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Sergeant A.D. Paul Plano Police Department, Plano Texas. Peer Support.

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1 Sergeant A.D. Paul Plano Police Department, Plano Texas. Peer Support

2  The shooting death of Michael Clement.  Autism (Symptoms and Meltdowns).  CIT (Training /Relationships).  Wandering.


4  911 Disturbance Call, May 19 th, 1995, at 1718 hours, Plano, Texas.  Officer met at door by caretaker (caller) and 15 year old autistic male (Michael Clement).

5  Michael immediately started showing signs of stress ( red face and clinched fist).  Michael proceeds to the kitchen and produces knife.

6  Special needs or autism never communicated during call (911 or In Person)

7  Michael lunges toward officer twice and officer fires two rounds. (Shots fired at approx. 22 seconds after arrival).  Immediately Caretaker leaves to make phone call. (Michael and officer left alone)

8  Michael Clement left alone by both parents who went out of town.  Caretaker picks him up late from school and takes Michael to respite home instead of his home.  Another consumer is at respite home who Michael begins to fight with and caretaker unable to calm him.

9  Law Suit  Training  The Officer

10  Los Angeles Times, March 23 rd, 2011  Los Angeles Police Department officers shot and killed an autistic man in Koreatown. killed an autistic man in Koreatown  Steven Eugene Washington, 27, reached into his waistband for what officers believed was a weapon, authorities said. Although no weapon was found, officers said they feared for their lives because Washington did not respond to their commands and appeared to be reaching for his waistband. Steven Eugene Washington

11  Chicago Tribune February 2nd, 2012. Teen with autism shot to death by police. Officer cut with knife.  Calumet City police had been called to subdue Stephon Watts 10 times in less than two years, using Taser at least once on the 15-year-old.

12  Autism is a spectrum developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and is characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted and repetitive behavior.

13  Delayed Development- NOS to Aspergers.  Aspergers…significant difficulties in social interaction, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

14  Experts estimate that 1 out of 88 children will have an ASD (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, March 30, 2012). Males are four times more likely to have an ASD than females.

15  Our fear system is “turned on” in a way normal people’s are not. It’s fear gone wild.  Inattentional blindness…normal people see and hear schemas, not raw sensory data - Temple Grandin (Animals in Translation).

16  w9M8g

17  When we feel extremely threatened, we all are prone to react automatically with intense emotional to fight, flee or freeze as if our life depended on it.- Jed Baker, Ph.D. (No more Meltdowns )

18  A state of being “hijacked” by emotions - Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence

19  Overloaded senses…sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste.  Routine broken.  Pain.  Correction  Frustration expressing emotion or thoughts.  Disturbing thoughts.  Unknown triggers

20 CIT and my department.  2005 In-Service (law suit/Internal Affairs case)…mental commitments.  2007 Research and Austin PD.  2008 Invited to join Dallas PD CIT Program.  2009 Formal start of Plano CIT (Memphis Model).

21  Control scene/Identify potential weapons  Separate parties.  Assess injuries…Notify EMS if need.  Conduct Interviews.

22  Arrest…yes/no  Collect Evidence  Calls Holding

23  Early communication of any diagnoses.  Rapport (Name)  Patience  Model  Acquiescence  Active Listening

24  92% of parents reported it 2007 NAA survey.  Take Me Home Program  PSC Databases (Flagged addresses)  Home physical ID  Personal ID’s.  DANGERS (water, traffic, exposure )

25  “I think my kid is autistic and he’s going to be just like Michael”…the young man I did CPR on that day.


27  Education and information is the key.  New Research In Autism Treatment and Community Relations.

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