Our Friends:

7 Crutches are a danger to man. They take God’s place and purpose. 1. David’s Position: As military leader, David relied on his status to protect him from Saul 2. David’s Wife: Betrayed David when confronted by her father, King Saul 3. David’s Mentor – Samuel: David was separated from Samuel after Saul found their hiding place 4. David’s Friend – Jonathan: Because of the situation, David had to flee and leave behind his closest friend. 5. David’s Self-Respect: He had to pretend to be insane when recognized by the people of Gath. Gath was Goliath’s home and people recognized David as the giant slayer. Being afraid for this life, he improvised and pretended to be crazy. Lessons in Leaning: 1. There is nothing wrong with leaning on the Lord 2. Being stripped of all crutches is one of the most painful experiences of life “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding” Proverbs 3:5 Every Crutch Removed:

8 1. They become substitutes for the Lord 2. They keep our focus horizontal 3. They offer temporary relief 4. They cripple our spiritual maturity 5. We become too dependent on them “Do not fear for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteousness right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 Consequences of Crutches:

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