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Descent into Madness: The New Mexico State Prison Riot Mark Colvin.

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1 Descent into Madness: The New Mexico State Prison Riot Mark Colvin

2 Most horrific prison riot in history
36 hours 33 inmates killed by other inmates 200 inmates severely injured – beating, stabbing, rape OD’s from drugs from the pharmacy

3 12 corrections officers taken hostage
None killed Seven beaten, stabbed, sodomized Some guards protected by inmates Some helped to escape riots by inmates

4 Prisoners risked their own lives
To keep others from harm

5 20 million dollars damage
200 million in response costs and aftermath

6 Methodology 300 in-depth interviews Prisoners Guards Officials

7 History of the prison is important to understand what happened
Not always violent and disorderly Big change in three to four years prior to riot

8 Background

9 At Attica, A few hours of rioting turned into organized protest of prison conditions No more deaths until authorities retook prison

10 At New Mexico riot, Huge disorganization
Many inmate on inmate killings Exceptionally brutal

11 1976 Reduction of privileges and programs leads to
Peaceful, organized protest Response – new era – more coercion and violence

12 Strike broken with violence
Teargas Gauntlet – axe handles Leaders identified, transferred out of state Inmate leadership – provided social cohesion – now gone “Hole” – solitary reopened and used Segregation for discipline more common

13 Lots of turnover in state leadership
Similarly, at local level, five wardens in five years Administrative confusion – conflicting policies Clique of administrators running show, virtually unaccountable to anyone

14 Growing inconsistencies in security and discipline
In a prison, consistency and routine are hugely important Now, inmates can not calculate punishment for different behaviors Seen by inmates as harassment Prison officers get caught up in “harassment game” – prisoners go to hole

15 The “snitch game” Privileges for telling on others
Punishment for not cooperating with guards “hang a snitch jacket” on someone – Guards threaten to tell other inmates that you are a snitch, even if you aren’t Certain cellblock used for “protection”

16 History of little inmate to inmate violence
Gives way to murder, and routine fights and sexual assaults

17 Social order had been disturbed
Forces that held back disorder dissolved Inmate leadership removed Small, self-protective cliques emerge New inmates arrive into a volatile atmosphere Violence not imported from outside

18 New inmates face tough choices
Submit to others Become a snitch Fight other inmates – “don’t mess with them”

19 Submission Labeled “morally weak” Won’t stand up for yourself
PC’d up -protective custody- also weak Snitch – weakest of the weak

20 Competition for violent reputations
Leads to increased violence – daily occurrences Anglo vs. Chicano fights Anglo cliques emerge

21 All these forces Lead to a fragmented prison society
Which finally explodes in 1980

22 Overview of the riot pp

23 Summary Explosive episode had its roots going back much further
Lack of organization of the riot and inmate to inmate violence make it notable Violence caused by a few cliques Cliques emerge due to organizational changes and control policy changes

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