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By Alison Logan, Sheri Mofford, and Emma Spurlock.

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1 By Alison Logan, Sheri Mofford, and Emma Spurlock

2 Latitude: 63˚ 63’ N, Longitude: 19˚ 62’W Temperate Climate due to the warm Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Current Weather March- avg. high 39, avg. low 32 April- avg. high 45, avg. low 33 Clean hydroelectric and geothermal power


4 920 A.D. (Volcanic Explosivity Index 3) 1612 A.D. (Volcanic Explosivity Index 2) 1821-1823 (Volcanic Explosivity Index 2) Series of eruptions over 14 months Ejected excessive amounts of fluoride Ash fell to the South and West



7 situated in the south-west region of Iceland. located by the Sea and stands 5,465 feet tall.

8 Started in 2009 and increased intensity up until March 2010 Volcanic Events that started in March 2010 are all considered to be part of a single eruption.

9 April 14, 2010 E15 entered into the Explosive Phase Estimated to be a VEI 4 Eruptions

10 Volcanic heat melting glacier ice which effected the rivers. The fear of flooding made it so authorities evacuated 800 people from the area around the melting. The steepness of the volcano made the waters much more powerful.

11 Results of four factors: – First the volcano is located under the Jet stream. – Power of volcano’s explosion. – The second eruption allowed water from the melted glacial ice to flow back into the erupting volcano and creates two more phenomena.

12 Meteorological Institute of Iceland  Silica concentration of 58%  Contamination of Water  Ash fall brings farming to a halt

13  Scientist Speculations  Worries about future Eruptions  Plans to prevent any more surprise eruptions

14  Global Travel Stopped  Shipping Companies Suffer  Airlines Grounded for days  Livestock Deaths  Agriculture

15  Possible over Reaction  Strain on Diplomats  Tourist Stranded  Communication between nations in global crisis

16  White plume was observed to be at a height of over 100 m  Movement towards the southwest  “A year without summer”

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