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Sunni…Shi’a.. ISIS …is, what’s it all about? Ida Lichter, MD.

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1 Sunni…Shi’a.. ISIS …is, what’s it all about? Ida Lichter, MD

2 Recent Quotes from the Media… confusion! “Islamic State slaughters 50 Sunni tribesmen, women and children in Iraq” SMH 3 November 2014 “Rise in Deadly Attacks on Shiites in Iraq Stirs Anger at Government…. The Shiite- dominated central government, led by Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al- Maliki, is battling an increasingly deadly Sunni insurgency” New York Times 27 September 2013 “Sunni tribal leaders offer to battle Islamic State if Baghdad makes concessions” SMH 16 August 2014 “Iraq bombings, shootings kill 72 during Shiite pilgrimage” The Australian, June 14 2014

3 The Arab spring… The Arab Spring was a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests (both non- violent and violent), that began on 18 December 2010 and spread throughout the countries of the Arab League and surroundings. While the wave of initial revolutions and protests had expired by mid-2012, some believe the ongoing large-scale conflicts in Middle East and North Africa are an aftermath of the uprisings.

4 The Lay of the land…

5 The disagreement between Sunnis and Shias dates back to 632 A.D. when the two main Muslim groups split over who should lead them after the Prophet Mohammed died. Today the struggle is about religion, politics and boundaries. Leaders of the two groups are rivals. In Iraq and Syria, Sunnis have joined hardline rebels, while Shia fight with government forces. Sunni or Shi’a…

6 By Country… Jewish are less than 1%

7 The vast majority of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are Sunni, in countries like Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Shia Muslims are actually a tiny minority overall. They are in charge in Iran and Iraq. Sunni or Shi’a

8 Sunni vs Shia by location…

9 ISIS or ISIL… Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. ISIS is a Sunni, extremist, jihadist, unrecognized state and self-proclaimed caliphate based in Iraq and Syria in the Middle East. ISIL wants a Sunni Muslim state governed by Sharia law. Founded in 1999, and it was the forerunner to Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda split from ISIL in 2014 as a result of political differences. Declared a “Worldwide Caliphate” - the concept of a single theocratic, one-world government, overthrowing the world's current political systems. Movement to reestablish a caliphate began in the 1920’s.

10 ISIL’s desired Caliphate… New York Times, June 2013

11 Creating a brand?

12 Muslim Women Reformers, by Ida Lichter

13 The eyes have it…

14 Wajeeha Al Huwaider, Saudi Arabia

15 Mukhtar Mai, Pakistan

16 Sima Samar, Afghanistan

17 Shirin Ebadi, Iran

18 The Immigrant Women's Health Service (IWHS) was established in 1987 to address the needs of immigrant and refugee women in regard to health information and health services. The IWHS has two centres, one in Fairfield and another in Cabramatta. A team of bi-lingual and bi-cultural workers help, support and advocate for migrant women from different communites. Today we’ll be donating $1,650 to this wonderful cause on behalf of Ida Lichter. Immigrant Women’s Health Service…

19 Thank you… Thanks to Alvaro Bros for building our stage. Thanks to Cooley Auctions for letting us use their space for free.

20 More attacks…. YearNumber of Attacks 200451 200558 20065 200756 200862 200978 201086 201134 2012603 2013419 New York Times, June 2013

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